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25 November 2008 @ 07:43 pm
New Moon Movie Confirmed!!!!  
Yes, I know I'm late posting this here--I did hear the news when it came out a few days ago, but have been too lazy to post my thoughts on the news here yet! ;)  Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to work on my LJ....but anyway....

OMG I'M SO EXCITED, IT'S THE BEST NEWS I HEARD ALL DAY!!!!!!!!! :D I've been wanting this for SO long, since I first read the books (1 year anniversary coming up this Thanksgiving weekend of my having read Twilight and New Moon--scary!) and thought about the movie versions--really, I have always been more excited about the idea of a "New Moon" movie than a "Twilight" one, since NM is my fave of the books and features my OTP--I can't wait to see it onscreen!!!! :)  And I also think that this movie will be the perfect thing to revitalize the Jacob/Bella part of fandom, which took such a hit with the disaster that was "Breaking Dawn" (I mean, beyond the expected hit), and which has been lagging so much lately--I'd love to return to the glory days on sortofbeautiful ! :D 

I'm also psyched at the chance to actually attend an opening this time around with all the screaming fans and energized audience, and at another opportunity to wear my Team Jacob shirt that I worked so hard on for the BD release, only to get wear it for so little time! ;) 

So yeah, I'm pretty stoked, though now I realize I really need to get going finishing my J/B vid using KStew and Steven Strait clips, before it becomes too outdated with all the Twilight and then NM clips--because I have a good start, and I suffered through WAY too many craptastic Steven Strait films ("Undiscovered" being the worst) not to put these clips to use...:p
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