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08 October 2009 @ 11:17 pm
"Cirque du Freak" movie looking good!  
So I am getting really excited now about the "Cirque du Freak" The Vampire's Assistant" movie after seeing the eight clips that were recently released and this very positive review of the movie. I mean, I loved the books when I read them way back when (although this reminds me that I still never finished the final book of the series, will need to get onto that maybe over break!), but initially I was very wary about a movie adaptation, especially given recent examples like "Ella Enchanted" or *shudder* "The Dark is Rising." The trailer gave me mixed feelings, and still made me feel hesitant....but seeing the clips and the review now makes me feel better and better about it (they countered some misleading parts of the trailer), and I'm actually now really excited for October 23! :D So it's a big release to look forward to this month, before NM....

Although there are still a few changes that I find a little weird, like Creating the existence of a monkey girl at the Cirque whom Darren latter kisses (as per the trailer)--did they cut out Debbie from the third part of the movie then? :(--making Cormac Limbs female, and an attractive blond female at that (did they need more eye candy for the men besides Salma?), making Darren feel misunderstood by his parents and bored with his life (what the review and trailer imply--I definitely don't remember that from the books), moving Melough up to the beginning of the film and making Darren unwittingly break the truce between the Vampaneze and the Vampires (why? How? I guess they wanted to move up the war from the sixth book for more action), and finally having Mr. Crepsley reject Steve out of hand based on the law of not turning children, before even tasting his blood--if he's so concerned about this law, then why did he so readily turn Darren?

In any case, it's looking good right now, and I hope it lives up to the promise of the clips and this review. John C. Reilly and Salma Hayek at least seem to be a riot in their roles! :)  And the score seems decent from the website....

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