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03 February 2009 @ 09:00 pm
Catching up: Gossip Girl  

So I've been terrible at posting here lately, and am way behind--but I thought I'd start catching up with Gossip Girl, the latest episode of which I just saw today.  Here are my thoughts about the last three epps...

GG 2x17

WHOA! That's really all I can say about the end of this last episode....is it just me, or was Dan being a little quick to sleep with Ms. Carr right then given all the song and dance he and Serena have been going through about sleeping with other people? Maybe it was a reaction to the breakup with Serena but....I don't know, he didn't seem too upset about it. In any case, as much as the idea squicked me before, I have to admit, that kiss at the end was kind of hot...The sex perhaps not so much--I'm kind of glad they kept it in the dark....but wow, now that she is going to be teaching at Constance again things should be VERY interesting! I can't wait to see what happens....

In any case, this episode turned out to be much better than I was expecting from the premiere. Dan wasn't really cheating (yet) with Ms. Carr before breaking up with Serena, there turned out to be a deeper, more intriguing interesting about Chuck's dad to the "I woke up after the best night evah!" mystery hinted at in the promo (though I still think it's ridiculous that Chuck is saying that woman is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen--give me a break! And even as much as I've been turned off C/B by 2x15, it still annoys me that he's acting like he never loved Blair and womanizing and thinking about this Elle--I don't know, I think that writers suffer from some continuity problems there), we got some awesome Rufus!drama/tension (and we got to see that R/L are still a couple, awww!), a jibe about Jenny's racoon!makeup (I called it!), and Nate and Vanessa being COMPLETELY ADORABLE! :D

Seriously, them teasing Chuck about the house and playing on the piano together laughing and then Nate's gig with the package and blindfold....too cute! Just like they were last week as well. I love that for once on TV we have a happy, adorable couple that we just get to see a glimpse of every now and then, though I worry about their future, given what usually happens to such happy couples on shows like this (or TV shows PERIOD). I hope it's not that he suddenly wants Jenny again, because that would be way too inconsistent/flip-floppy, especially given his big choice in the dance epp and the way he has been so happy with Vanessa the last few epps. I think the Jenny thing might just have been proximity in the house and stuff during that time--friendship feelings briefly crossed the line. At least that's the most likely explanation I can think of....

Worst part of the epp: Blair having Dorota clean up for her and then snapping at her to go faster--that's not cool Blair! *hugs Dorota* I like Dorota's line about the martyr act being no good....and her covert mission to recover the phones, lol. I just love Dorota, period! I'm glad Blair's dad saw the real her for once, he really is naive about her...esp. after that Christmas epp last season!

Oh and I'm sad the puppy is leaving....he was so cute to look at! :(

Finally, I now have "Don't Stand So Close To Me" playing in my head....:p

PS--it just occurred to me--what happened to the "Inconceivable!" guy?! :s Did he just disappear after the wedding? Or I guess maybe he's off with Eleanor and that's why Blair's dad is there, to visit and keep her company while her mom is gone.../random


GG 2x16


I didn't like the Blair vs. Teacher thing at all--I groaned when I saw it in the previews--but I'm really glad that there was more to the epp than that, and something actually interesting and totally squee-worthy! I know most people here seemed to have been squeeing most about Lily and Chuck (who were wonderful, and I was happy about that too, so awww-worthy!), but for me the highlight of the epp (and what I was squeeing most about) was all the LILY/RUFUS going on in the epp! xD

To see them so clearly dating and being with one another, even out in public, FINALLY, at LAST--it's a dream come true! I had just been watching 1x06 before this epp, with all its R/L sadness/wistfulness, so it was even more heart-warming to see them together like this! And so cute too....I loved Rufus trying to figure out opera to adapt to Lily's society, and finding out it was the wrong opera! It was especially nice to have this given I was still a little upset over the end of my erstwhile GG OTP Chair--Lily/Rufus, which has long been jostling C/B for position as my favorite pairing (and at times has been over C/B) has officially taken it's place for good I think. It's sad that D/S have to break up as a result of R/L, but tbh I care about R/L more, and D/S have had their chance, as Serena said back in the day. At least Aaron isn't dating Serena in the meantime...

And yeah, what a slimeball Jack is! I remember someone pointing out that we had never seen Jack try to date-rape a girl in a discussion a few epps back of who was worse, Jack or Chuck, but now we have indeed seen Jack do even worse--and for worse motives, out of revenge to humiliate and lower her--ugh! I'm so glad to see the last of him...he creeped me out from the beginning, and now I see it's with good reason! That was a very exciting scene though, when Chuck rescued her--go Chuck!


I was not happy at all with that ending, Dan shouldn't be flirting with anyone without fully breaking up with Serena first, and certainly not ignoring her calls! >:( How heartbreaking was Serena looking at that photo of them from 1x10 though? Those were the days...


GG 2x15


So.....yeah. I'm pretty pissed at the writers, for doing what they did--I think they've just killed Chair. Especially after last week's epp. And I'm furious. >:( And a little heartbroken….it’s been my OTP of the show for a while now, and I think that’s gone for good now! :( At least I still have Lufus to fill the capacity.....see below!

I'm also mad at the CW--it looks like their promo monkeys are at work again with the GG promos, with some stuff that definitely wasn't in the epp ("she wouldn't touch you." "Why don't you ask her." etc) and with a huge mislead, having Jack's voice saying, "We're going to have such a good time together." over the image of Chuck (unseen) holding out flowers when he was trying to make up to Blair. Reminds me of Veronica Mars season 3 at its worst....

True, they might have cut that earlier stuff....but it doesn't make sense anyway. Since when did Jack and Blair sleep together? And why? Their discussion of it this epp was so random and out of the blue and illogical I almost feel like I dreamed that part of the epp.....:s I felt like I missed something, and it would be another epic FAIL on the writers' part--why would Blair be sleeping around with Jack or doing ANYTHING with him when at that time she was all worried about Chuck?! I mean, seriously, let's try keeping things within IC reason--you were doing so well before, writers....>:( Last week's epp was definitely better in all of these regards…..

The Rufus/Lily storyline was awesome though, especially when she admits she still loves him and they kiss and when they have sex AGAIN--lol, it's like, "Hm, let's make another baby while we look for the first one!" :p And their holding hands IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS was so shocking (so I guess they're all going to be open now?), but awesome at the same time! :D I would so love for them to have the chance to finally be together, and for D/S to be together at the same time. There has been a precedent in Clueless, as Serena said, and nothing beats that! ;)

I am intrigued about the kid thing though--I was really fooled, I thought the writers had conveniently killed the kid off to help D/S be less squicky, but this adds new drama....I feel like the writers won't be able to let this go, that we'll see this kid someday, somehow. I can't wait to find out when....

And I just read the new relationship spoiler, and all I can say is....blech! :(
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