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30 April 2010 @ 02:58 am
The Latest SN and VD....  
Well I was able to watch both of my favorite shows tonight (VD haters get thee to the left, esp. if you haven't actually watched the show), and I enjoyed the VD epp more than the SN one, sorry to say....

VD 1x20

Seriously man, this show, this show!  <3333  Always so reliably good, I so hope it keeps it up through the end of the season and the next!  While I think I might have liked last week's epp a little better, especially with the D/E dance scene (though I loved when he sat on the couch, and just put her feet on his lap, and the way you could tell he liked her coming over so much! ;)), it was just SO well done, I loved the way they integrated the flashbacks into the present, like with Elena and Damon and the bars of the cell interpolated with the flashback of them putting Katherine into the coach....the flashbacks were just all excellent.  I've been wondering about this exact story for a while, it was interesting to finally learn how it all went down--I originally thought that they had already been turned before the arrest.  Though WHOAH I can't believe Stefan basically killed his father, and drank his blood, that's pretty messed up!

And I LOVED the reveal that STEFAN forced Damon to change, and that Damon didn't want to become a vampire originally, I never expected that! :O How ironic, considering how now Damon is the one who enjoys being a vampire so much more.  It really adds a new layer to the already wonderfully complex brotherly relationship--Stefan loved his brother so much, he NEEDED him to accompany him in the afterlife.  It made me think of Sam and Dean, actually, and wonder if Sam would have done the same, desperate for his beloved big brother to remain with him....I really hope that was part of why he hated him, I don't know, I don't like it ONLY being about stupid Katherine! (Why did they have to give my name to such an uber-bitch?).  In any case, a great epp, I loved also the growing partnership b/t Damon and Alaric, and Isabel appearing at the end, whoah!  Should be interesting...:)

SN 5x20


That kind of sums up my reaction to this episode, I'm afraid to say... I mean, it had some good moments, Crowley was entertaining and fun (and wow, he didn't die, shocker!), but....I just felt like the episode was kind of thrown together, it didn't flow very well, IMO, and I wasn't really happy about the YED-Jess retcon--I mean it makes sense, yes, but it was kind of unnecessary, I feel, unless they just wanted to let Sam have the chance to kill Jessica's killer, since Dean killed the YED? Still, it takes away some significance from season 2, and the neat end of finally killing the YED in AHBL II.

I was also kind of sad to see Sam so on edge and having such anger management issues again (before Brady, even!), when he was doing so well and acting so maturely these last few weeks...*sigh* Plus Dean choosing to go with a demon, leaving Sam behind, felt too much like Sam walking out of the hotel room with Ruby in the end of season 4, and I didn't like it, especially after the beginning steps towards reconciliation last week! I am glad Crowley came through in the end, but I still don't trust him at all as far as Bobby's soul is concerned, I really hope Bobby doesn't agree to anything!

Oh and give me a break, as far as the whole "we need to speed up production and distribution of this drug RIGHT NOW" thing, hello, it would still need FDA approval and several months at least, come on show! Plus a vaccine, really? Why not just put it in the water or something?!

And since when can demons teleport like that? I mean, I guess Azazel did it sort of (though I used to think the form of him walking into the nurseries was some special pure form), but we've never seen demons teleporting as much as Crowley did in this epp, usually they just escape in smoke form, like Azazel too has done several times--if he/they can just teleport at will, why leave the host like that? Why not teleport during battles more often? I guess I had thought teleporting was just an angel thing these days...

Also Sam stabbed the Impala, Dean should have some words!

Finally WHERE IS CAS?! I'm getting quite worried now, you all said he was fine after 5x18, that he just disappeared like angels always do with that sigil.....but he's still not back yet, two episodes later! *sigh* (So much for the 17 epp figure I heard way back when....)

God, only two more episodes of the season each, should be interesting!
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Agent 1.3: SN-sleepyboysllywela13 on April 30th, 2010 08:17 am (UTC)
Howdy, Sher. I agree that this episode felt a bit thrown together - I was as underwhelmed with this as last week's effort. It isn't bad, it just...isn't great, either. All of a sudden the season feels rushed, which is rather infuriation given how much time they wasted early on!

Demons have always been able to teleport. We don't usually see them do it so brazenly, but it has been implied from the very start - see Azazel's ability to vanish and thus avoid the Colt's bullet, Ruby's frequent appearing and disappearing acts, the various Crossroads demons popping up in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't make sense that they don't do it more in battle, though, you're right there!

I also noticed that Dean grumbled about blood on the upholstery but didn't say a word about Sam stabbing it!

As far as the brothers go...well, it seems that having taken that first step on the road to reconciliation in 5.18, they've kinda stopped there instead of taking all the steps that follow. And I can understand that, they do have a lot on right now, the Apocalypse is all kinds of distracting. I could come up with all kinds of meta on the various trust issues presented to us here. I'm just...really tired of analysing this stuff. I want to move on already!
revelation means nothing here: blow me Casi_rise_inside on April 30th, 2010 06:05 pm (UTC)
Gawd, you're like my mind twin or something, cuz I said almost the same things in my entry, lolol. I was so happy with the way they wrote Sam in the 100th episode, I was glad to see him finally reach that level of maturity, and now, all this anger and fury, its just negating the progress he made in that episode. Im disappointed.

Im puzzled about the teleporting too, we've seen it yes, but its strange to me, its a more of an angel thing to me now, I guess. :/

Lmao, thats awesome of you to catch that FDA approval thing! Show, I know its the apocalypse and all, but you should be more realistic!

So yeah, Im with you, the episode was pretty blah. And without Cas, no way I was ever going to be happy with it anyway.

Also I really need to catch up with VD. *hangs head in shame*
sherrilina: Castiel (Supernatural)sherrilina on May 9th, 2010 06:13 am (UTC)
Lol, ~mind twins~ for the win!

And yeah, I totally think of the teleporting as an angel thing now as well, so it was weird to see a demon doing it....(and now it will be even weirder that he can do it and not Cas, and angel! :s)

As for the FDA thing, I admit I caught that one at the SPNP party! ;) And yeah, I can be happy with a Cas-less epp, but still...it's better if I know in advance it won't have Cas in it, I hate just waiting and waiting in frustration the whole epp only for him to then not appear in the end! :(

And ooh, you watch VD as well?! :D Good to know, I always like seeing SPN fans who also watch VD, since most SPN fans are so negative about it. And yes, you do need to catch up, it's getting amazing now! Where did you last leave off?