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10 November 2008 @ 07:55 pm
Weekly TV Roundup--Bones and Merlin ftw!  

Well I've finally finished watching all my shows from the last week, which finally includes Bones, back from hiatus and stronger than before!  Merlin was also awesome this week, though it would have been more awesome if I hadn't been totally spoiled about what would happen in it!  *facepalm*  I'm trying to be better about that, I really am, though it's become very hard to resist reading the 1x12 spoilers, since I think that's the finale, and since it seems something BIG will happen then!  The show I was least impressed with was Gossip Girl--hope it improves with this next week's epp!

For GG and Merlin I have my usual reviewish commentaries, while for Bones I have a *gasp* actual review this time around!  (I didn't feel like keeping up a commentary).

Gossip Girl 2x09:

Ew, why on earth is Jenny still friends with Agnes after she totally tried to take advantage of Jenny?! Does the girl never learn?! (And why is she still so fugly, ugh!)


“How much privacy do you need to watch Project Runway and eat pizza?” Lol…


“She’s okay as long as she has her Harry Potter book and a bucket of ice cream.” Wouldn’t she be done with HP by now? And Serena I think most teenage girls would enjoy a night at home without the parental units…


Sorry, but why is she that desperate to lose her virginity at 15 just for the sake of it? Someone is messed up…


Forget Aaron, he’s an ass Serena!


Ugh, WHY did they have to make Jenny so damn FUGLY?! I mean, I can hardly look at her, it hurts my eyes so…..and I like her character most of the time! What the hell is on her head there?


Aw come on, WHY is Chuck doing this—especially when it would hurt the woman who just LAST week he finally admitted to being in love with?!  I hate the writers of this show so much….they need to decide whether Chuck wants to be with Blair or not, and effing stick to it! (Though the better choose the former of course!)


NO! Limo!Sex is STRICTLY between Chuck and Blair ONLY dammit! That limo is SACRED! >:(


(Oh yay, he thinks so too! He even says those words…thank you! “Just so you know, though there are few things that I consider sacred, the back of that limo is one of them.”)


Yay, an adventure with Blair, Chuck, and Serena!


Way to put Nate in a really awk and tough position little J….*rolleyes*


Ooooooh, Dan’s seen the pic! Busted….


“Come on you’re a cab, do that weaving thing!” Lol…


Yeah Lily/Rufus!tension! I love it when they run into each other like this…stupid Bart!


“Thank you God sooo much! I won’t let you down….” This line in itself isn’t so funny, but the way Blair delivers it is PRICELESS! :p


Heh, “Humbert Humber”—Literary ref ftw!


Ouch Dan, that’s harsh!


*facepalm* Jenny you dumb sh*t! Do you REALLY think anyone is going to be impressed enough by your rude interruption to want to back you?! God, what an idiot….I officially don’t like you anymore, atm…(and btw, your clothes here are fugly too!)


Aww, poor Vanessa! But props to Jenny for feeling guilty and shamed enough to try to go after Vanessa and talk to her…


“For you, anytime.” Awwww….*squee*


“Hurry up I think your little virgin is making a break for it!” Rofl, I love you Chuck!


Awww, that was such a nice scene! I love how Blair comforts the girl here….AND SHE SAID SHE HAD SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH SOMEONE SHE LOVED!!! I think that’s the first time she’s fully admitted that she loves Chuck out loud! xD *squeee!*


Aw, poor Dan….but really, forget trying to get into a writing program, try to get into Yale PERIOD perhaps!


Man what a BITCH! “You’re lecturing me? No wonder I don’t want to spend time with you….” Ugh, I can’t imagine any parent actually saying that!


Aw, Blair’s heart to heart paid off in a rec to the Dean, and she didn’t even have to blackmail!  Yay! So nice…


Man I can’t believe Dan is going to write that article! What a scuz, that is LOW Dan! I’m am so disappointed in you….>:(


Aw, poor Rufus, he’s crying! (Though the arresting thing last night was a little harsh and overboard…but still!) I can’t believe Jenny left….what is that girl thinking?! (And she looks as fugly as ever!)


3.7/5 for the Chuck/Blair/Babysitting storyline—overall though I was not that impressed, hope next week is better!


Though props btw for having a name that’s a play off my favorite film of 2007 (which SHOULD have won best picture!)—as coincidence would have it, after watching this epp I went to a nearby store which has a section of HD TVs, and guess what was playing on ALL of them?  “There Will Be Blood”….:D

Bones 4x08:

I really loved this week’s epp—just the right balance of drama and humor and an interesting murder, even though I could totally tell who it was from the beginning, though I didn’t realize her motive until the end. I thought everyone was really cute and funny, from Hodgins and his excitement about getting to use the “jaws of life” to pry out the skull, to Sweets being used by everyone (and at the end with Daisy—awwww!), to Bones in her discussions with Booth about the gun (as always!) and the meaning of “da bomb,” to Cam trying to hide her annoyance at Daisy, to Booth just being funny everywhere, and to CAROLINE being her usual awesome and badass self (always lovely to see her guest-starring!). And I loved everyone making fun of the “art” that was not really art. Plus I liked seeing Daisy again, she was def. one of my fave interns, I think she’s funny (and the fact that she’s SUPPOSED to be annoying makes me less annoyed by her than by some of the other interns who ARE annoying but aren’t supposed to be), and I thought her scene at the end with Sweets at the end was really, well, sweet! Though way to be totally obvious in the B/B convo afterwards! *rolleyes* I also found the whole “Angela is gay now!” thing to be a little annoying, not because there’s anything wrong with it, but just because it seems to me to be a pretty desperate ploy on the writer’s part, showing how out of ideas they are—like, “Hmm, I can’t think of anything to do with A/H, so let’s randomly break them up for no reason and then make Angela GAY for a while!” *rolleyes* I hope that doesn’t last long….


