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02 December 2008 @ 08:54 pm
Catching Up Here: OMG GG, Merlin, and Bones!  

So I've been a little remiss in posting here lately.....but suffice it to say the last few epps of all my shows have been pretty awesome! :D  And the promos for next week's Merlin and GG....*dies*  I don't think I can wait that long.....some serious sh*t is going to go down in both episodes it seems!  (Though I've long known this about Merlin 1x12, and have been dying to see it for a long time!).

Anyway, here's what I have of commentaries/reviews for the last few epps, of varying lengths (except for GG 2x10, which I didn't write one for....it wasn't my fave, and I'm lazy!):

Merlin 1x09:

I REALLY enjoyed this epp, much more than I thought I would from the promos.  It was so tense and exciting I was on edge the whole time, with lots of twists and turns, and I LOVED both *finally* getting the backstory on Nimueh and Uther (and her having an actual motive besides "I'm a crazy bitch!" for all she's done), and on Arthur's birth and why Uther hates magic so much!!!  It's interesting how they made Arthur's birth still magically aided, even if not in the traditional way of the legend.....and I adored the touching and rare development/moments between Uther and Arthur, awww....the way Uther cared for his son in this epp, willing to sacrifice his own life, it was definitely one of his more likeable epps!  The ceremony at the beginning was also great, nice to see Arthur moving further towards the throne, and Merlin's sarcastic comments were hilarious--"yes, washing his socks will be even more of an honor!" :p  And Morgana looking so proud....some awesome Morgana/Arthur moments this week, between their argument in one of their bedrooms (lol, I wonder which?) and the scene in which she pleads with him not to fight, but understands that he has to do it (given how she usually argues with him I thought her concession here made the scene all the more poignant....you could really tell how much she cared for him then, and it was just such a beautiful scene overall!  And then, besides all this great drama and emotion and excitement and backstory, you also had tons of great humor, such as the aforementioned Merlin snark at the feast (btw, did anyone else think of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" when that ghost knight crashed through the window in this scene?), and the hilarious exchange between Merlin and Gwen I quote in the cut, when he asks for the sword....and it was very cool to see Excaliber at last as well, and see how it ended up in the lake!  Very interesting new take, as always....

So fantastic epp in all, better than last week's I think, though maybe because I wasn't spoiled this time around....;)  5/5 easily! :D


Merlin 1x10:

Oh noes raiders! Sorry, but this dialogue here is kind of cheesy, and I can’t help thinking of “A Bug’s Life” with all this “big bad bullies threatening to attack if the people don’t hand over their harvest” stuff….


You know, I actually agree with Uther on this one—if the political situation is that delicate he really can’t afford to upset it for one village. Very Machievellian Prince, that one…


Awww, touching!Arthur/Merlin scene….you can tell how much Arthur is upset he’s leaving and how much he’s going to miss him!!! For all his complaints….lol, “you’re the worst servant I’ve ever had.” Way to praise him as he goes out! :p


LAFMAO: “It’s….swordy.” You do have a way with words Merlin, don’t you? :p


Wow, check out warrior!Morgana….not a fan of the necklace, but in all I like kickass!Morgana….just as I like every flavor of Morgana really! :D Yay for them coming to help!


Aw, Gauis!hug…


“She’s the only one I know who isn’t afraid of [Uther].” Damn straight, Morgana takes crap from NO one! xD


“Don’t worry, they never do!” Ain’t that the truth…..awww, I love watching Merlin and his mom!


“I’d ask you for money, but I know you don’t have any.” Lol, yay for Arthur and his snark coming to join them!


“Put the sword down Merlin, you look ridiculous.” hee! And Merlin’s squeak of “Arthur!” was cute…


OMG look at them sitting by the fire together, this epp is so Merlin/Arthur slashy in particular it’s ridiculous…



“Remind you of when I used to beat you all the time?”

“That never happened!”

I think I’m in love….*heart*


Sssh Will, keep your voice down, someone can hear you! And aw, another bromance!


