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17 April 2008 @ 03:22 pm
My TV is back! New Bones episode at last....  
Well after a far too long absence, my favorite shows are FINALLY beginning to return with new episodes, beginning with my oldest show Bones, now in it's third season, and on it's (yet again) new day, Monday nights--I swear, by the time that show is done it will have played on every day of the week, they move it around so damn much! *rolleyes* But at least it's better than stupid Friday nights, as they originally threatened (for a third year in a row no less!).....*kills American IdiotIdol for the way it messes with Bones and other quality programming*

Some spoilers below (not too major for Bones, but for Moonlight and Gossip Girl) about the latest epps of each series, if you haven't seen them already (though I can't imagine why you wouldn't have with this looong strike to watch them in, lol), you've been warned!

I have to say, I have mixed feelings about this new episode, "The Man in the Mud." I felt the MOTW was a bit weak (I suspected the one who did it from the first scene they were in, and racing bikes? Srsly? Though still not anywhere near the lameness that was the lost football "playbook" of Veronica Mars season 3, lol), and as with many episodes this season, I felt like the Booth/Brennan interaction was a bit....forced. I don't know, as much as I adore this pair, I just feel that the writers aren't handling the relationship as deftly as they have in the past, that they're being too heavy-handed with it. In part it's I think their fault for trying to keep putting off B/B from happening even longer--it's just no longer feasible for them to do so--there have been too many excuses, and there has been too much development between them over the seasons....it's absurd, and doesn't make sense realistically/story-wise, that they wouldn't be together yet. I feel like this artificially keeping them apart is thus hurting their relationship by making it feel a little more artificial--that's the only way I can really think of explaining it.

Now that's not to say that there weren't some good moments--like Booth and Brennan throwing clay at each other cutely and looking like such a healthy couple compared to Sweets and April (aww, poor Sweets!), or Booth quickly declaring for Brennan that she wouldn't be interested in dating Dennis (lol, down boy!).....but things like the anus conversation, etc....meh. I just feel a little disappointed--as I have with much of this season. That's not to say it isn't still good--it is, and there was still lots of great dialogue and moments in this episode (and how adorable was Booth with his clay horse?!), but overall, with the exception of a few top-notch epps, this season has definitely not been living to the kick-ass, unbelievable/insanely awesome high quality of last season, where I swear there was a stretch where every episode was better than the last....ah well, I guess you can't win them all! But I swear, if Booth and Brennan don't f*cking kiss by the season finale....*shakes fist and head* I wish TV writers/producers would figure out that Booth/Brennan ALREADY act exactly like a couple, and that therefore them getting together would NOT have to result in any change in their behavior, except that they'd be kissing (hotly) too once in a while! ;) That "once they get together people will stop watching" stuff is bullsh*t--or just lazy, bad writers! I know people talk about Moonlighting a lot, but from what I've heard that was a completely different dynamic, in that they didn't really care for one another/deeply love each other the way B/B did--it was just all sexual tension, no depth--so of course that wouldn't go anywhere after they did it! [/rant]

Oh, and I'm so happy to FINALLY be seeing freaking "Player Under Pressure" a year after it should have aired, though I'm sad we'll be missing the first Hodgela proposal--they better freaking put that scene on the DVD! >:( Maybe this one will be better since it was originally supposed to be in season 2--it certainly looks funny and good from the previews! :D (Which I felt such deja vu watching, since they were the same ones from a year ago!) I hope they keep the B/B the same as it was originally written, since as I said I like how the wrote the B/B better last season....and I hope there aren't as many damn commercials next week, I swear, it seemed like I saw more commercials than show last night--there was no way that could have been a normal-length epp!

And as cute as Sweets is, does anyone else still miss Gordon Gordon? I really wish they'd bring him back even for one episode, like to have a face-off with Sweets and shut him down--I bet Booth would cheer him on, lol! ;)

As for my other shows, Moonlight and Gossip Girl (my guilty pleasure) they don't start until next week, and I'm just as psyched for them as I was for Bones, or maybe even more so, as those shows ended on pretty big cliffhangers, unlike Bones! I want to know how Beth will react to Mick being human, or how Blair will get back her power/standing, or whether Lily will tell Mr. Bass and Serena to stick it and get back with Rufus, who she clearly belongs with, dammit! :P I also want to see if Chuck will maybe come to his senses and apologize to Blair/explain that he was just hurt and angry and didn't mean those things/was just lashing out (as you totally know he was!)...what can I say, the Chuck/Blair shipper in me won't give up yet, even though the prospects look pretty grim! (I've thought they'd make a good pair since the third episode!) ;)

Anyway, that's all for now, I'll come back when I've (FINALLY!) seen these episodes....grrr, I wish it was Monday/Wednesday/Friday night already! 
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bennyboy606 on April 17th, 2008 09:57 pm (UTC)
Nice review, Sherr, but I have to say, I disagree (but you already know that).

