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28 October 2008 @ 10:56 pm
Catching up on my TV....Gossip Girl and Merlin!  
Well tonight I just caught up with last Saturday's "Merlin" and yesterday's "Gossip Girl," and damn!  Both were great, but the GG one especially blew me away at the end.....I have now found a new favorite song of the moment, "Dark on Fire" by Turin Brakes--so beautiful!

So here are my commentaries/opinions, as usual.  I also realize I never posted my commentary for last week's GG epp (also quite good and entertaining!), so I'll put that here as well...

Merlin 1.06:

Oooh, creepy man!


Ewwww, I hate the idea of bugs crawling into ears….poor Morgana! (I sincerely hope this isn’t it for her for the epp, I’m tired of her doing nothing! >:(


Come on Arthur, show more distress at Morgana’s illness, you’re supposed to be in love with her! (I wish…).


Yay, she’s awake!


You tell him, Morgana! You can’t fire Gauis, he rocks!


Lol, Gauis is visiting the dragon!


Awww, poor Gauis! Don’t sic burn him….*hugs Gauis*


“since Arthur’s birth, and all that entailed”—whoa, what does that mean? Are they saying he played Merlin’s role in helping Uther seduce Igraine to have Arthur? I think probably not, knowing this show, but it’d certainly be interesting…


“Merlin, you’re like a son to me. I never expected a blessing so late in life…” Awwww, oh man, I think I might cry! :( I love you Gauis!

“And you are more than a father to me”---gaah!


Ah yes, the classic “Muahaha this will kill you in a few hours, but of course I will leave before it does so, allowing the hero to come to the rescue while I’m gone!” technique! :rolleyes:


Yay for Merlin saving Gauis! Though ROFL at how they totally don’t show a hint of the ax hitting Edwin or the aftermath….


“You certainly haven’t…” lol, and awww….


Free man of Camelot? The hell…..? What, was he a slave or something before? I don’t get it, how random…


Aw, cute scene at the end between Gauis and Merlin! This was really a particularly good/interesting epp, I’m pleased.


OMG next week’s epp looks SO exciting—finally we get confirmation that it is indeed visions that Morgana is getting! (So like Morgaine in MoA…*squee*) And she actually has some role….yay!



Gossip Girl 2.07:

“Since this will be our debut as a family, I wanted to talk about what that means.”

“Less money for me when you die?” I LUV U CHUCK! :p


“Who watches TV on TV anymore anyway?” SO TRUE! *is watching online*


“We’re inevitable, Waldorf.” SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG, that is just too true and awesome a line! Definitely one of my faves this season! :D


Oh yay, house call at Blair’s! :D


Meh, this scene is too much of a rip-off of Cruel Intentions for me to enjoy….especially given what a big CI fan I am….


“I’ll just imagine she’s you.” Another squuuueee! Man does this epp have some great Chuck/Blair lines….


And yay for them working together again! It’s what they do best…..


OMG that cheek kiss! Awww….and you can tell she liked it, no matter what she says! (And no GG, not *everyone* ends up dead in this story that’s been told before….)


ROFL, Rufus and Jenny are too cute teasing Dan about Cedric! “He knows Cedric would get….dirty!” :p


And now Blair has made the same deal Kathryn offered in CI in the first place…..but with Chuck/Blair it’s that much more exciting! :D (And you could totally tell she wanted to have sex with him anyway!).


Awww, Chuck bought her a really nice dress!


Ugh, is Bart a total horrible creep! The more I see him the more I hate him…..what the hell did you get yourself into Lily?!


Ooooh, is Blair JEALOUS? Serves her right if she is….


And Bart is even more of an a**hat now! Does history mean nothing to you jerkwad?


Oooh, sic burn Lily! 


Aww, what a nice little speech Eric! I love Eric….


Awww, poor Chuck, he really seems to have liked Vanessa. Though ROFL at how eager Blair is to have sex with him now—“claim your prize in one hour” even though he didn’t really seduce her? Talk about raring to go….and she was saying in the beginning she’d never sleep with him again!


