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03 May 2008 @ 02:46 am
Moonlight Madness!  
Wow, just saw tonight's episode of Moonlight, and man was it f*cking incredible!  I didn't think they could really follow up last week's rollercoaster ride with anything nearly as good, but boy was I wrong!  I think I might have even liked this episode even more....just amazing!  Tons of humor, drama, Mick/Beth chemistry, a good mystery, and an ending leaving you dying for more--and the tantalizing promo for the last two epps doesn't help! (Though I really hope it isn't the last two epps.....they way they said it makes me nervous, this show is too damn good to be cancelled!)

Anyway, here's my review with spoilers....

I mean, how hardcore is Beth at the end there, basically ordering a hit on that Dean creep to protect Mick?! (Lol, what is she going to do with this other lady?) And how she quits Buzzwire (big move!) partly for Mick's sake (must be the case given Josef's comment to her right before)....man did they have tons of chemistry and cuteness tonight! I loved their teasing and banter ("Maybe in college, but I was really drunk!" "I hope I will get tired of it"--awwww!). And Josef/Mick was hilarious too, esp. the Facebook mention! I want to friend Mick as well! xD That reminds me of that episode of Angel when he says, "They talk about me in the chatty rooms?!"

And the music was top-notch again (boy they sure love "Saving Josh," lol! I mean, I do too, but I hope thye don't overplay it....), loved the song at the end too, love the "lost boys" (the whole vampire society thing), and Mick as Tieney's "New Hottie"....great stuff!

And how exciting is it that Talbot has the photos of Mick surviving the car hit, and has a whole folder on him?! I knew he'd investigate, but this is better than I hoped....just imagine what he's going to think when he hears that the guy who gave him those pictures of Mick was soon after mudered?!
I wish CBS would just renew it already......I mean, it won the People's Choice Awards for Best New Drama (which shows what a dedicated fanbase it has, either to have enough fans voting for it or enough hardcore fans voting for it enough times!), and has been doing quite well ratings wise given it's Friday night time--it's been dominating its slot, especially among the cherished 18-49 group--what more do you want?!

I think this probably wins as the best episode this week of my shows, though the Bones episode was quite top-notch as well, the best in a while!  They should definitely have cute things involved in every episode (like how about a poor kitten or puppy of a murder victim who needs taking care of?!  Like in last week's Moonlight, lol!), that baby was too freaking adorable!  Though the writing also made the epp, lots of wonderful lines (with my fave being Brennan's reaction to the baby toy--"Elephants aren't purple--this is all wrong!" and setting it aside), a good mystery, and lots of wonderful Booth/Brennan and Angela/Hodgins.....I love how Booth was envisioning himself in her theoretical mansion watching her TV! xD  They really are practically married, getting together will change NOTHING!

Gossip Girl this week was....not so great.  I mean, it was decent, but I was a little disappointed, and not so impressed by Michelle Trachtenberg's performance.....plus there were some major SAT inaccuracies that just irritated me too much to enjoy those scenes, lol....it sure ended with a cliffhanger though!  I hope next week is better, I sure want to find out Serena's secret/see some Chuck/Blair dammit! :p

My review/rant:

I have to admit I wasn't all that impressed with MT and Georgina's character--I don't know, it's hard to describe, but in some ways it felt like she was trying too hard, or just....I don't know. I didn't really like the way she spoke....I think I might have found her more annoying that Dawn! 

I also was unenthusiastic about the idea of N/V when I first heard about it (not a big Vanessa fan), though I had at least accepted it since it would leave things open more for my fave pairing Blair/Chuck to get together--but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them on screen today!  They really do have tons of chemistry, and the writers played it very well (with the SAT book thing to be how they first met, etc), I liked them a lot....:D I like Vanessa a lot more now that she has her own story and isn't just interfering in others' lives! ;) Though I think it might have moved a little too fast....but yeah, I like them, against all expectations! The GG writers really are good at picking out the actor-couples with chemistry it seems!

And yeah, I have been liking Nate's character more in the last few epps (like when he was trying to help Jenny, etc)--I do agree he's definitely one of the kinder UES-ers, and has a softness to him--he just gets annoying when he's self-absorbed and emo...

But the SAT thing annoyed me with its uber-unrealisticness (more so than usual)--maybe it's just because I still remember all that pretty clearly. And you definitely have to sign up waay in advance, especially to get a place at a good school and not somewhere in a bad neighborhood or far away (certainly not the UES!), so the whole "spur-of-the-moment-SAT-taking" thing is absurd (I assume Nate paid the hefty sum at least....), even if it's supposed to be poignant (and was sweet in some ways). And you also can retake the SATs in June (assuming this is the March SATs they're talking about, given Dan's comment about "until Spring Break"--implying it was pretty recent) that same year, or in the fall of your senior year--so it's pointless and stupid to try to ruin Nelly Yuki (I love how she kept saying her name though!)'s test that time, since she could just take it one of the next two times offered, with no interference....*rolleyes* Finally, when did Chuck have time to make a fake Serena ID with the Red-head's picture and go give it to her at the last minute? Because you definitely need photo-ID to check in....

Sorry if I'm nitpicking, but these kinds of things bug me! :p 
And happy Polish Constitution Day everyone! :D
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(Anonymous) on May 7th, 2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
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