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09 April 2010 @ 12:53 am
Another Home Run for Supernatural!  
I had somewhat low expectations for this episode, thinking that after as stellar an episode as last week, there was no way this episode could be nearly as good (I had been disappointed in 5x14 for instance after 5x13, 5x05 after 5x04, etc).  But SN proved me wrong, providing an episode that, while perhaps not as top-notch in caliber, was nevertheless an equally thrilling and gripping ride and all-around enjoyable episode!  I am beginning to think that this season and the Apocalypse might finally be picking up...:)

SN 5x17 Spoilers:
I thought that this was one of the most exciting and interesting apocalyptic plots yet, if not THE most....this was the first episode in which it really felt like the Apocalypse was head on, in full swing, where you could see results--after this episode I really feel like we are nearing towards the end. I loved the idea of the Whore of Babylon, and how they developed and played out that storyline, with Cas's role and everything, and then the twist with Dean at the end, and LISA showing up of all people?! Unlike others I was not so bothered by her appearance at the end, I think Dean's attitude towards her makes perfect sense, given what we've seen in past seasons, and given his impressions about Sam from the last episode. I thought it was a nice little call-back there....

Also so many other things I loved in this epp....Castiel, for one thing, from his adorable voicemail message (lol, oh Cas!) to the long-awaited appearance of Drunk!Cas (I wondered if the events of last episode would be what triggered it! I must say, I was a little wary and not sure what to think when I read that spoiler, but ultimately I think it turned out pretty well! And makes sense....though I feel sorry for the liquor store whose stock seems to have been cleaned out!). I thought Misha did a really good job in this episode, conveying Cas's depression and sorrow and disillusionment, especially in that little moment when he announces to the Pastor that he is an angel of the Lord--he sounds so weary and sad there, such a contrast to the confidence and pride in his voice when he said that same statement to Dean back in 4x01! :( My heart continues to break for him, as well as for Dean and Sam....

I also liked his interactions with both Dean and Sam in this episode. I loved seeing so much interaction between just him and Sam (finally!) and the fact that it actually seemed like they were kind of friends, for almost the first time, the way Sam was calling him, and such, giving more weight to Castiel's statement of 5x13. I am eager to see more of their alliance to stop Dean from saying yes to Michael in the next episode.

I also enjoyed his scene with Dean, when they were commiserating about their similar daddy issues, and how to cope. I wonder though if Dean giving Cas the bottle of aspirin has more significance than just helping him out--if it's the beginning of the drug addiction we see Castiel develop in the future seen in 5x04.....it would certainly be ironic if the habit that 2009!Dean was so horrified by was started inadvertently by Dean himself! In any case I think we did see the beginnings of Future!Cas in this epp, though I sure hope it never comes to that...

And Dean in this episode, my god! :( He was just so unlike himself, so down and detached and depressed....it was nice though to see Sam so gung-ho and ready to take charge, he seems to be the only fully sane one left! This season seems to be paralleling last season, with Dean rushing off to make the wrong decision while Sam tries to stop him, the opposite of season 4. I also loved Sam's heart-to-heart with Dean, telling him that he is all that keeps him going...I really hope he can get through to Dean before the end of the season.

Finally, I must say, when I first saw Dean killing the Whore of Babylon I thought it meant that in resisting the angels' plans, he was truly being a "Servant of Heaven" in doing what God really wanted, and I was all excited....so I was kind of bummed when it turned out that it only meant he had finally decided to say "yes"! Interesting that Dean broke before Sam, in that department, next week should be interesting, this epp ended on quite a cliffhanger!

So yeah, in all a great epp, and I am super excited for next week as well--100, I can't believe it! :D

Also, this....;) :p <333

And omg the promo and clips for next week....*dies* It's going to be a doozy, that's for sure!
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Wonderland: SPN AngelDevil Broslost_in_dreamz_ on April 9th, 2010 07:16 am (UTC)
There is - so much to say in response to this recap!
I agree with the good majority of everything you wrote. I too wasn't looking very forward to the episode, figured it would be filler before next week. But from the start, I was so taken by the atmosphere it established. This is the first episode where where I actually believed we were facing an apocalyptic world. The gravity and darkness of it was just present in every moment of the episode.

Lisa's appearance perfect for me. She and Ben have been that one secret hope and longing in Dean's life for something more in his life. I think perhaps that was the final thing he had to let go to position himself to say yes.

Misha was brilliant in this episode. I've always *really* liked Cas. But I think I might absolutely adore him now. To see him so broken and discouraged and weak - it broke my heart. I felt for him so much. But at the same time his interactions with Dean and Sam were just that much more poignant and real. I DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE DRUG CONNECTION. YOUR BRAIN - I AM IN AWE.

Dean and Sam. I love love love that Sam is getting back to his old self. Early Sam was my favorite character and I've missed him so much. He's really gotten his act together. And is seemingly the only straight man in all of this. Dean - I mean, the point he's reached has been built so intricately throughout the entire series. It was an inevitability. But I hate seeing him like this. As for the staking - the second Dean went for it I knew he was planning to say yes. In that moment, I'm amazed I didn't do serious harm by like, hurling a sharp heavy object at my tv. Even if I knew it was coming, the actuality was not welcome.
sherrilina: Castiel (Supernatural)sherrilina on April 12th, 2010 05:59 am (UTC)
Yeah, seriously, it's amazing how FAR from filler the episode ended up being! I really hope the groove keeps up for this Thursday, and that the 100th episode is even BETTER! :) Man, I can't wait...

I agree, even if it was just demons messing with that one corner of the US, it still seemed so much dire that time, like the end was actually near....the opening sequence was so exciting too, another action-packed and tense teaser with the Winchesters! Teasers that involve the Winchesters usually mean a good episode....and yes, I'm glad I'm not the only one who understood and liked Lisa's appearance at the end! Everyone is bitching about how random and stupid it was, but it makes perfect sense to me, based on past episodes like "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and the times we've seen Dean wishing for a normal family...

Yeah, Misha was great in this epp, and Cas was especially loveable, being so human and vulnerable these last two epps....I just want to hug him so badly! :( And I've seen even people who aren't Cas fans saying they liked him in this epp, so it's not just us! ;)

Also I love your icon! :D Though I sure hope Dean doesn't end up like that by the end of this week's epp, lol....as much as I don't want to see them say yes, I still love the idea of them having these two opposing destinies, Dean being involved in all things angelic (from being the vessel of one and raised by them to banging one, lol), while Sam is chosen by and involved with demons. It's kind of epic....