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26 September 2009 @ 03:29 pm
Being Human  
I've been meaning to post here as well about another great new show (my second BBC one) I began to watch over the summer, "Being Human," which I had wanted to check out anyway for a while because of all the buzz I had heard about it, but which I finally got the chance to watch on TV thanks to it airing on BBC America at the end of the summer....

Anyway, it was as cute and lovely as I had heard, and I enjoyed it a lot, even though it did have its flaws (like how can vampires eat food and not drink *any* blood?  What makes them vampires, really?  What drives them on?  The fact that they can't even drink bagged blood from a hospital is ridiculous)....my favorite characters are Mitch (sexiest vampire after Eric, hands down! :D) and Annie (George has his moments, but overall I find him too whiny and annoying), and hopeless shipper that I am, I began to ship them by episode 2....:p  But seriously, they have so much chemistry together (like in my icon on this entry), and are so close and look out for one another and are concerned for one another much more than George is towards Annie for instance.  Plus there's the fact that they're both immortal and he can see her and be with her without ever worrying about wanting to drink her blood, since she's a ghost!  And George has Nina anyway, and these two deserve some happiness as well....so I hope that something more happens between Mitchell and Annie next season!  

Some other, more spoilery thoughts and questions about season 1....

I thought the way Herrick died was really lame--GEORGE was the one to kill him?!  George?!  I'm sorry, but it should have been Mitch who faced his sire....plus I thought Herrick died ridiculously easily, I mean come ON, he was willing to stay locked up in the room once he realized George had come in, and just stand there doing nothing while patiently waiting for George to transform into a killing machine?  He should have attacked George the minute he had the chance, while he was still in a weak human state!  It's as if he was resigned to die....

Plus why didn't Mitch die when he was staked by Herrick?  And why on earth would he turn that boy (SO many problems are going to happen later on, you just know it!)?!?  Being a child forever has to be one of the worst possible fates, he should never have even offered it!  And the fact that he even joined Herrick or believed him for a second is so stupid....and why was that weird pastor able to ward off the vampires with Scripture? It was weird....that whole scene and the later church one were strange and random, I thought he was a fake!priest at first like in "Living Dead in Dallas". I mean, I love this series, but there are definitely some bad plot holes and writing laziness....

Oh and Annie's former boyfriend Owen has to be the slimiest, most horrible and obnoxious and vile asshat EVER! >:(  I do not understand what Annie ever saw in him, thee scene on the staircase with Annie and the new girlfriend...I just wanted to slap him so hard!  I really hope we find out what she whispered to him that truly convinced him at last to confess.  Good riddance to him!  And I loved it when he says he killed his girlfriend and then the policeman says, "Okay then, in that case we'll need a different form....", lol.  I still don't understand why he thought a thong in her possession signified her cheating on him...:s

Finally I am intrigued about the policeman who seems to be looking for the trio, and by the fact that it seems like Nina will become a werewolf now (lol, ATS season 5 much?).  We shall see!  I can't believe that there were only 6 episodes, it seems lame, though at least there will be 8 next season!  I would love to see more of Mitchell's past, from the early 20th century, before he joined the army for WWI.

Does anyone know when roughly season 2 will air?

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quamquam20: annie and mitchellquamquam20 on September 27th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
I'm really glad you like it :)

Yeah, the vamps take a lot of getting used to, especially if you watch True Blood. I know that in a lot of early vampire stories, they could go out in the sun (without sparkling haha) and eat regular food, although they don't need it. It's mostly to blend in or whatever. But you're right~ the Being Human vampires don't seem to need blood. It's like of a drug than anything.

my favorite characters are Mitch (sexiest vampire after Eric, hands down!


Season 2 will most likely air in January.
quamquam20: merlin & arthur~ famousquamquam20 on September 27th, 2009 12:14 am (UTC)
*more like a drug than anything.
morganalefay354: BH- Mitchessmorganalefay354 on September 27th, 2009 12:25 pm (UTC)
I am so in love with this show. Yeah, there are problems and inconsistencies, but it's so fun to watch. I ship Mitchell/Annie too, for all those reasons you said. I'm eagerly awaiting season 2!