Gah, MORE Merlin/Arthur. The hardcore A/Me shippers must be having a field day—as it is I’m squeeing, and I’m not that particularly invested in them! :p

“It must have been hard.”

“Like a rock.”

“I didn’t mean the ground, I meant for you, it must have been difficult…” Lol Merlin.


“You still haven’t learned how to dress yourself?”

“Come on, eat up…” Heh….I LUV U MORGANA!


Lol at Arthur’s pass-off of the porridge to Gwen….and gee, and Arthur/Gwen moment! *rolleyes* (Sorry, I just can’t ship two people who barely interact, even if the legend says they’ll end up together).


“He really cares for you….he likes you!” Gah, the slashy subtext continues!


Morgana looks so pretty in that bun…..though not so much in the ugly random fur. Why are they always dressing her in bizarre furs?


Well there you have it Merlin, Morgana herself has stated that Arthur came for Merlin, and that he likes him, and she knows him better than anyone and everything she says is trufax—so you better believe it! ;)


Wow, way to stand up Gwen! (Okay I guess this could count as an actual A/G moment, but still…..this is what Morgana does in *every* episode with Arthur…just saying.


heh, “in a circle…all equal..” I SEE WHAT U DID THAR!


*sigh* Okay, I guess I was jumping the gun making fun of A/G moments before, since here’s a real biggie (good for the A/G shippers, they must be thrilled)….though I’m still not convinced.


Aw, Arthur is putting on his OWN armor today!


“If you’ve got something to say, now’s the time to say it.”

“I love you!” (Okay obviously not, but that’s one thing he could have said there…:p)


Aw, Will saved Merlin!


I’m sorry, but couldn’t Merlin at least have hidden or something so it wasn’t so obvious HE was the one doing magic?


Yay for magic, winning the day! (Lol, Arthur’s all “WTF?”)


Awww, Will taking the blame for the magic, since he was done for anyway (though I kind of figured he would…).


Aw, I’m almost tearing up…poor Merlin! :(


Well, that answers that question of whether he can ever reveal his powers to Arthur….stupid Arthur! I guess he can’t help having that kind of attitude growing up with his dad…


“You belong at Arthur’s side….I’ve seen how much he needs you. How much you need him. You’re like two sides of the same coin.” ROFL, the slash really does write itself on this show…and OMG SHE SAID THE SAME THING AS THE DRAGON!


Great episode! Not sure if I liked it as much as last epp, with all it’s backstory revelations and A/Mo and Giles fighting and pwning people, but still quite good. 




Next week: ah, so THIS is the unicorn epp—ROFL! Though argh, why would Arthur kill a nice pretty unicorn?! :(


And gah, I’m dying to know what happens in two weeks, what with all the spoilery titles for the posts with spoilers in them….it seems like some serious shit will go down, and I’m afraid…I want status quo for a little longer at least! (Just enough for A/Mo to get together however briefly, please!)

Type your cut contents here.

Merlin 1x11 (spoilers for 1x12 promo as well):

Lol, Arthur’s concern for Merlin’s safety really is touching! :p


Zomg! it’s a unicorn! :D ROFL….


Aww, why would Arthur kill a poor unicorn? :(


“So you’ve been outwitted by a rat?”

“They do say rats are very intelligent.”

“More intelligent than you, it would seem…” Rofl, I do love their banter…


This “Arthur vs. the rat” is really entertaining…stupid stubborn git though!


Aw, poor Merlin, Arthur you hurt his feelings, saying you can’t trust sorcerers!


“Oh don’t worry about keeping watch, Merlin, just make yourself comfortable!” :p


“My throat was so dry I thought I wouldn’t be able to talk!”

“At least some good would have come from the drought then!” Lol! Man, lots of good A/Me this epp….but where the hell is Morgana?! Surely she would have something to say about all this/Arthur killing a unicorn! >:( They really need to learn to balance better between Gwen and Morgana…


FINALLY some Morgana…and with Arthur too! If she’s going to be scarce she should at least only appear with Arthur….though for once she’s wrong about blaming himself…and of course she looks lovely as always, though why the grat. fur?!