Finally, did anyone else think DB looked VERY Angel-ish in the scene with the angelator when he’s wearing that black blazer and black v-neck shirt underneath? I wonder if it was meant to be a call-out to the Angel fans….:p


Anyhoo, here were my favorite quotes of the epp:


“I will think about it until my head explodes!”


“Well I've programmed my phone to get the five day forecast…”


“If anyone asks, it was open.”

“But, it wasn’t open…..ahhhh!”


“You really are a dislikeable woman.”


“Why is she the bomb?”


“Whoa Bones, you almost lit my butt on fire!”


“Why don't you people ever book an appointment?  Frankly it's annoying...”


“He'll use some psychological Jedi mind trick on her…”


All in all a great epp, one of the best of the season by far—I thoroughly enjoyed it! :D




Merlin 1x08:

Aw finally, the epp I’ve been waiting SO long for, ever since reading the spoilers! I especially look forward to more action!Morgana…


Aw, isn’t little Mordred cute, the two look like Qwigon Jin and Anakin in SW epp 1 in their little hoods there….this is one of the best openers so far I think! Very touching…


Yeah Morgana! Good covering…


Hey look, it’s like the beginning of the first epp, but this time Merlin is watching with Morgana from her window!


Man, that druid is HOT!


“For someone with such a big secret you are a terrible liar!” ROFL, I love you Gauis!


OMG this is so tense and exciting!


Wow, the Merlin/Morgana shippers out there must be getting a real kick out of this episode! I’m Arthur/Morgana all the way, but even I can see the shippiness a little here!


“What if magic isn’t something you choose, but which chooses you?” Yep, Morgana realizes she’s a seer alright….and Merlin can saw Amen to that line too!


Why is Morgana eating alone with Uther with that big feast laid out? Did Uther want some alone time or something? (Pushes wrong!shippy thoughts away) Where’s Arthur? (And man do you make an unconvincing liar here Morgana—and you really do sadly only seem to have two dresses….)


Oh, that’s where he is….come on Arthur, stop and have a bite to eat!


“Lazy idiot for a servant”—hey there, that’s not nice! (And I do love the Morgana/Arthur banter!)


ROFL, she PLAYED him like an artist! She knows him so well! :p YOU ROCK!


“Why don’t you go back to brushing your hair, or whatever it is you do all day!” (Hey there, she’s not just looks you know…)


“Sorry, once Gauis starts talking about anatomy there’s no stopping him!” Hee!


“The difference is that your magic is still secret, though god only knows how.”


“Well one thing we know for sure—you’re no physician!” Oh Gauis…


Oooh, foreshadowing…..aw well, if Mordred couldn’t be Morgana’s actual son at least she still seems to have some kind of motherly relationship with him—I love how Gwen’s all like, “I’ve never seen her care for anyone like this before…”


Oh man this is so exciting!!! Tension!


How stupid was she to try to leave when they were right there?!


Aw, the look on Arthur’s face when he sees it’s Morgana! Priceless….can’t wait to see Uther’s reaction!


Well at least nothing will happen to Morgana it seems!


Hmm, so I guess Morgana is pretty much immune to Uther’s justice because of that promise he made to her father?


Can I just say how sexy I find Arthur’s billowing coat here? Or always….I’ve always found those long trenchcoat-type things sexy…


“If you won’t do this for the boy…then do it for me.” Awwww, shippy! And she gets him to actually do it!  You know he loves her....


“I presume it’s the plight of the Druid boy that’s causing your forehead to wrinkle like a lizard’s elbow?” Oh Gauis, always with the best lines…


Aw man, dilemma dilemma! But jeez, what an ungrateful little snipe Mordred is if he’s going to kill Arthur one day after he’s saving his life here! >:(


Hm, you might have some issues if you kill your heir Uther!


Ooooh, menacing!Uther!


Oooh, creepy music and dramatic stares! Foreshadowing ahoy! 


Oh brother, not “I’m a crazy bitch!” Nimueh again….and more stupid swordfighting, even more annoying….though wow, is he finally going to get Excalibur the next epp? (Is Merlin now “the lady of the lake,” lol?)


Wow, overall a fantastic epp! Even better than last week’s! (Though it would have been still better I think if I hadn’t been totally spoiled!) And not only does Morgana have a key action role once again, but we also have some actual legend!development! And now I really want to know why Mordred wants to kill Arthur after he saved Mordred’s life….and where the bond between Morgana and Mordred will go!




PS—someone HAS to make a vid where Mordred is Arthur and Morgana’s secret son as per legend, the clips are too perfect! (Wish I had them so I could do it myself!)

PS--I just saw "Karamozovi" ("The Karamozovs")--the Czech official entry to the Oscars--at a film festival yesterday and have since remembered all I loved about that book, and especially the character of Ivan (my favorite brother, an intellectual who goes insane, like Hamlet and Daryl, other fave literary characters of mine--I wonder if that's a bad sign...:p)--who IMO was really hot in this film.  I badly want to vid him, though of course have no access to any clips, nor any chance of them in the foreseeable future....*sigh*  I also just want to watch the movie again period....

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sherrilina: Booth/Brennan (Bones)sherrilina on November 11th, 2008 05:10 pm (UTC)
ROFL! True, though there have been some good epps this season, such as this one and the fourth one--though you might want to stay away from the fourth one if you do catch up since it is dog-centric....:(

And how do you feel about Tenant leaving Who?! (Sorry, looking at your icon there...)
Alison_artanis_ on November 12th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
Sad, but understandable. He doesn't want to get typecast. I'm reserving judgement until I see how the new guy (whoever he is) will do.