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08 May 2010 @ 04:14 pm
Speculation about Cas and Season 6  
So last night I watched the first webepisode of  "Ghostfacers," and was thinking about that interview that said they had suppressed the Cas "Interview with an Angel" episode, already filmed, when news of the season 6 pickup struck, and I thought of something...

I'm thinking now that the reason that they did this was because this epp was going to air after this past SN epp, in which Cas has lost all of his angel mojo and is all but human--making the "Interview with an Angel" kind of outdated.  If that's the case, then I feel a little better (I worried it might be connected with Cas dying or something), but if true it also lends itself to my theory that making Cas human was a move to make him more compatible for a season 6 in which there are no angels or big mytharc or apocalypse anymore.  Because if they were originally going to air this angel interview when they didn't know if there'd be another season, it makes me think they might not have originally planned to make Cas lose *all* of his angel mojo--though I could be wrong about that too.  I am not sure how much they had planned ahead of time, but it is interesting that they originally had no problem with airing this epp, and then suddenly changed their minds when they realized they would have another season.....

In any case, while I am not sure how I feel about a human!Cas (by which I mean a powerless!Cas), if it's the only way to believably integrate him into season 6 when there is no apocalypse to be fighting, then I am all for it, anything to keep Cas and Misha on the show.  Because while I do love the show before season 4 and Cas arrived (hell, season 2 is by far my favorite season, I still have mixed feelings about season 4 overall, and I was in love with the show by "Wendigo"), now that he has been introduced I just feel like he is too much of a part of the show (like Bobby as well) to disappear now.  :s  Sam and Dean have lost so many people in their life already, I would like them to still have Cas and Bobby at least.  And if Cas is essentially stuck on Earth in his vessel, powerless, it would make sense for him to stick around in season 6, and become a hunter perhaps--he's off to a great start in the last epp, with his pwning Pestilence and that demon, and now learning how to use a gun! ;)

In any case though, I will remain somewhat anxious for Cas until the finale airs, and keep my prayer circle going! :o

God I am so nervous about the SN finale, it's my first one, it's going to be weird to not be able to immediately watch the next epp when it finishes! :p I hope it's not too much of a cliffhanger, that it is more like 2x22 and less like 1x22 or 4x22! ;)
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Mel: Supernatural - Castiel (angry)accordingtomel on May 9th, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
I like your theory. Having just watched the new episode today (OMG SO EFFING GOOD!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, BUT I'M SCARED TO GET THIS INVESTED...BECAUSE USUALLY WHEN I GET OVERLY INVESTED IN A SHOW, THAT'S WHEN IT STARTS TO DISAPPOINT ME) I can't imagine the show without Cas in it. And like you say -- Dean and Sam have lost so many people in their lives. For them to trust Cas explicitly where he's essentially in their little exclusive club (along with Bobby), it'd be a crying shame to lose yet another important person in their lives.

I will stick with your theory and am now anxiously awaiting next Thursday!! :D
sherrilina: Castiel (Supernatural)sherrilina on May 9th, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)

And yes, they are in a nice little club, the Team Free Will Club, and Cas is definitely a friend to Dean (um, minus the beat down thing) and to Sam now as well--and they don't have many friends...

And oh man am I anxious about Thursday--not just for the epp, but about whether it will even be airing on TV here or not! (This past week was preempted for fucking baseball--I had better investigate this to figure out if I can watch it at a friend's house or if I will need to stay home with a stream...).

And now that there's a chance that SPN might not come back until MIDSEASON NEXT YEAR I'm even more nervous, an extra 3 months to wait?! :o
revelation means nothing herei_rise_inside on May 10th, 2010 01:53 pm (UTC)
Hmm, I didnt know about the Ghostfacers doing an episode about Cas. I want to see this.

I will probably shoot myself if Im wrong, but I think Cas will be in S6. I know the spoilers about the finale point towards him being the one who'll bite the dust, but keeping the events of the last episode in mind, and this information about the Ghostfacers episode, I think we can expect to see Cas in S6. Your theory makes sense.

As opposed as I am to Cas turning human, I always knew he'd fit better in S6, if he did. There will be no place for angels after they wrap up this apocalypse storyline, and Ive been disillusioned with how they've wasted Cas this season, and I surely dont want another season where he's used as a plot device, with nothing much to do. I want his storyline to fit seamlessly with the brothers' and it will be possible only if he falls, or turns human.

I hate this part, the S4 finale drove me insane, and its going to happen all over again, I know it. And Im pretty sure the show will be evil and leave us with a horrid cliffhanger, maybe with Sam in the pit! D: But then we could have the next season opening with Dean and Cas trying to get Sam out. :P

I just want Misha/Cas on SPN, im desperate here!
sherrilina: Cas Cannot Die (Supernatural)sherrilina on May 11th, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
Oh I will shoot myself too, for being wrong and because NO CAS WOULD SUCK SO HARD! :(

And shhhh please don't tell me or hint at any spoilers to me, I am a spoiler virgin, I haven't even seen the second clip, I wanted to go in unspoiled to this...;)

And yeah, even with the Apocalypse I do think he's been underused (like what the hell was up with 5x15, surely he would have been handy to call and help with the zombie?!), I just realized from the panel at the Aus con that he was only in TWO more episodes this season than last season, which as a regular is so absurd! (Esp. when many of the appearances were so short). I think I need to rewatch season 4 this summer, among other things....

Lol yes, D and C working to get Sammy back would be good! We at least know Sam WILL be coming back, b/c of season 6, so I'm not as worried on the boys' behalf! More worried for Cas, Bobby, Chuck, etc! :( And god, imagine if the show doesn't come back until midseason?! Even worse....and this is my first one! :(

But yeah, listening to the Misha panels from last weekend confirmed it for me ever stronger--I need this man to still be on the show!
bagelsvswaffles: Castybagelsvswaffles on May 17th, 2010 10:16 am (UTC)
Having seen the finale, I still think Cas can be used. Like, while the angel/apocalypse stoyline is over, there's still the fact that Cas has bonded with Sam, Dean, and Bobby. Like, It'd make sense for him to pop-in as much as it makes sense for Bobby to still pop-in.

I can picture some great stuff, like, Cas popping in on Sam, Dean, and Bobby. Checking to see where their heads are at in the premiere, especially, since the trio has gone their separate ways.

Also, with Cas being "new sheriff in town" and the fact that I'm sure Sam, Dean, and Bobby will be dealing with the aftermath of the apocalypse, I could see Casty lending a hand with that, since he cares. I could defiantly see him righting some wrongs, helping clean up the mess.
sherrilina: Castiel (Supernatural)sherrilina on May 17th, 2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Casty
Yes, of course he has bonded with them, so I would indeed hope that he'd pop by to see them and help them out still, even with the apocalypse over--perhaps with humorous results, if he popped in at awkward times or surprised them, lol....though I suppose they would have to be careful that he wasn't used as a deus ex machina (or angel ex machina? :p) to save the boys too much.

I'm still waiting with baited breath for the announcement that Misha is coming back next season though, and won't rest easy until I hear he will be. In any case though, I'm sure he won't appear often enough for my liking, but oh well!