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29 September 2008 @ 06:50 pm
Bones redeems itself a little in its season 4 premiere....  

Yes, I'm slow when it comes to Bones this season--I've still only seen the premiere, though admittedly it was twice as long as usual....:p  Anyway, now that the cuts seem to be working again I can post my running commentary of reactions to this two-part premiere, which includes my overall opinion at the end.  In general I'm feeling more hopeful than I was after the season 3 finale, though there were still some obvious weaknesses and major problems that worry me.....

Ugh, so much for my fanwanking that 3x15 was all a dream…..:(


Lol @ Booth and “Hey Booth!”


“Hey Bones, they're like the English version of you and me!” ROFL, oh Booth.....


Wexler is kind of sexy….but lame as a jealousy device dammit! (This reminds me though of that one Seinfeld epp a little…)


Ah, new opening credits! But…..they’re missing Zack! :( *is still in denial*


Ugh, Clark you’re okay, but….no. You cannot replace Zackaroni—YOU should have been Gormagon’s assistant! (I wonder if they’ll try to do a romance b/t him and Cam though?)


“British slime is so much more proper than American slime.” Ah Hodgins, always consistently funny! :D




“That’s what we do!” (said in unison): Awwwww…..


I’m sorry, but I think that Hodgins is MUCH hotter than Birambau or whatever! *hugs Hodgins*


Oooh, Tudor reference! *perks up*


Surely Brennan would be sufficiently intelligent to know that there is NO real evidence that Henry VIII had syphillis—that pretty much all modern historians have discounted this old theory, and that it certainly isn’t a fact enough to claim that they actually had big armor cups b/c of it! *massive eyeroll* I’m officially pissed off at the writers even MORE for their failure to do proper research, or their willingness to sacrifice accuracy in such a big way just to make a lame joke. Brennan is supposed to be intelligent, so saying total falsities like this as if they were the usual facts doesn’t suit her….>:(


Now I know how Alison feels when there’s bad science on the show….


Umm…..I’m sill a little confused about the whole reflection thing.


Aww, you go Hodgins!


“You think I’m special?” “Of course I think you’re special!” Awwwwwww….so far so better than last season!


OMG TMNT!!! *rolls with laughter* I loved those guys when I was little—I want a Turtle Party Wagon now…..*ten points to Sweets for mentioning TMNT*


Awwww, yay for Hodgela finally being able to marry! That only took over two seasons….


Lol, “big doings”! And is anyone else feeling some VM vibes, what with a son dating his half-sister?


Nice one Booth!


I’m guessing it was the BUTLER! (Have been for a while)


OMG it WAS the Butler! I called it! Or at least, for now….I suspect it couldn’t have really been him, given how readily he admitted to it, and given there’s still a whole new hour left….


Aww, more great B/B!


Heh, look behind you Booth!


Awww, Booth and his adorable Bobblehead….


Ah, nice to see Cam finally getting some…..I wonder if they’ll try to make a new love triangle with Cam and Angela and him?


Oh noes don’t tell me Dr. Hot Wexler is dead! :( If so I certainly didn’t see that one coming….


Clark is boring and annoying and now fun….>:(


I’m betting that Sarah Pritchard did it.


Heh, Sweets…. “Can I touch the brain as a reward?” “Oooh, squishy!” :D


“But she gave you a gun and everything!” ROFL!


Dude, Frampton is the kind of asinine dumbass who is the reason there’s so much build-up around such historical London sites as the Tower of London now! What an idiot…..and seriously, ugly extra buildings where they don’t belong do NOT improve a city, and wanting to preserve historical buildings doesn’t mean we want to live back then, jeesh….*massive eyeroll *


Oh Hodgins! ‘I apologize for being cranky, which is like my basic personality, so it feels stupid to apologize…” Rofl…


ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!?! Are you seriously going to break up Hodgela now when they finally can marry? Ugh, give me a break! >:( This better be temporary….


Okay, didn’t see that one coming….


Lol, Brennan’s answering machine message is second only to Logan’s….


“I heard you had broken up with the small, angry man.” rofl! Though sad….:(


Yay for annoying!Clark leaving. They should have realized earlier he just doesn’t have chemistry with anyone on the show….


Aww, so cute at the end! (And sorry Booth, but that fake accent did sound Australian!


Well overall a great epp (or epps I guess)—definitely better than the disaster that was the last epp. Some hope in the series has been restored, though some has been taken away as well after what happened to Hodgela. And I still say the show isn’t the same without Zackaroni! :(


Also points off for the definitely weak resolution of the first mystery, and for the egregious and cringe-worthy bad history!moment--I still want to slap the Bones writers for that one.....>:(


3.5/5 (for both combined)

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