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02 October 2008 @ 07:26 pm
More Season 2 of the Tudors, in which More gets it.....  

Since I never finished posting my Tudors season 2 episode commentaries/reactions, here's mine for episode 2.05--one of the best episodes of the season, a definite high point, in which we sadly say goodbye to Jeremy Northam/Sir Thomas More for good (he will be missed next season!).  This is also the episode in which the almost slashy H/M-ness began....:p

Epp 2.05 spoilers:

Boo, Cranmer! (Ugh, his voice is so annoying!)


Umm, More didn’t break his promise to you, Henry….I guess they wanted to make Henry seem less terrible for killing More by making it seem like More did something wrong.


Oooh, this is the same prison family visit scene from “A Man For All Seasons!”


Yeah, sorry More but that’s not a promise Henry is going to keep…..


And here we go with Anne’s miscarriages…..and you thought you were sooo much better than Catherine….


I gotta say, I like this Cromwell now, even though I didn’t at first, and even though I’m not a fan of the historical figure….they do try to make him more sympathetic here.


Oh bullsh*t, are they that desperate to make Henry seem less awful for killing More and Fisher? Like Fisher would have really written a letter as blatantly treasonous as that….


ROFL @ “Thomas Boleyn, emissary of Satan.” That’s an apt way of putting it….what an a-hole for saying that to Catherine (though it was really Norfolk of course—but since he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth after season 1, I guess Boleyn has to make do).


Not a prison cell, on a scaffold.


Oh Thomas Boleyn, you jerk!


Um, that’s a little weird and forward of you Henry….


Rofl, “thinking of England”


Yeah, I don’t think Campeggio is willing to die for Christ, O’Toole!


Oh no, I don’t think that More will last this epp…..:(


Oh boy, this should be good—especially with Anne and Mary’s father there! This must be when Mary breaks the news about having married Stafford….


Oh, I love the look on Thomas Boleyn’s face right there! And way to transfer the harshest words to him in order to make Anne look more sympathetic…


So true what More says here! Cromwell will get the chop next season….or at least the season after that!


George: “I’m gay.”


Oh of course, let’s make Anne drunk before she spouts off about Mary! *rolleyes* (And then she doesn’t even really say anything that bad!) And well yes, Anne, of course Mary should be queen before your daughter, she was born first!


“She is my death, and I am hers.” Oooh, awesome quote! And finally something that sounds like a threat….


Hm, will they kill both Fisher and More in this epp, or save More for the next epp? (Oh no, I guess it’s too early now for just one death!)


Ha, take THAT Henry! (Can’t wait to see his reaction to the pro-Fisher sentiment in the crowd at his death!)


Rofl, was that supposed to be Michelangelo?! :p


Nice friend you are, Rich! Oh nooo, More! :(


Oh come on, Sir Richard LIES! (please tell me we’ll get the line about Wales later!)


ROFL @ Henry’s “I LOVE HIM…..but I HATE HIM!” concerning Sir Thomas More—omg it’s a love/hate relationship! And sorry Henry, but More’s death will always be on your conscience—or at least it SHOULD be…..


If you really have More say that line about Parliament not having the right to pass the Act of Supremacy when it was clearly a lie by Sir Rich, I will shoot you Showtime!


Ugh, I hate you Showtime! More did NOT really say that, even his contemporaries at the time of his trial didn’t believe he did, it makes NO sense for him to have done so after such a long silence—it was a LIE!


Hey Anne, you should be happy Henry is visiting you at all….


Yeah right, Henry….


Oooh, please have a good trial scene for More with some of his best historical lines!


(Ugh, if it’s not a lie I guess he can’t say the awesome “Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the world—but for Wales?” line! :(


Yay, they included More’s kickass speech! Though of course it’s not done as well as Paul Scofield did it—but that is quite a high mark to beat…..


Nooo, this More is too hot to die!


Aww, his final encounter with his daughter in the street is so sad! :( I love you, More!


Come on Henry, just behead him, commute the rest!


The “pray Master Kingston, see me up [the scaffold]—and as for my coming down, let me shift for myself” line please! (Alright they included it, though he delivered it wrong!) Charles looks hot in this scene….


The other “surely God would not reject one so blithe to go to him” line now, come one! (Aw man, I guess not!) Lovely music here….


Jeez, like Henry would know the exact moment of More’s death! *rolleyes* Still, it’s pretty touching, nice to see Henry angsting over killing More….


Oooh, talk about a dramatic and artistic final image, with the blood pooling on his cross! 


Awwww, I’ll miss you Sir Thomas More! :( (And your hotness Jeremy Northam!)


Okay, now I really want to watch “A Man For All Seasons” again to see how it’s really done!


4.5/5 – 0.5 off for making More break his silence when it's highly unlikely that he did, and for the wasted potential. But otherwise a pretty amazing epp, definitely one of the highlights of an already incredible season!

I'll get the rest up when I have a chance, probably not too soon....I have to type them up first since I wrote them on paper while watching!
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Alison_artanis_ on October 3rd, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)
That blood over the crucifix imagery was very very overdone.

Ah! We get it Tudors! Stop beating us with the message!

But yeah - Jeremy Northam is awesome. It's too bad his character had to die due to ... history. Damn you, history!
sherrilina: Sir Thomas More (The Tudors)sherrilina on October 6th, 2008 01:40 pm (UTC)
Meh, while I agree it was overdone (I definitely rolled my eyes at first), I actually kind of liked it, especially as a final image--and especially since that same cross is then used as a focal point in Henry's slashy angsting in the next epp! ;)

And while I didn't always enjoy Northam's interpretation of More (though I think it was probably also due in large part to the writers), and while I don't think he could ever compare to Paul Scofield, I agree that Northam is awesome, and I was very sad to see him go......especially since he's also really hot IMO, which makes the loss that much more painful! :p Seriously, IMO he's hotter than JRM as Henry....

Edited at 2008-10-06 01:42 pm (UTC)