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02 November 2008 @ 05:28 pm
Best Merlin Eppy yet with 1x07!  
I was VERY happy with this week's epp--so much so that I wanted to watch it again as soon as I had finished!  Vast improvement over the last few epps, and we finally learn more about my favorite character, Morgana....plus the most zingers of any epp so far I think--I felt like I was stopping every two minutes to write down another funny line/exchange for my commentary below....

Merlin 1.07 reactions/commentary:

Woohoo, a Morgana-centric epp at last! And yay, we finally have confirmation that she has the sight! :D About time we learn more about her…


Lol at Merlin implying Arthur has no intelligence! :p (And I’m excited at the title “The Gates of Avalon”—about time Avalon has come up as well! Though I’m a little nervous given how much they’ve been changing things…)


Aw, that’s the girl from the vision! Of course…


“My intentions are completely honorable….put her in the room across the castle” ROFL!


“She can’t stay here....” Alright, Morgana!action, this is awesome, and she looks gorgeous as always…*heart*


“My bench is on fire!” Lol….love you Gauis!


“these are just dreams…” um no they aren’t, they’re totally visions of the future! She’s got the Sight…


Wow, I love the way her hair is splayed out as she sleeps right here…


“My brain stops working.”

“Oh, no change there then!” Ahahaha I love the A/M banter! :p


Alright, they’re officially friends for life now I guess! :D


“He hates magic more than he cares for me.” Angstangstangst, I love it! (So I guess Gwen is privy to Morgana’s secret magical visions?) And yeah, you should stop her yourself! About time you did something significant in an epp….


Lol at the exchange between Merlin and Uther—I actually like Uther here! xD


“I forgot how much fun this was!” Aw, Merlin is so cute!


Dude, she is NOTHING looks-wise to Morgana, why are you even bothering with this trollip Arthur…and yeah, “please take me to the river so I can drown you!”


Man these magical villains sure have a bad habit of leaving their magical, incriminating artifacts behind in their rooms unattended for the heroes to have the chance to take a look at and get clues about the villains from….and they always get to escape unscathed after the villain walks in to interrupt their investigation!


“Don’t think you can make a fool out of me.” You tell her Morgana! Bitch…


Ah, of course, let’s make Avalon an ebil place full of ebil people like these folk….*rolleyes*


Wait….when they say “she,” do they mean “sidhe”?! Ah it makes sense now, if I recall from “The Sevenwaters Trilogy” that is a name meaning “fairy”, and the handy pronunciation guide in the second book said “sidhe” is pronounced “she!” Aw man, that makes me remember Sidhe Dubh now, home of my favorite villain Eamonn—oh Eamonn, I still love you even if you turned into a bitter, sick, twisted, vengeful, sadistic, sexually-harrassing psychopath—but at least you died a hero, against all odds! *is nostaligic*


Yeah I’m afraid you have always been rather obvious about your feelings Morgana…


“You’re dressed!”

“Nothing gets past you, does it Merlin?” Man, the banter between these two has been especially good today!


“They were throwing potatoes! It’s only supposed to be rotten fruit…”

“I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules…”


“I think I’m getting the hang of this deception lark!” *cut to him in stocks again* Aww, poor Merlin—the lengths he’ll go to for his lover/master….;)


Oooh, Arthur’s eyes turned red too! Oh-oh, where is Morgana?


“Surely Merlin not again?”

“You’d think the appeal of pelting the same person with fruit would wear off after a while, but oh no!” Hee!


That’s right Gauis, Morgana is a seer! Gah, so nice for us to get more about her at last….


OMG, did Merlin seriously just slow down time?! That’s wild, even for him…..that’s something that can come in useful in future…


Um Merlin, do you really think it’s a good idea to let the bad guys know you followed them and are totally on to them? Aren’t you a little concerned they might get you? You shouldn’t really play your hand like that….(though Morgana kind of did it earlier as well!)


Aw, that was actually kind of touching, the goodbye, even if she’s about to kill Arthur…I can kind of see where they’re coming from…


Go Merlin! (Hee, this reminds me a little of Ron saving Harry in DH, except Arhur isn’t nekkid here….unfortunately! :p)


ROFL this whole bedroom scene is hilarious, esp. Arthur’s face with his eyes all bugged out! :p


“Can someone explain what happened? Someone with a brain?” Lol, poor Merlin, always underestimated!


