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03 December 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Writer's Block: Sense and sensibility  
If you could keep only one of your five senses--taste, touch, smell, sight, or hearing--which would you choose and why?

Sight, hands down! I've thought about this long and hard many times before, and really sight is the most important sense to have, as far as functioning and staying connected in the world. Scientifically, humans depend on sight more than any other sense. But also take LJ and other internet sites for instance--I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go online anymore, and for that sight is absolutely necessary! Plus I am a huge film buff, TV watcher, and reader, all of which again require sight, and which you can get by enjoying without sound (thanks to closed captioning in the case of TV/Film). And I am a very visual person in general--I go crazy taking pictures, trying to capture the visual surroundings of a place I'm in, and I would hate for all of the beauty of the world to be lost to me forever. And with things like lip-reading and sign language it is possible to keep communicating with loved ones, whereas if you lose your sight you could never see your loved ones again.

It would suck to not be able to listen to music, but I think I can remember enough of it to "listen" in my head. And taste/touch/smell are secondary--I wouldn't enjoy food as much, but hey, maybe I wouldn't be as picky of an eater then!

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