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02 November 2008 @ 07:58 pm
New Sevenwaters Trilogy Sequel!!!!  

OMG speaking of Sevenwaters from my last post, there's going to be a new sequel to the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier!!!! *dances and jumps for joy*  It's called Heir to Sevenwaters.  I can't believe it, I thought the trilogy was over and done with back in 2002 when I finished the last one (especially with it's epilogue and all), but it appears not!  And not only is a new one coming out, but it's coming out THIS week--next Tuesday in fact! (Otherwise known as US Election Day! :p) 


Though the description doesn't sound as intriguing as I'd like (I never would have expected her to be the next protagonist!) I still can't wait to read it, given how incredible the other ones were.  We still should be seeing old favorite characters like Liadan and Bran and Conor (he's been in every book, he can't miss this one surely!), given the timeline, and it'd be nice to see what's going on after the end of the last one.  I really hope it lives up to the rest of the series....in any case, with this I have found a new item for my Christmas list! ;)  (Unless I can find a UK English copy in a store here, since the UK release is the same date as the US one!)

I was so excited I made the above icon of Sorcha for this post (and for all future Sevenwaters posts)--I am pleased by how it turned out as well...
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