Awwww, Serena wanted to talk to Dan most….and they’re talking now!


And aww at Nate coming to stay with the Humphreys!


Man, so disappointing that they don't do it! Though I can kind of see where Chuck is coming from, what Blair did to him (and said to him--"I'll settle?" ouch) was HARSH. Plus it would be nice to see Blair chasing HIM now! :p


4/5 – I definitely enjoyed this one! :D Even if some parts were a bit of a let-down….


I also realize this is the 1 season anniversary of the first consummation/beginning of Chuck/Blair, with the famous and classic limo!sex scene occurring back in episode 7 of season 1….Look how far we’ve come! :)


Gossip Girl 2.08:


OMG THAT WAS SO HOT! *drools* Can some more Chair limo sex like that actually happen, pretty please?! And can I just say how thrilled I am that she’s having such fantasies?! :D (And rofl, I guess she’s a fan of limo!sex in general….:p)


“Remember Miss Blair: God is always watching”—Rofl! Love you Dorota…


Ew, can I just saw how gross and weird Jenny’s new hairstyle looks?! Why oh why?


Heh, love the Nate thing, though I’d enjoy it more if I wasn’t spoiled about the N/J kiss from having sought out the trailer on YT before watching….grrr!


“I hate you”—rofl! Aw, I thought this was another dream at first…


“You need help getting Chuck to sleep with you, really?” ROFL! So true, it is rather unusual….and wow, I can’t believe Blair is actually openly talking about wanting to sleep with Chuck again! I guess she has no shame about it anymore, it’s that bad…


Hey, that’s cheating Eleanor! And being a bitch to someone whose design you’ll be stealing is even lower…


“Smells a little bit like desperation”—hee, damn straight! Oh Chuck…


“Oh, please don’t.” Hee! Man I love this “Dan helping Blair with Chuck thing by giving him a guy’s perspective,” hilarious and cute!


“I’d have sent her to my place, but I thought it might be awkward with Nate on the couch.” ROFL, it sure would be!


Ew, can I just saw how gross Jenny looks in that eyeliner combined with that hair?! >:p


Awww, that was so hot! Stupid text message ruining it….:(


Hm, that model has a point, you could be hurting your own career by giving Waldorf your designs….though on the other hand you probably couldn’t survive on your own yet.


Heh, more Blair/Dan time!




Cecil the catepiller? The hell?! :s


Oh damn you Dan for ruining things! *shakes angry Chair fist*


Does Agnes remind anyone else of Faith a little bit?


Aw man, this scene is breaking my heart….:( Blair does have a point though…


Uh-oh Jenny….


Oh yay, Dan is trying to do the right thing and fix his mess! I hope Chuck listens, though he’s going to hate Dan even more now….(and can I just say how much I love this transition, with Chuck’s face and the music?)


Noo, don’t do it Jenny!!! How stupid can you get….


Um, why did that guy go off with someone else after hitting on Serena and asking her to dinner? Random….


Nate you might want to steal that guy’s film too….


Yay, Chuck came back!


That’s not true, you would totally last, you’re “inevitable” as you said!


Awww, that kiss, this song….gah! Come back Chuck! 


Oh man, Nate and Jenny kissing! Very nicely done, though kind of copied off the EPIC first kiss of LoVe methinks…That kiss would have been so much more exciting if stupid YouTube hadn’t already SPOILED it for me, but it still is pretty cool…I’ve long thought they had good chemistry, and this should be interesting….I mean, he’s living in the same house of a girl he’s kissing? I don’t think Dan or Rufus will like this….


Another great epp of Gossip Girl! This show is really great this season, I’m so pleased! :D


And I HAVE to have this song. NOW!




Overall a good week for my shows!  :)  Hope the next weeks are just as good....I'm particularly looking forward to 1.08 of Merlin, looks like it'll be a good one based on spoilers I've seen...I've especially been impressed with Gossip Girl this season though!  I'm so glad I began watching it, and hope it doesn't do a nose-dive like it did at the end of last season with the god-awful Georgina storyline....
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