“This tastes nothing like chicken…” Seriously! ROFL at Gauis and Merlin, it’s good to see you again this week, Gauis!


Wow that’s harsh, Uther! So much that I actually thought this was another test at first….:(


You trust Arthur with your life, Merlin? But if that’s so surely you’d be able to tell him your secret….


Hello Goblet of Fire Maze! :p (Seriously, set in the mountains like that it looks exactly the same!)


OMG Arthur would die for Merlin! Awwww……(and I thought last week’s epp was slashy….:p)


And yay, the unicorn is alive again as well!



In all a much better epp than I was expecting from the promo, I really enjoyed it, with a perfect balance of drama, emotion, humor, and wonderful character development we saw—though more Morgana would have been nice of course! 




Though HOLY CRAP it sure looks like we’ll get more than our share of her in next week’s epp—I wanted to die when I saw the promo, it’s so hardcore the way she says she wants nothing more than Uther dead—I mean, DAMN girl!!! I can’t wait to see what happens….I hope that it fails and Uther lives into next season, and that she isn’t caught/implicated so that she can stay next season as well—seething and hating Uther, but still there……because dammit she’s my favorite character and has to stick around, and I want to see her get together with Arthur!!! (However briefly….). But yeah, angst to the max is definitely on the way….and I can’t watch it until Monday! *facepalm*


I was really upset when I accidentally saw the spoiler about Gwen’s father, so I’m glad it was in the promo so it wasn’t really that big of a spoiler after all....I see a Dark!Morgana arising! :D

Bones 4x09:

I love how Booth has shared so much personal and private/top secret stuff even with Brennan! Definitely shippy…


Ew CLARK is back?! >:( I thought we had gotten rid of him for good, ugh! I'd rather have chatty!Kathy than HIM!


“There’s more than one Booth?” ROFL!


Ah, so Angela has already broken up with her new lesbian girlfriend? I guess I should have known that wouldn’t last long, given it’s FOX, but even that seems a little fast…not that I’m complaining, I thought it was a pretty lame ploy on the writer’s part…


“Yeah, don’t give up your day job kid…Bones what do you say we go solve a murder, huh?” ITA!


Okay my guess right now is that Lily did it…


“What am I, your pimp?” ROFL!


Aw man the VERY quiet and toneless way Booth says “No, of course I don’t mind, why would I” shows how much he totally DOES mind!


Whoops! That’s got to be a first, misidentifying the victim…..


Ugh no, don’t kiss her! (But wow, things are making a lot more sense now, Booth is staying in his comfort zone and not taking risks with Brennan relationship-wise…) It’s like when he was Angel, “waiting in the wings” for Cordy, poor guy….:( But oh man is this great dramarama B/B-wise!


Aw, Booth is all worried about Bones, wondering where she is!


Heh, look at Cam roll her eyes—she knows that Booth likes Bones!


Aw, yeah for Booth refusing to cover up crap, even if it means no advancement in his career!


“It’d be like a sneaking way of having sex with a Booth without having sex with the real Booth.”

“Kudos Angela, I would not have had the guts to say that out loud…” OMG intense stuff here!


“Jared is Booth Lite. Booth is the real Booth” RoFL, this is getting complicated! Will the real Booth please stand up?


Oh man, I wonder what trouble Jared is in?! And just what was Brennan doing all night, and how can she not be tired?


Aw man, you’re saying Booth got no credit for his Riko case work and no promotion in exchange for covering up his younger brother’s DUI? That’s rough man, I hope stupid Jared is grateful! >:( Hm, maybe the real reason Booth never advances in work is because of HIM!


So Booth is from Philadelphia then?


Aw, it’s Booth’s birthday soon?!


Hee, ‘Agent Sweets’!


Ouch, that wasn’t cool Bones….I hope she finds out what the real deal was by the end! :(


Aw, Brennan’s reaction here is PRICELESS! The look on her face, her returning to push him out of the chair….go Brennan! I’m so glad she now knows the truth and sees stupid Jared for who he really is! Ugh….


