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01 November 2008 @ 10:57 pm
CBS Cancels Moonlight's Replacement After Less Than a Month!  
Don't say we didn't tell you so Nina Tassler!  ;)


All I can say is HA!  :p  We KNEW this show would bomb and get much lower ratings than Moonlight did from the pathetic premise (seriously, I'd rather watch a hot vampire over a desperate woman any day!), and so it did!  Though I never imagined it would actually get cancelled within a month.....Way to squander solid ratings for nothing, CBS! *eyeroll*

So yeah, definitely feeling a little smug and vindicated right now about this, though at the same time I do feel sorry for the fans, who have been dealt an even greater blow than we got with this cancellation.  It just goes to show how much CBS sucks once again--both in not giving shows a chance, and in hurting their potential by putting so many stupid restraints on them.  It really is not worth watching CBS, or especially not any new show, since it's bound to be cancelled soon anyway.  With this news, I feel even more firm in my boycott of CBS than ever before.....

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