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05 May 2008 @ 03:35 pm
Blast from the Past and Meyer Mania  
Lol, sorry about the cheesy titles, I can't resist....:p

Anyway, it seems like I just hop from fandom to fandom at random......one week I'm obsessing over the Tudors, the next over Jacob/Bella and Twilight--and now I've recently gotten interested in/obsessed with the Animorphs books once more--an old favorite series when I was younger, which is still enjoyable now I've realized.  With the exception of the earliest books, they are definitely mature enough writing-wise to be enjoyed by older audiences (I just reread #9 and it was fine), and from the beginning there have been mature and complex themes and questions raised in the series. 
It really is a remarkable series, made even more memorable by its controversial and utterly depressing end, which I'm now coming to appreciate as I reread and re-examine it at an older age--it's a shame that it seems to be going out of print!  I hope that the rumors of a potential movie pan out, as that would probably bring the books back into stores, where they belong....I'm just glad that I kept every single Animorphs book (in as mint condition as possible too--I'm OCD like that! ;)), and made sure to get the ones I didn't have at used book sales, since I hear some of them are really hard to find and expensive to get online these days.....though luckily with you can find them online as well now!  I've been rereading a lot of them lately, especially those books and moments dealing with my favorite couple of the series (my first ever ship, long before I heard the concept of ship!), Jake/Cassie! *points to lovely avatar by starshapedcandy of the wedding they should have had....sigh*

I was so disappointed and heart-broken when KA Appelgate (the author) broke them apart at the end, though I've come to understand it a little better now, and can just appreciate the tragedy of it, which is part and parcel with the tragedy of Jake's character arc period.  It's angst, pure and simple, along with the even angstier couple Rachel/Tobias (it doesn't often get much angstier than a girl and a bird in love with eachother, lol!)--which I still like, even if it never interested/excited me as much as Jake/Cassie (maybe because Jake is my favorite character by far, and I like Cassie better than Rachel)......I was just thinking about it the other day and it is funny how I like pretty much all the Animorphs couples (I can't think of one I dislike right now), if not love them, whereas I hate almost all the HP couples.....I suspect though that KA might just be better at romance....;) (She did publish romance novels before Animorphs....).  But that's another reason why it's fun to obsess over Animorphs at the moment.....and I dont' appear to be the only one, it seems like there are a good number of old Animorphs fans online who are getting back into the series right now....

There's even the TV show (as cheesy and bad as it often was), to use for music vids, if I can get my hands on the footage....I'm also trying to make my first fanmix for Jake/Cassie, though I have to figure out the photo-editing program first, even though I have a very simple idea in mind.....luckily it's a free program....

And speaking of Animorphs, Stephanie Meyer's new (non-Twilight) book, The Host, is coming out this Tuesday, and it has a lot of similarities with Animorphs--largely in the invading parasitic alien race that wraps itself around the hosts' brain and controls it--Yeerks anyone? :p  Still, I always loved the concept, so I'm really looking forward to the book, and will definitely be buying it tomorrow at the nearby Barnes and Noble and starting it, even if I should be doing other stuff....;)  Still, it's been a while since a long-anticipated book has been released, so I'm going to grab it when I can!  It's the first of the summer book blockbusters for me, with the next being Jacqueline Carey's much-anticipated conclusion to the second Kushiel trilogy, Kushiel's Mercy, which comes out in June....

And in a piece of unexpected, yet almost as exciting news, the teaser trailer for the "Twilight" movie has FINALLY been released! :D  I've been waiting so long for this, so eager to see how they were going to market it, and what it would look like.....it seems they're going to advertise it as a thriller, which I think is good and suits the mysterious mood of Twilight--and which will attract more viewers than a simple romance as well!

Check it out....


And last but not least, Happy Bonesday! :)  Only one more day after today I can say that until next season....*sigh*  
Looks like it will be a good episode too!  Anything with Max-related angst is usually top-notch.... 
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