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05 March 2008 @ 12:27 am
While I'm still completely clueless about how to make fanart or icons, I did last year finally figure out how to make music fanvideos, which I thought I might as well pimp here! ;)

I've finished 8 so far, though my first one (a Booth/Brennan (from the show Bones) slide-show of pictures) was taken down from YouTube by request of stupid Fox for copyright violation--which just angers me, because seriously, what's wrong with fans making creative content celebrating and showing excitement over their shows?! You'd think they'd be happy about that, it demonstrates that their shows have a good, dedicated fanbase, and videos like mine get more people interested in or excited about their show! I hope that one was only taken down because it had pictures I didn't have the rights to (though they were *publicity* stills, released to the public to publicize the show--so why is it bad for me to make a vid using these pics to celebrate a couple on the show, and thus publicize it on YouTube? *rolleyes*), and that none of my other vids are taken down that use clips ripped from purchased DVDs.....

Anyway, I have 4 "Angel"-related vids (three of which are Cordy/Angel shippy--my TV OTP!) and three Harry Potter-related vids of three different ships, Harry/Hermione (my HP OTP!), Tom/Ginny (a fanon pairing of mine), and Hermione/Ginny (not really a big ship of mine, it's just a femmeslash ship I've considered, and I was inspired to do it by the song and a "weird couples contest"). The last one I finished recently, and in pretty record time--it only took three days to finish the vid, besides a few minor edits and finishing touches at the very end before uploading to YT! I just felt so inspired about it that I couldn't stop working on it, and it helped that I pretty much had all the clips in order and separated out for Ginny after the Tom/Ginny vid--one thing I like about HP is that there's only so much material to get from the DVDs, by now I've probably ripped almost the entirety of each of the five films! Whereas with my TV shows there's so much there to get scenes from it can be a daunting task to contemplate--even for Cordy/Angel, for whom I've accumulated a massive amount of clips from all seasons, there are still at least 20 scenes I can think of that I don't have on my computer yet! And then there's all the Buffy scenes I don't have, which is why I haven't made a Spuffy vid yet despite my love for that ship! I just don't have the energy right now to find which clips I need and rip them!

Though the most frustrating thing of all is when there are no clips available to use period when I feel inspiration hit--like last night I heard a song that was SO perfect and fitting for Lord Asriel/Marissa Coulter (one of my favorite literary ships, from Pullman's "His Dark Materials" Trilogy), and I could just picture scenes from the movie that could fit with the lyrics (as I often do when I feel inspired about a fanvid).....only there's no way for me to get those clips until the DVD comes out! Not to mention the fact that the best Asriel/Marisa scene at the end of Golden Compass was freaking cut from the film, to put at the beginning of the next film, which might not even be made given how badly the first film did in the US....I really want resolution on that matter, because if they're not going to make another film then that cut scene from Golden Compass NEEDS to be on the DVD! That was the scene I was most looking forward to seeing, and so the fact that it was cut was a huge disappointment--and if it were not only cut but never released I'd be really annoyed! So anyway, there's no way I can get the scenes for such a vid for a while, not to mention that there's not much there in the first place in the first film, even including the final cut scene (though who knows how long that was anyway?)....and there's not much fanart that I can find of them either, sadly!

Anyway, back to fanvids....here are mine so far, beginning with the most recent:

"Under Your Spell: Hermione/Ginny"

(yes, it's Tara's song from the Buffy epp "Once more with Feeling!" ;))

"Addicted: Tom/Ginny"

"Vindicated: Harry/Hermione"

"Everytime We Touch: Cordy/Angel"

"Accidentally In Love: Cordy/Angel"

"Lucky: Cordy/Angel"

"All About Us: Wesley/Lilah"

Feedback is always appreciated! :) Hopefully I will be able to make more soon, maybe over spring break....before I got my inspiration for the Asriel/Marisa vid I was inspired by a different song for a Harry/Cho vid, which is more feasible, lol, and which may be my next project.....
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vltavskavltavska on March 5th, 2008 11:44 am (UTC)
Dude, you just want me to tell you AGAIN how much I love your Wilah vid!!!
seeley_tempe on April 5th, 2008 03:48 pm (UTC)
I'm really late on this one, but I have just found your journal. I wanted to comment on youtube, but I've no account :p However, I just wanted to say that your videos are beautiful and I simply love the Wesley/Lilah one. The song is perfect for them, matching with every single scene...really wonderful. I hope you'll make other video like this soon :)
sherrilinasherrilina on April 5th, 2008 07:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :) I don't have any inspirations for another Wilah vid at the moment, though I probably will make another someday since I have all the clips on my computer...;)