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05 February 2010 @ 01:12 am
"The Song Remains the Same" Does Not Disappoint!  
So was this episode epic, or was it epic?! :D I thoroughly enjoyed it, and wrote a longish review....(longish because I know from Chris and Jo the true meaning of long reviews, lol). :p

5x13 spoilers below, obviously...

WOW. Just....wow! :0

Unlike last week, I had super high expectations for this week's episode, and for once I was not disappointed! xD I mean yes, there were a few little things: troubling pronouncements regarding free will (but I remain hopeful that "Team Free Will" will prevail at the end), and I wish that Castiel could have recovered more quickly and shown up for the fight at the end--I really wanted to see him see Uriel alive again, I do think he probably misses his own companion (luckily I saw the clip where he fainted at the beginning and wasn't expecting him much back in the past, I was just glad to see as much of him as we did!)....but otherwise?

This entire episode was a real rollercoaster ride, IMO, action wise, mythology wise, FAMILY wise....it was great to see Young!John and Young!Mary again (especially more of Young!John, since we didn't get to see much of him last time), and it was so heart-wrenching to see their interactions with the boys, especially the scene when Sam talks about his "dad" to John, saying that he FORGIVES him, understands why he acted the way he did, and that he wish he could have had the chance to say this to him in person before he died (I really wanted to cry during that scene! :cutecry: ), or the one when Dean reveals that he is Mary's son, bringing up those things from his past (which were wonderful to hear) like the "Hey Jude" lullaby and the soup...it was also heartbreaking when Dean told Young!John that in that one moment he reminded him of his father (ouch!), and to see how the potential for future!embitteredhunter!John was indeed there all along, even when he seemed like such a nice guy in 4x03....

Both Jensen and Jared just really knocked the ball out of the park with those respective scenes, IMO....and I loved the "awkward family car trip" in the car, so surreal, for the four of them to be having one, and in the Impala too! (Lol, I was thrown for a minute, seeing the Impala driving along, forgot John had it!)....it's kind of like "What is and What Should Never Be"....

I think that one early review summed it up perfectly when they said:
There are two kinds of great dramatic Supernatural episodes: those that deal with the Winchester family dynamic and those that deal with the Apocalypse mythology. This week's episode, "The Song Remains the Same," combines the two for an episode that will make you laugh, cheer, cry and drop your jaw.

This episode really did manage to combine both massive mytharc twists and action AND Winchester family drama at the same time, which was wonderful to have....:)

Because the mytharc too, WHOA! I only wish I hadn't seen someone's speculations that Michael would appear at the end and punish Anna, but I still was surprised to see him appear, and thought Cohen did a fantastic job at being him, especially in comparison to playing John. It really was about time that Michael talked to Dean....I'm not sure I like the idea of him not damaging the host bodies (I mean I was glad that he wasn't going to damage John, I was worried about that for a sec), I feel that removes one of the very compelling reasons for why Dean could not say yes (I guess Cas was wrong on this one).....but still! His appearance was wonderful, and long overdue...

I do think they are laying on the "brother" parallels a little too thick (I think I rolled my eyes at the "descended from Cain and Abel" part, lmao come on now), but oh well.....I also don't like that this kind of messes with the YED kids plot, but maybe Lucifer himself didn't know that Sam was the one until he won at Cold Creek? :s

I'm sure glad that Mary and John got their minds wiped at the end, that also solves the problem of John recognizing adult!Dean from the past, the nursery warning, etc, from 4x03....even though Dean didn't seem to have made much of an impression last time, lol!

But so many things....I loved Anna appearing in Dean's dream at the beginning (haven't seen angel dream-walking lately!), and revealing Cas's betrayal of her (I do hope that we will see the reveal about his OTHER betrayal at some point), and then Cas meeting her instead of the boys (having correctly guessed her ill intent!), and acting like such a BAMF (wtf is with the swords though, why doesn't he use his more often?), and ESPECIALLY the part where he was all protective of Sam and called him his friend--awwww! :wub: I had read that it would happen in an interview and was hoping Misha was discussing this epp, and then it was it! :) Cas sure has come far, as Anna noted there....and I'm glad he finally has his priorities straight!

Then there's also Cas taking them back in time, at such great personal expense--I had seen the clip a million times, but it still hurts to see him in so much pain, and bleeding and such, and I think it's touching that he is willing to practically kill himself (he calmly said he thought it'd be worse!) to help the boys and give them the chance to save their parents and themselves, after Dean pleaded with him.....I really find his "losing his mojo and growing weaker" storyline to be interesting, although it is a little annoying to see him out of commission in some hotel room for much of the episode...:( (Though at least the boys didn't drop him behind a dumpster like in "Back to the Future" the movie, lol!)

SO many other things I loved too, I think I will make a list:

1) URIEL! God was that a fantastic, totally unexpected but wonderful surprise! :D I'm guessing that the body he was wearing was meant to be a younger version of the same vessel we saw in season 4....I thought it was interesting to have Anna call on him to help out (good callback to the fact that she was his superior then), and a real twist....although I don't know why Uriel wouldn't know only another angel could kill him, not the boys, maybe he learned that later?

I also like that Uriel said that they (angels) aren't supposed to come down on earth and take vessels--that goes along with the "2,000 years of no angels" line from 4x02.....Cas obviously didn't know about this secret little jaunt, and no other hunter/person saw and remembered except perhaps Uriel's vessel, so it's all good....

2) More BTTF references (with Cas being all Brennan and not getting any references, not even trying), and the great line, "None of those movies have even come out yet!"

3) MUSIC! When I first heard "Cherry Pie" playing I figured this episode would be epic, and then it was! xD Always nice to hear any music these days....

4) Sam discovering the 1970s ("the moustaches alone...") and his mother for the first time, making a fool of himself!

5) Anna dies! :p IN A FIRE!  Muahaha (Yeah, sorry, I'm not a big fan, so I'm glad we've seen the last of her....literal "sick burn" there!)

6) Oh and this:

Loved all the sweet and adorable interaction between the boys and Cas this week, the whump if you will, and the Sassy! :D

So yeah, in summary I absolutely adored this episode! *g*  I can't wait to watch it again, it is definitely one of the best of the season, I just haven't decided yet if it's better than 5x04 or not....certainly one of my all-time favorite epps though, I'd say!

Also although I was sad at the episode title name change at first, since I quite loved "Back to the Future II" (love the movie!), I do now also love "The Song Remains the Same," it does have a deeper meaning and nicer, more poignant ring to it....
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