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05 June 2009 @ 09:24 pm
Succubus Win!  
So on Tuesday I finally got my hands on the latest book in the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead, Succubus Heat, and as usual sped through it in record time, finishing it yesterday afternoon!  For the most part it met my expectations of what I hoped would happen and was about as utterly entertaining and enjoyable to read as the rest, though naturally a little more serious than the others before it.  There were a few surprises for me though....

My (long) thoughts on Book 4, as well as Book 3, since I never got around to posting them here:

I was really surprised at  Georgina and Seth's steamy affair--I kind of envisioned Georgina asking him to have sex now that they could, and him resisting because of Maddie....and now his soul is all dimmed and Hell-bound, I can't believe it!  And the whole proposal, I definitely did not see that coming....ugh!  Now I don't know what is going to happen with Maddie, because I still hold out hope that Seth and Georgina will end up together--I am certain that he is "the man in the dream" and that Nyx was telling the truth, but I have no idea how Mead will deal with Maddie....the way I see it either death or heartbreak will occur, and neither is pretty, since Maddie is such a nice character.  I'm surprised Maddie hadn't picked up on Georgina's anger towards her during those three months, I guess Georgina must have avoided her. 

Anyway as far as the "mysteries" went I admit that this was not one of the more surprising ones for me--maybe it's because I re-read Succubus Blues days a week before reading this one, but I figured that Roman was the one hanging around helping Georgina (the matches, the "I can't heal you"--of course not, you'd have to reveal yourself to do so!)  from the very beginning, though I admit I thought that Roman would actually be involved in the plot against Jerome, not trying to help him--that was a neat twist, especially the amnesty thing, I look forward to seeing him be Georgina's housemate, from the preview of the next book it looks like it will be lots of fun to read about! :p  I also figured out a while before the reveal that Dante had probably been the conjurer, after the would-be rapist!magician mentioned that whoever did it would be rich, combined with all the money Dante mysteriously had all of a sudden, combined with him saying he was the most powerful sorcerer and coming up with that disc info so quickly.  I'm a little disappointed in him, though I understand it, and I suppose that removes one obstacle and one guilty heartbreak from a future S/G reunion.  In any case Grace was more surprising, and I'm as glad as Georgina that it wasn't Cedric, he was a great new character, and his romance with Kristin was very sweet!   In all the only things really missing were Jerome and Carter--there was not nearly enough of them, nor together, and their loveable snarky  duo is one of the things I love most about these books--I was SO happy to see Jerome saved at the end, even though I knew her would be of course, I love his character so much, and it was so sweet the way Jerome looked pleased to see his buddy Carter as soon as he returned--I adore their unlikely friendship, and without even the slightest interest in slashing them, which is really something for me!

Speaking of Kristin, I loved that we finally got to see the wording of Georgina's contract!  And it just confirms what I have suspected since the end of the last book--that if Georgina tells Seth about her past, a mortal she knows will remember her (her "Letha" self at least), thus rendering a breach in her contract with Hell that could win her back her soul--and allow her to have the kid and life she's always dreamed of with Seth and a happily ever after as a human!  I like that Mead has already established a logical way for Georgina to become human early enough on in the series for such a happy ending to be possible later on--because really, there are only two ways to happily and satisfactorily resolve a supernatural immortal/mortal relationship, and that's to either make the mortal immortal like the LI, or to make the immortal mortal--and in this case the latter case is what's desirable.  I just wish that Georgina would catch on already and reveal her past to Seth!  (Which was one of their problems anyway, the lack of communication, and which would also be solved).  I even wonder if Seth might be the reincarnation off her former husband, the way they have that special connection and the way he's reppeating the same exact lines, like "You are my world," etc.  

I also suspect that Carter has a special mission to win back Georgina's soul from Hell, and that that's why he spends so much time from the very beginning (as I noticed in re-reading Succubus Blues) encouraging Georgina and Seth together, and trying to get her to see what Niphon was doing in the end of  book 3--because he knows that Seth is the key to this happening.

So yeah, exciting and gripping book, between the plot and all the tension with Seth, and the book before it was great as well, even if completely heartbreaking at the end.  I had been enjoying the book so much until then, and then that happens!  Even though I suspected that something bad would happen because of some spoilerish comments I had read accidentally beforehand, I never suspected anything that traumatic!  Or for Seth to  be enough of a jerk to immediately date Georgina's BEST FRIEND afterwards--that's the kicker, the really unforgiveable thing--if he really was doing it all for her own good, he wouldn't have broken things off in such an especially hurtful and back-stabbing way.  I was very mad at Seth for that!  (It put me in the mood for some Alannis Morissette like whoa!)  Definitely didn't see that one coming....but besides that the book was top notch wit and fun as usual, I especially loved the whole "Carter burning down her Christmas tree" thing and the forest of trees she gets, and the Chralie's Angels gang, and Tawney!  The fall of Yasmine was really intense though, I hope that she makes an appearance again....

The third book was interesting too in that it's the second supernatural book I've read in the last year in which in the plot  Nyx has escaped and is being pursued by angels with the assitance of a morally suspect and grey supernatural female, with the other book being "Haunted" by Kelly Armstrong in the "Women of the Otherworld" series--though this version was much, much more enjoyable.  Still, I had never even heard of Nyx before that first book, so it's funny how she's come up again!  I feel like I almost should have seen it coming, with the Angels and all....;)

Oh and PS--I had no idea that Placebo's "Running Up That Hill" was only a cover!  You learn something new every day! :p  I've loved that song since I heard it on "Bones" during "Judas on a Pole," one of my favorite epps ever!

In any case, this marks the first big release on my summer reading list that I've read!

I am also about 100 pages into Vampire Academy, the first book in another of Mead's series which I've been meaning to read for a while since I love the GA books so much!  I decided to read it in Spanish, so that i could be practicing my Spanish at the same time as reading a book I've wanted to read this summer anyway.  It's a very interesting experience, and for the most part I can understand and keep up with it just fine.  It will be strange reading the rest of the books in English though after this!

While buying Succubus Heat the other day I also picked up the latest release from Jacqueline Carey (another favorite author of mine as mentioned here previously), Santa Olivia, a cool futuristic sci-fi-ish novel that kind of a take on the superhero genre apparently--I can't wait to read that soon as well, not to mention the first book in Carey's new Naamah series set generations later in the same verse as the Kushiel series, Naamah's Kiss, coming out later this month--between these two big releases, SH, and catching up on all the VA books this really will be the summer of Jacqueline Carey and Richelle Mead for me!

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