Whoa, excitement! I didn’t see that twist coming either…


Aw, it’s Booth’s bday party…..and AWWW, Booth is “the real alpha male”—great speech Bones! :D And ugh, Jared is there, hiding as he well should! Sic burn loser!


Ugh, I hate his brother even more now! >:(


Aw, Brennan coming out to be with him, and them sharing a piece of cake! *heart* And him opening up to her about his father…


Wow, what an epp! Really excellent character interaction/development this week, and B/B tension/moments! Plus the case was kind of exciting at the end, though rather confusing….like who the hell was the murderer anyway? :s Did we ever know? But anyway, I really enjoyed the epp, though now I really hate Jared! >:( And am annoyed that Clark is back, seemingly for good….can he be murdered please? That would be interesting and get rid of him….kill two birds with one stone! :p



Bones 4x10:

The Angela/Roxie parts annoyed me, but the rest of the epp was SO much fun, lots of humor and hijinks, and the very end was so exciting and tense!  The old mystery lovers and Booth trying to get forensic supplies and his quest to be in first class were all hilarious.  And I loved it when Brennan thoguht they were clapping for her, and then says, "I've always wondered why people do that"....because it's so true, I've always wondered as well! To me it seems almost insulting like, "Yay for not killing us, we are impressed!" :p


Plus I loved the more serious B/B moments in the epp, like their discussion of whether solving murders is what Brennan really wants to be doing, and how hurt Booth is by this idea, and how he feels guilty about dragging her into it, and then how she reminds him of how she was the one insisting on being taken into the field in the beginning--it was a nice callback to the Pilot, and I felt all nostalgic and awww....:heart:


So yeah, def. one of my faves, though I thought the tone at the end was odd and inappropriate....5/5


Bones 4x11:

Well as someone who is from, and attended public school in, the area where this show takes place, and has a more intimate knowledge of what the deal with education there is than the average viewer, this part of the episode annoyed me A LOT as well. >:( Yes, schools are not the best in DC, though I'm thinking that Booth lives in a decent enough area that Parker would be attending some of the better public schools in DC--and if those wouldn't be sufficient, Booth could always send Parker to one of the fine, well-rated and funded public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland, right across the border (like 20 min away perhaps from where he lives), for a much smaller annual fee than freaking $28,000 a year. ;) There were plenty of Ivy-attenders from my class at my *public* school there, thank you very much Mr. Private School Guy. (Though there are also lots of top unis that aren't Ivys, which should also be pointed out Mr. Snooty Private School Man). Sorry, couldn't help myself! :p This is almost as bad as epp 4x04 when they narrowed down the area the victim came from based on Cherry Blossom Residue (when they are EVERYWHERE in DC, not just around the Jefferson Memorial for god's sake, as millions of tourists each year even know! *rolleyes*), though not quite....;)

But besides, given how the bratty kids who went to this hoity toity private school turned out, it gauls me that Brennan STILL was insisting at the end that it was best for Parker--clearly there are more important factors at work, Brennan! Booth is right about the TLC being key....*rolleyes*

But other than that, a great epp! I always love it when Max guest-stars, always great tension with Brennan and Booth and him, and I loved his questioning of Booth about Brennan as well, and that he GAVE HIS BLESSING FOR B/B! :D Woot! Booth's delivery of the "she's beautiful" line was indeed great....and I also loved Sweets in this one, and Cam, etc. I was happy to see the new intern, this guy was my favorite of the rotation anyway, and as I've said before I can't stand Clark! I'd be happy if he just stayed, he's not too wacky, but not annoying either....

But ugh, how creepy and horrible was the little brat murderess?! I still can't quite believe any little kid could really be like that, and really murder for that motive in cold blood, with no remorse about it. I wanted to smack her!

