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30 September 2008 @ 12:22 am
The Plot Thickens: Episodes 2-4 of Gossip Girl Season 2  

Well if I haven't been keeping up with Bones I have been doing so with GG at least--I just finished last week's epp, and this week's epp has yet to air....though I haven't talked about any of them here yet.  For the most part, I've been enjoying the show this season--especially compared to the end of last season and the god-awful Georgina arc--though there are a few things bugging me....

Brief opinions on episodes 2.02-2.04:

I really loved 2.02--it was very funny and entertaining, especially Blair with her surprise party ("then invite strangers!" being one of my favorite lines), and with Dan and Serena having a hard time staying apart (the bus scene is priceless!).  The reveal about Catherine's husband was neat.  2.03 was also good, especially in how it showed how Blair still really wants Chuck (what Marcus said about her only being in love wiht his title is SO true!  Though I can't see what he liked in her either to be honest.....), though it was annoying how it ended with her and Marcus once more, and the whole Dan/Serena breakup was confusing and stupid--I'm not clear myself on why they broke up, and I think it's unnecessary and forced drama.  I also loved how Chuck is only sexually potent with Blair, even when he tries to recreate the limo scene with another girl--it only reinforces the fact that she is the only one for him, and vice versa! :D  Thus I was really glad to see the last of stupid Marcus and Catherine in 2.04 (I admit I didn't see that one coming--naughty lord!)......

However I don't know about all this "Serena suddenly changes totally in personality" as she "returns to being 'Queen S'" stuff--I have a hard time believing that her "real self" is that different from the one we've known for most of season 1 and the beginning of season 2.  And since when was she ever queen--as far as we know that was always Blair....


And aw Lily and Rufus are so cute, though Rufus was totally right to sic burn Lily like that--she did kind of make her bed by marrying Chuck Bass, and needs to learn how to lie in it--or divorce him.  With them it's her fault they're broken up--the opposite with their kids....I still don't get why Serena and Dan broke up myself.  *sigh*

Side note: I'm really, REALLY glad Amanda is gone already, she may be the most annoying character known to GG--which is really saying something! :p

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