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06 June 2010 @ 01:39 am
Thoughts on Spirit Bound  
So several weeks ago (pretty much two days after I bought the book on 5/18) I finished reading the latest Vampire Academy book, Spirit Bound, and I wanted to give my thoughts on it here, late as they are.  (I have been really busy, and still am, but am procrastinating right now anyway! ;)).  Spoilers below, obviously....


What a book....I loved that it gripped you from the beginning (page 1, with that letter, unf!), and really didn't let up until the end! I really did NOT expect Dimitri to be already saved in this book, let alone so early on in the book, and nor did I ever expect for the Queen to be murdered and Rose on trial....I guess that explains what the next book will be about, since I thought Dimitri being returned to dhampir form would only happen in the last book....

I also did not realize that Rose was in such danger and trouble when it came to her future, it never occurred to me that she might not even get a bodyguard job! :o Or of course that she might be executed, but that's another issue entirely....she's right though, there's no way she would leave her stake in the body, give me a break, are these Moroi morons or what?! *rolleyes*

I found the horrible new age 16 decree to be fascinating as well, I really love that Mead has created this whole, fleshed-out world that has some serious problems of race and class and prejudice and power imbalance, and I can't wait to see where this goes....

I did not realize it would take Christian and Lissa so long to get back together (I assumed they'd be together already by the beginning of this book!), but I'm glad they finally did, about time!

And as for Rose....IDEK what to hope for in her love life.  I really began to like and ship R/D by the end of SK, and found them to be really epic in BP, but I've also always enjoyed A/R's interactions, and I actually was pleasantly surprised by their relationship here--I thought she was MUCH more into him than I thought would be the case, and showed a lot more commitment to her relationship with Adrian than I ever expected to see.  They had so much chemistry and really did work nicely together as a couple, and especially with Dimitri being such a dumbass about not seeing Rose (it's obvious he still cares for her, jeez, and she obviously forgives you!)... I was also flipping out at the almost!A/R sex scene as well, it was SO hot!  I was kind of sad the condom issue cock-blocked them, though the blood-sucking thing was a pretty good substitute, and VERY interesting--I mean, this is the first time she's ever let a Moroi boy drink from her, I think that's pretty big....

I'm just really torn, I love both R/D and R/A, though I think in this book I began to root for R/A more.  Adrian is my favorite character (a conviction only strengthened in this book), and his love and concern for Rose in Spirit Bound was just so touching and sweet....<3333  I think there is even the smallest possibility of A/R, which I didn't think before; it's all very murky, and I love that Mead has created such a strong love triangle in this series (in the Georgina books there really isn't one, there is only one true love interest for her). A triangle that I can't find myself taking strong sides on, unlike most (such as Edward/Bella/Jacob or Stefan/Elena/Damon).  I kind of want to change my icon though, lol, I am not sure having an R/D one is so appropriate anymore....

Is it December yet? :)

OH and after reading the book, I'm thinking that IS supposed to be Adrian on the cover! ;) I always thought it looked like him, and they were the ones doing most of the kissing in the book.....I remember feeling wary at first at the thought, when I first saw the cover, but now I am very content with that fact!

Also, one regret: I wish that we had had a scene of Tanya and Rose talking together about their mutual experiences of seeing loved ones turned into Strigoi--I think it would have been interesting and emotional....(I actually asked Mead when I saw her during her Blood Promise tour about whether Tanya would be in book 5 with this in mind, so I was disappointed when the scene didn't transpire).

Anyone else here read it?
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