For some absurd reason, I found the MOTW really interesting, and I thought it could've been anyone....but that's probably because I didn't feel like figuring it out lol!

And I don't think it would be that great to put B/B together, cause that would wreck their friendships. No television relationship is happy, no television relationship is nice, because writers fear a nice relationship is too boring. I don't want the amazing friendship between Bones and Booth gone.

However, I am so agreeing with you on your Gordon Gordon suggestion lol! That would be amazing!
sherrilinasherrilina on April 17th, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
Lol, I just thought the girl acted pretty shifty in the first scene with the wheelchair guy, then wanting to approach the evidence...it was okay, just not great. Maybe it's because I'm a girl as Booth says--not really into the motorbikes! ;)

But WHY would it wreck their friendship?! There are plenty of couples who are friends first--like Angel/Cordy, Xander/Willow, etc. Just because Joss hated to see happy couples doesn't mean that has to be true of all TV....and why should writers fear a happy/cute relationship? As I said, B/B already act like a couple--and we still enjoy them! It's clear they love each other, and they could keep showing that by putting one of them in danger, jealousy, teasing each other and arguing--ALL of that could still be in the show (why not?), as well as the couples therapy thing (though this time they might bring up their sex life!). They could just occaisionally argue about it, especially if Brennan brings up "intimate" matters in front of the rest of the squint squad (in her forthright way)--can you imagine Booth's reaction, lol? They could still have macaroni and cheese dinners, touch each other all the time (as they already do--he's always putting his hands on her shoulders, etc), and all that jazz! There would (or SHOULD) still be the great writing, cast interactions, and storylines (maybe Cam being a bit uncomfortable with it, issues with Rebecca, Booth's brother who was supposed to make an appearance this season, more about Booth's family period), and well-done mysteries (most of the time! :p). If the writers can't write a show where Booth and Brennan are happily together (like they've already done with H/A!) though still with some tension (as there will always be between them!), then they're not very creative or good--and we know that's not true! So why not? You don't always have to stick to TV conventions with an iron grip....
bennyboy606 on April 18th, 2008 02:18 am (UTC)
Yes, but Xander/Willow weren't a full couple, and after Angel/Cordy went together, Cordy died.

I'm not saying there can't be a happy couple, I'm saying it's rare in television. And with Bones, even with creative writers, they have to please FOX or else they'll get cut, and I don't know. I want to keep the great character interactions, like you said. And it would be weirder if they were a couple. Just my opinion, though.
Alison_artanis_ on April 18th, 2008 07:21 am (UTC)
I'm not saying that they're right in thinking this but...

I think that the writers believe the show will fail if we lose the UST. That's why, even though realistically they'd be on kid #2 by now, they're going to play the will they/won't they card. It's going to get forced as there really isn't much left for them to work out.

MotW was weak and felt like an excuse to put in more UST. They need to go back to the creepy cannibal or something because contrivance plots just make the UST feel forced - kinda like their kiss - pottery class? Really?

I watch their show more as a 'shipper than anything else and even I'm saying they need to lay off a little.
sherrilinasherrilina on April 18th, 2008 08:20 pm (UTC)
Lol, indeed, what happened to the cannibal guy?! They need to bring him back at least once more before the finale (when I imagine that will all be resolved in one bombastic, thrilling blow!).....the last time they dealt with him was so good!

And honestly, there can still be tension in the relationship even if it's "resolved"--and supposedly in season 4 (which if you didn't catch is a definite--yay!) they're considering filming in a foreign location (like maybe Italy, Monaco, etc--hmm, maybe I can catch some of that next year when I'm abroad! ;)), which sounds like it'll have enough excitement as it is....and seriously, they could always still stall and have issues before finally getting together even after one REAL kiss (the Christmas charade doesn't count!)--there are definitely TV precedents here, like House, Alias, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Veronica Mars, etc--it happens all the time, the main point is they need to at least reach that stage by this seasons' finale--Booth can kiss her in relief maybe after he saves her from the cannibal! ;)

Or at least to be more realistic they need to discuss their feelings separately/privately, to show they're at least aware of them even if they don't want to act on them yet--like have Angela try to have a heart-to-heart with Brennan again, etc....

I too watch mainly for the Booth/Brennan, but that's why I'm upset about this--if the B/B is beginning to feel artificial b/c of how they're trying to forcibly stretch it out, that affects the quality of the show for me, which isn't good either....they don't want to lose viewers by taking too long with it either....