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28 October 2009 @ 01:30 am
In with the Dollhouse and Supernatural, out with the Merlin and Bones!  
So I've been meaning to post here for a while since I finally caught up with season 2 about what an INCREDIBLE and AWESOME Joss Whedon's newest show Dollhouse is--seriously, if you have not seen it yet, please try to watch it (it's sadly not going to be airing during November, so you have a month to watch only 17 episodes, if you want to watch from the beginning!), it is such a great, interesting, thought-provoking show (definitely more so than any other show I am watching so far--it's of the "makes you think about morality and philosophy and identity and other deep questions" variety), and right now it is in great danger of being canceled because of low ratings--in part because of it's Friday night death slot (apparently only on CBS does 5 million+ every Friday night get you canceled! *still bitter about Moonlight too*) and Fox's refusal to properly promote it, and its lame pairing with two comedies before it, and in part perhaps because it is kind of a difficult show for some to watch. If you do give it a try, and don't like it at first, please make sure to at least watch 1x06 before giving up....some of the early episodes are a little shaky!

I already have a ship (of course, lol) and some favorite characters: As seen in my new Dollhouse icon, I am all about Topher/Claire--both as characters (they are my two favorite characters on the show, and it's so annoying that Dr. Saunders is going to be gone for so much of the season!) and as a pairing. From the beginning it seemed to me that Topher might have a crush on Dr. Saunders, and I wondered if they would end up together or have some kind of romance, but as soon as it was revealed that Saunders was really an imprint programmed by Topher, and that she had originally been a doll, in that wonderful confrontation scene in 1x12, I really became interested in their dynamic. He seemed so guilty about what he had done to her, and the tension just crackled between them--plus I was intrigued by why he had made her hate him. Then the fantastic scenes in 2x01 (her toying with him with her pranks and their phone conversation, and then THE scene--the seduction scene!--still my favorite scene of the series thus far) just sealed the deal....I mean DAMN do they have tons of chemistry! And so much angst and novelty (with her personality having been created by him)....I found it fascinating that she chose to hate him on her own, without him having programmed that in her, and that he did program her to find him repulsive physically in order to avoid a relationship ever happening between them--that and his "Because you're better than that! You're better than me!" line really made me love and respect his character so much more (whatever his crimes, taking sexual advantage of women, even those he clearly desires, is not one of them). Because I do think it's clear he desires her--both in the way he unconsciously responded to her advances and the way he clearly does not seem to be over her leaving now--the expression on his face when Adelle so harshly reminded him of Claire broke my heart, and clearly he was projecting onto Boyd when he quipped at Boyd to stop mooning over Dr. Saunders!

Yeah, I love Topher now period, even though initially I found him arrogant and annoying--but he is so funny, and I love how he is now beginning to see the error in his ways, and have ethical and moral dilemmas, especially last week--I mean, wow! And of course there's his future breakdown seen in Epitaph One....he really reminds me of the character Ivan from the Brothers Karamozov (a seemingly amoral genius who eventually crumbles and breaks down under the weight of his intelligence and his world view crashing down around him), which makes me like him all the more! And of course Dr. Saunders I love for her interesting situation, and I also love Adelle (she's such a badass HBIC, what's not to love? :p) and Victor (such an amazing actor!), etc.....yeah, it's funny, from initially not particularly caring for any of the characters on the show, I now love most of them! :) Only Ballard still creeps me out and irritates me....

But yeah, so I'm pretty obsessed with Dollhouse now, and it may be my favorite new show at the moment--the last episode (perhaps the best of the series) certainly has maintained my enthusiasm for the show! Obviously my original plan mentioned a few entries ago of holding off on Dollhouse until Merlin was over was abruptly abandoned once I caught up and realized how amazing the show was! :) In fact, speaking of Merlin, I actually think I might just drop it for now and catch up over the holidays on it, I'm so disappointed/disgusted with the show right now. I mean, really, I have given up on the writers, and don't have much in the way of expectations any more for the show--and yet last week's episode still managed to disappoint and be lame. I don't feel excited or eager to watch the next episode each week, like I do for Dollhouse or Vampire Diaries (which is really shaping out to be a fantastic and great show as well, against all my expectations!)....which is sad, since I remember staying up late waiting for the episode to be uploaded each week the night it aired, I was so eager to see each episode. (This is partly why I changed my default icon right now to a Dollhouse one instead of a Merlin one--I'm particularly disgusted with A/Mor these days anyway!)

The same thing has kind of happened with Gossip Girl as well--I mean, it's not as bad as Merlin, it's decent this season, but it's definitely not exciting me or holding my attention as last season (and most of the season before that) did, sadly.....and I've already put Bones on hold until the Christmas holidays, or maybe even until the summer--I don't know, I liked the premiere well enough, but I'm just not really invested for some reason this season....*sigh*

Of course this is probably all just as well, since I really have too much going on right now to legitimately be watching TV anyway.....although right now I am kind of defeating the purpose of dropping other shows by having gotten myself utterly caught up in Supernatural! xD After years of meaning to watch it, but never getting around to it or having the impetus to start, I got the first disc of season 1 off of Netflix, and now I am totally hooked--I can't stop watching it! I have already marathoned in the last few weeks thorough the first 15 episodes of season 1, and I plan to finish this season by the end of the week (it seems appropriate for Halloween, no?)....I only wish I had started this last summer, so that I would have had a chance to possibly catch up in time to see some episodes live before the show ends this season! (And yeah, I'm going fast now, but I need to stop soon and start working on productive stuff!)

TL;DR: I am now quite obsessed with Dollhouse and Supernatural, and am putting Merlin and Bones on pause for now until the Christmas holidays or summer....

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