“And killing things mends a broken heart?”

“No, but it’s good fun” (The incredulous look on Morgana’s face here was priceless!)  Another great Morgana/Arhtur exchange!


“Have you some kind of mental affliction?”


“I’m looking into it sire!” Gah, practically every line of this episode is hilarious, I love it!


“Food shortage?” *tomato!smash* lol….poor Merlin never gets a break, does he?


Woot, another magic!secret—and oh man I hope she does have the Gift as well as the Sight, because that would be awesome! (And per the legend!). xD


Ah, a closing shot of her looking lovely again waking up to another horrible vision—poor Morgana! I hope they at least don’t hurt like Cordy’s did….(now that I think about it, this is yet another “Warrior/Seer” ship I’m shipping, after A/C!).


Wow, what an episode! This is without a doubt the best episode so far, by a longshot. The storyline was interesting and cool with villains who were at least somewhat sympathetic (well I guess that was kind of true of Edwin last week too), there was an excellent mix of drama and humor—I think this epp had the most hilarious zingers, very well written!, and all the characters (who weren’t being enchanted that is like Arthur) were quite loveable, even Uther for once! (Which makes me happy, since disliking Anthony Stewart Head is against my programming….Giles!). And best of all it’s Morgana-centric—my girl actually had something to do for once, and we got to learn more about her, and she’s fitting the legend now, having visions like Morgaine from MoA!  xD The Arthur/Morgana shipper in me wasn't lacking either this epp...So yeah, I definitely enjoyed myself this week! :)




And man does next week look good—I’ve of course been looking forward to it since I read the spoilers weeks ago, but the promo makes it look even better—I can’t believe Uther actually grabs her throat!

So between this top-notch epp and what looks like another fantastic epp next week, I think that “Merlin” may finally be getting into its stride—which would be happy news indeed! :D

And now I'm feeling very Merlin!obsessed again....:p

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Agent 1.3: LoM-yayllywela13 on November 2nd, 2008 08:20 pm (UTC)
It's getting great fun - they are really getting into their stride with the characters now, both writers and actors, adding more depth and intrigue with each new episode.

And the deeper we get into the show, the more I understand the reasoning behind changing the recognised version of the legend so much. This way, not a one of the characters is presented to us as a final product, as it were - we get to watch every one of them growing into who they are going to be, all at the same time. It all makes for such fun storytelling.
sherrilina: Morgana (Merlin)sherrilina on November 2nd, 2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's also great fun seeing how they'll treat each aspect of the myth, and how things will develop--for example I would like to know how Gwena and Arthur get together given the state of things now...and I wonder if Nimueh will return with a new side, and have a relationship with Merlin (or if what happened in 1.04 is it for the "Nimueh seducts Merlin" part of the legend), etc....

And btw, did you see my post on BF directed to you? I just thought you'd appreciate them pronouncing the gaelic word "sidhe" correctly, unlike SN this week! ;) I was confused at first going "Um, a 'she'?" until I recalled my fantasy series that had a place called "Sidhe Dubh," and that handy pronounciation guide I mentioned before! ;)
Agent 1.3: Aeryn-tastetherainllywela13 on November 2nd, 2008 09:08 pm (UTC)
LOL yup, and I would expect no less from the Beeb - for them to get a word like sidhe wrong would be practically heresy! ROFL

...suddenly I remember that I never did catch up on that episode I missed, which was the Nimueh episode...

*makes mental note*
sherrilina: Morgana (Merlin)sherrilina on November 2nd, 2008 09:15 pm (UTC)
You mean the second Nimueh one? Yeah, it was okay.....not a fan of this Nimueh though, her motive seems for the most part to be, "I'm a crazy bitch, and I do what I please!" :p

And yes, naturally I suppose the esteemed and proper BBC would get that right, unlike the common and vulgar CW! ;)

Edited at 2008-11-02 09:16 pm (UTC)
Agent 1.3: Serenity-taketotheskyllywela13 on November 2nd, 2008 09:26 pm (UTC)
ROFL I mean in this country there is far less excuse for getting that kind of thing wrong! T'other side of the Pond is more understandable. Bless their hearts, they were so earnest with their Sam Hain and I couldn't keep a straight face. *G*

And yeah, I mean the second Nimueh episode, where I'm assuming we actually saw a little more of her. But since I didn't see it, I'm not actually sure...