But yeah, great epp, I've been really enjoying Bones in the last few epps! :D I think the show has recovered a little from it's slump in season 3....hope this keeps up! 4.7/5


Gossip Girl 2x11:


WOW! What a wonderful episode! xD

I can't believe that a) Lily came to have dinner at Rufus's yet AGAIN for Thanksgiving (awww!) and that b) we learned Lily's secret AND what was in Nate's letter to Jenny both in the SAME epp! Though her secret isn't as good as I was expecting...though now I'm eager to know why she was there! I bet it has something to do with Rufus....(or at least the shipper in my hopes it is!). And wow, I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside after that epp, and definitely was tearing up slightly in several parts--what a great episode! I think it might actually beat last year's Thanksgiving one in terms of suspense, action, and warm fuzzies!

And man is Bart a CREEP! And Jenny still looks hideous in her new look, Serena's short dress looked stupid, and I can't believe she was willing to share her boyfriend for even a second--ITA with Blair about how creepy that was....

And if Cyrus doesn't say "InconCEIVable!" at some point I will be very sad....:p I love that actor…




Gossip Girl 2x12:

I am SO disappointed that we still don't know why Lily was in the asylum--stupid show! >:( We better find out soon....I wonder what kind of accident it was, and if there will be an investigation? Kristen Bell could take some time off from gossiping and help out! ;)

Seriously, besides that niggly detail (grrr, I was SO hoping we'd find out dammit! We got so lucky the last epp with plot dumps...) and the too sudden cliffhanger ending, this episode was AWESOME--hilarious, poignant, and and with all my ships making progress to getting back together! xD Seriously, I was SO happy at what transpired in the Nate/Vanessa/Jenny love triangle, it's beyond my wildest dreams that a) her deed would come out, but b) Nate/Vanessa would still be together, and that he'd forget his momentary infatuation with Jenny (though seriously, he was surprised at what she did? Hello Nate, were you not there the whole second half of season 1?! *rolleyes*).....because really, I did not like N/J after the initial kiss, and think that N/V was a million times hotter (especially after the beginning of this epp, damn! So much chemistry and lovely!), and made more sense, given their history--it was just too random the way he wasn't over Vanessa, and then suddenly the next minute he's all in love with Jenny--at least with the latest turnabout there's a legit reason given for now wanting Vanessa more! So yeah, definitely was happy with that turn of events (poor Vanessa though! Szhor did a great job though with the delivery of her lines in those scenes! And how interesting was that little revelation about being jealous of J and D having everything?), as well as with the turn of events with Dan/Serena (who looked like they were making progress back towards each other as well perhaps--they certainly had some nice scenes together!) and Chuck/Blair (awwww, lol at their game and the fact that ultimately the only perfect date for each other was themselves--though I don't know why they didn't just go together in the first place! *rolleyes* The dancing, aww, she looked so happy! And lol, "Even our Doppelgangers can work it out!"), and especially RUFUS/LILY!!!! (Rufus getting all choked up, aw, I loved it! And they haven't had much of them this season so far.....I did feel a little bad for Bart at the end though, when he's all "I'm sorry, please", but yeah.....LUFUS! :D). That was neat that she was going to leave him anyway, though it then makes his accident a little over the top! ;)

But yeah, tons of great romantic moments, drama, emotion, and lots of humor--I LOVED the Dorota parts especially, I mean ROFL, Dorota joining Facebook and finding potential girls there? The whole "I don't want to shine Mr. Bass's shoes for month" "In Poland long hair mean..." :p Love her!

Definitely one of my favorites of the season, 5/5! :D But ugh, I can't waaait that long for 1x13! :(

EDIT: OMG, thank god the next epp is only next week, I thought we were already at the winter hiatus! But now I REALLY can't wait for next week after seeing the promo! :D

And also Merlin Secret Santa begins today! I have a good idea for what to do for mine, I can't wait to start when I have the time....I've never done something like this before, so I'm excited! :)
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Ack. I still haven't seen this week's Merlin - 'twas my Nan's birthday on Saturday. Must get around to that...
Alison_artanis_ on December 3rd, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)
Ah, yes. The Merlin Hoyay. It's hard to ignore.
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Merlin Secret Santa
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