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26 April 2008 @ 12:19 am
The Return of my TV shows, cont...  
Well last week Bones returned at long last, and now after shorter breaks (though still far too long!) Gossip Girl and Moonlight returned as well with fantastic episodes! The newest Moonlight episode was especially mind-blowing, it's unbelievable how much action they packed into that episode, especially after an initial somewhat slow start! Bones also returned with a better episode than last week IMO--I enjoyed it more at least, and was glad to finally see it at looong last! (Since it is a season 2 epp that was supposed to air last year).

I'm also dying to see next weeks' epp of all three shows--they all look equally wonderful, though certain relationship spoilers have made me especially eager to see the next GG--if only they hadn't moved it to freaking Monday nights at the same time as Bones! >:( Meaning I have to wait until the next day to find the new GG online....though I'm so busy next week I shouldn't have time to do so....:(

Anyway, my reviews/expectations for this week's three shows below, in three parts, though the GG one is more discussion than necessarily review....spoilers through the most recent epp of course, though in the GG one I will also be talking about relationship spoilers for future epps, because I couldn't resist them....but for once these spoilers made me happy rather than annoyed! ;) 

Man, WHAT an episode! I must admit, initially I wasn't too impressed (his voiceovers were pretty cheesy and I think they went on too long about him wanting to be human), but then once Maureen was killed (wow! another big death so soon!) it got so exciting! I loved the tension the new guy causes, the way he doesn't like them investigating alone, and how now he'll have all these questions about Mick (the whole "he doesn't seem like a guy who likes unanswered questions" thing), which should make things interesting (plus he's attractive--yay for more eye candy! ). And I liked seeing Logan again (though it's still sooo confusing having a character named Logan on the same show JD is on, when JD is not said character! ), his character is funny ("why haven't you ever introduced us?!" "You never leave your basement!" or "Tuesdays and Thursdays I rock World of Warcraft!" ), and how he played his part in the mystery....which was pretty good IMO! I mean, when they mentioned the blood loss thing and given what the morgue dude had said earlier about the attacker being a vampire I figured the plastic surgeon had done it, but before then it wasn't so clear....I love how Josef was a suspect! And how there was all that drama with the mayoral candidate's daughter (with that whole way-dramatic scene and spine-tingling catch there), and then they STILL had time for all the final drama--it was one action-packed epp!

Of course people are going to draw parallels to Angel's "I Will Remember You--but I think this was waaay cooler (not to mention HOTTER!) than that! Because not only was Buffy not in immediate danger in that epp the way Beth was, but also the way he becomes a vampire again (instead of turning back the freaking clock so that the episode literally went nowhere)--I love that Josef did it, with that gorgeous score we heard before at Josh's death soaring dramatically (and during the suicide scene too!)--lol, Mick is his baby now, technically! And it was cool seeing Josef fight--have we ever before?

Plus so much humor, from Mick's hilarious VO thought, "I'm actually going to have to chase this guy? Crap" to Josef's " "I'm surprising you with my sneaky vampire abilities?" and "my two favorite humans" lines.....and how freaking adorable was that cat?!?! And then to play "Lucky" on top of all that at the end (one of my FAVE songs--I got so excited when they began playing it I literally squeed out loud and clapped my hands), to such great effect too! (much better than when they played it during Buffy's sex with Parker in season 4 IMO!) That kiss was wonderful, loved how he just grabbed her (Logan and Veronica, "Weapons of Class Destruction" much? ), and she does have a point! Such a great ending, except for the very last shot, which was a little too Angel-like (guise, avoid direct quotes if u kan!)....but yeah, wow, GREAT episode, very satisfying after the long draught, and making me more excited about this show than ever.....well done Silverman and everyone else!

And next week's epp looks great too, even if a little Eternity-like....I love Mick running from the press!

