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06 October 2008 @ 12:15 am
Weekly Roundup: Latest Gossip Girl and Old Bones  
Well while I'm current on GG, I'm still slowly catching up on Bones, so here are my thoughts on GG 2.05 and Bones 4.03....

GG 2.05:
Overall I enjoyed it, especially the Chuck parts--poor Chuck!  My heart broke when he found Dan's story....I'm glad Dan decided not to write the article!  Now I hate Bart even more, especially after learning of his "file" on Lily--ugh!  Boy were you stupid to marry him Lily.....I wonder what the big secret is though! 

As for Serena, I do NOT understand all the talk I see online about her being a supreme bitch in this epp.....In spite of her weird behavior in the very end of the last epp (which was bitchy and stupid), and despite the misleading promo, I didn't think Serena acted particularly bitchy or "Queen-like" at all--she didn't ask for the girls to trail after her, and she thought about Blair first almost the whole time--"No, I can't sit in the front row mom, I have to keep my tradition with Blair, and she'd be mad!" "No, I can't go out on the catwalk, Blair would be upset!"--just like she's been doing since the beginning of the show. Poppy had a very good point IMO.....she tried to be as nice as she could the entire episode until the very end, in spite of Blair's constant slings and arrows--how is that being "Ms. Lucifer" or a "first class bitcah"?!

It was BLAIR who was acting intolerably childish and bitchy, and who crossed the line into just plain irritating, and NOT being bitchy in a "cool mean" way--the stunts she tried to pull to sabotage poor Jenny just for doing her job, and the way she actually worked to ruin her own mother's show (don't you like having lots of money you spoiled rich brat? Where do you think that all comes from, you who have never worked for it?) just for her petty revenge--that was beyond even the usual Blair IMO. I think Serena was justified in her behavior in reaction to all that, even if it wasn't perhaps the nicest thing to do--but in the same way I agree with Rufus turning Lily away from his door and telling her he can't be her friend in the last epp, because even though it broke my heart and Lily's, he was totally right. I don't think we can be mad at Serena for deciding she had had enough of Blair's childishness.....in some ways I cheered her on!  Enough is enough.....it reminds me of how I always hoped Mia would dump Lily as a friend in The Princess Diaries book series--she was such a bad friend.....

I'd give it a 3.8/5.

Bones 4.03:
Overall it was a decent epp, with some good funny moments, like Sweets as a robot in the suit (though it reminds me of a moment with Zack in season 1! :(), the "gay" botanist ("Coldplay!" :p), etc, though there was some weak stuff as well.  Seriously, I think they are trying to copy last season of House here with all the new interns, which strikes me as rather pathetic.....I guess they have no other ideas as to how to shake things up!

I actually wasn't bothered THAT much by the new intern this week--I actually found Clark to be more annoying. Maybe it was because this Daisy person was SUPPOSED to be annoying, and thus I found her more tolerable than a person like Clark who wasn't supposed to be annoying, but still was. I wouldn't mind seeing her again, more so than Clark.....though in a Sweets-dating capacity. I think they'd be a cute couple, they have a lot in common...

Another annoying thing was the way they showed NO fallout from the absurd H/A breakup--no awkwardness, nothing. It's like they never broke up, or as if they never even dated!  Way to have continuity writers! *rolleyes*

Booth's speech at the end, even if a little heavy-handed, was also really touching and beautiful, and a nice B/B moment--though it's ridiculous that Brennan still doesn't get the hint! *sigh*


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