And btw, if you want to listen to the beauuutiful music that kept playing, you can here it alone here: http://www.apolloshortfilm.com/ It's called "Saving Josh" by the composer Trevor Morris....I can't stop listening to it, it's so incredible! 
Gossip Girl: 
I was very pleased with this episode--about as strong as the last one, if not quite so dramatic and emotional!  I was so annoyed at stupid Jenny though--why should thought she could get away with stealing a dress like that....*shakes head* Though I love how she turned it around in the very end!  Very surprising, I wasn't expecting that....it means that the "Blair Bitch Project" to bring Jenny down and resume her 'rightful' place at the head of those girls is still on!  I also loved all the family stuff with Chuck and Serena.....I mean, as much as I loathe the idea of Lily marrying Bart Bass (since clearly she is meant to be with Rufus--a ship I haven't given up hope on yet, dammit!), it's worth it for now just to see Chuck and Serena as "siblings"--the whole bathroom scene was hilarious!  And I like this added layer to Chuck--that he yearns for family.  Poor guy, getting blamed and kicked out for stuff he didn't do!  The only major problem in this episode was the serious lack of Chuck/Blair interaction, though as someone pointed out, they actually were color-coordinated throughout the epp....clearly they have some kind of psychic connection! :P

I'm so excited though for next week's epp, which apparently WILL have some lovely C/B action--in fact, spoilers I saw said that B/C will happen, or that there will be "blossoming Bluck goodness" to be precise--which pretty much made my week, given what a huge Blair/Chuck shipper I am!  I had all but given up hope on more happening between them after his hurtful (though understandable given how much he had been hurt!) words in "The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate" (btw, props to whoever comes up with these pun episode titles, they sure have a lot of good ones on this show!), so to hear that they will get over their differences is music to my ears--they sure do have the most chemistry on the show, and they're such similar people. I've been shipping them together since the third episode when they worked together to uncover Serena's secret!  And there was a lovely episode still with them in it....so yeah, very psyched for that, and to see MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG back on TV again!  I always love seeing Buffy alums, and her character sounds like it should be interesting--I'm eager to find out what that secret is as well!  And as for Nate/Vanessa....blech, I hate Vanessa, and this ship sounds so random, but if it gets Nate out of the way so B/C can proceed, then I'm down with it!
And now for the second post-strike epp of Bones:
I must say, I was quite pleased by this week's epp!  I thought it was much better than last week's in terms of humor, drama, and the case itself--which IMO was a little less obvious than last week's....sure, I thought the cop might be the killer when Booth first noticed his ring, but then in the course of the epp I thought it was someone else, so....and I thought this was a more entertaining case as far as solving it as well--all the interviews with students ("this is a terrible university!" "how did this boy get into college?" lol Brennan!), the lipstick thing, another of Hodgins' and Zack's wacky experiments in the lab going wonky (Cam sure didn't look happy!), Hodgins pureeing maggots in Cam's blender from the kitchen (how hilarious was that exchange, esp. Hodgins' nonchalant, "I'll rinse it!"?!), etc.  Plus the whole Angela/Cam storyline was priceless....I wasn't expecting that twist as to why Cam was acting that way!  This episode just makes me love Cam so much, which is funny because I used to hate her so much....but really, once she got her paws off Booth and intergrated into the team she's a nice addition to the cast....and I love how Angela actually liked their sex vid!  So good squint action this epp, and then awesome B/B action too--I thought their interactions were much more natural and normal this episode than last week, much less forced--but then again, this is a season TWO epp--from when they were writing the relationship much better as I said.  I liked how there was a genuine conflict between them, and how it was resolved with her explanation in one of their wonderful heart-to-hearts at the diner in the end that have been missing this season (what happened to that place anyway?! They need to go there more!)--how sweet and "awww"-worthy was it when Brennan pointed out that she knew he was different from those other jocks because he still remembered that first girl's name?!  I miss this kind of feel between them....and I thought the very last scene when Brennan at the last minute keeps the guy from shooting himself was quite exciting!  I can see I suppose now why they pulled the epp because of VT with a scene like that, though I find it ironic that the murder itself wasn't even done with a gun!  I still wish we could have seen the damn Hodgela proposal though--they better include in on the DVD in the special features! (Though it really belongs on the season 2 DVD with the other proposals and marriage....).

Next week's epp looks great, I can't wait--I love how Brennan will be all clinically like "I have no maternal instincts!" and Booth will probably be all over it, he's such a loving dad and lover of kids....
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