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28 June 2010 @ 12:37 am
True Blood Season 3 Beginning  
So I keep meaning to post here about True Blood season 3, and I might as well catch up and do so now! This year marks the first year where I am able to watch every episode live on TV, which is awesome.

While I was pretty lukewarm about the season premiere, things have definitely picked up since then...Here are my thoughts about each of the first three epps.

TB 3x01

I was pretty "meh" about this episode, to be honest. I think I enjoyed the season 2 premiere much more. I didn't find myself that wowed or excited, and was kind of like, "that's it?" at the end (although the ending was quite abrupt!). *shrug*

I wasn't fond of how they introduced Eric, first of all. It just didn't seem all that sexy to me, more like they gave Eric crude Jason!Sex duty, and made him look extra douchey in doing so--Ball's anti-Eric bias showing through again, and not great for E/S development, IMO....:s I also didn't like Tara's parts, I remarked to my friend at one point, "Can Tara please be interesting again now?" *sigh* I know she has suffered a trauma, but she was so pathetic and boring last season too...I did love seeing the return of Lafay's "pizazz" though, his interactions with Tara's mom were especially wonderful, lol!

I also still hate the Queen--she continued to come off as nothing more than an obnoxious brat with barely anything regal about her. Yes, she bullied Eric and showed she was more powerful, but I feel it could have been done in a more regal way--like not screeching like a 2-year old having a tantrum, or like a Regina-esque teen. I was especially pissed off that she is possibly getting Eric in mortal trouble with the V thing. So yeah, I was not fond of her scenes either.....it was interesting though how different her attitude towards finding Bill is from the books, the fact that she did not care and preferred him dead! At least we also finally found out why on earth she is selling her own blood....the Magistrar thing confused me though, I didn't realize he was above her, authority-wise...

I did like Jason's part, where he saw the bullet holes in the foreheads of the girls and couldn't get it up, I thought that was well done, and enjoyed his funny dumb self--and that he didn't even realize how serial killer he sounded when he told the girls about seeing bullet holes in their heads, lol!

I also liked Hoyt's storyline, he was as adorable and "awww" worthy as ever (getting a haircut and saying he thought he looked badass, aww!), I was so sad when Jessica hung up on him (though I understand why), and he DOES look like a puppy (as the women said), so I loved that part too! I sure hope he and Jessica can patch things up, they are still the cutest couple ever...

And Jessica if you plan to turn someone, you should have done the blood thing earlier! Or if you don't want to kill someone, don't attack them like that! *rolleyes* This should be an interesting storyline as well...

Finally Sam's bit was intriguing, does anyone else think that the Tommy he met at the gas station was really the one he was looking for, and possibly lying?

Also why didn't Bill drink the blood of his dead captors, who deserved it, rather than preying on little old ladies?!  Come on BEEL!

TB 3x02

Unlike last week, I absolutely LOVED this episode! <3333  I found myself gripped and interested nearly every minute, and there were so many outstanding moments, and so many parts that made me just remember why I love so many of the characters. Like Terry, with his little list about why Arlene should trust him with the kids, including the baby armadillo thing (awww!), or LayFay dissing Tara's mother or showing her how he has been caring for his own mother, or Pam ("Let's go stare at ourselves in the mirror," lmao!), or Jason being so loveably stupid but good-hearted with his sister (I used to hate him so much, I'm glad I can enjoy his character now!), or Sookie's utterly hilarious BEEL impression, or Eric's overall epic win and humor this epp.

Because Ball very much made up for last week with this week's treatment of Eric, which did show him in a much more positive light, while maintaining his delicious humor (like when he said, "You're going to invite me in, so I can protect you, or have passionate primal sex with you. How about both?").  He really did seem to care deeply about Sookie, it was sweet, and they did seem more on an Eric/Sookie track with this epps, I loved all of their scenes together, and she finally invited him in! :D

I found it interesting to finally learn the story of Lafayette's mother (I've long kind of wondered about her, where she was), and thought that part was really sad and touching, and I hope it drove home the point in stupid Tara!  I also LOVED the King of Mississippi, he is just SO much fun to watch and well done, and unlike Sophie-Anne (whose absence also probably helped me enjoy this episode better, lol), HE seems to understand what it means to be a vampire monarch and regal (can you imagine him shrieking and throwing himself at Bill when Bill was refusing him?  I think not!).  Talbot was so hilarious as well, with his OCD about decorating and interest in cooking (he could be Peter the OCD vampire from the Georgina Kincaid books!), the sorbet especially cracked me up! :p  <s>Cromwell</s> Franklin Mott was equally delightful, I'm so glad he got to keep his sexy British accent for this role, and I wonder why he is so interested in Bill Compton?  I liked how they showed his feet searching the house, and later showed his shoes so you knew it was him! 

So in all, an excellent episode! :D  And with some nice surprise!Godric to boot!  More Eric!flashbacks please, they always rock...

TB 3x03

So wow, WTF was that ending?! :s  EW BEEL, way to be nasty!  This brings a whole new definition of "twisted" sex....I was really surprised that they actually had Bill sleep with Lorena like in the books, I mean DAMN, SAINT BEEL CHEATED!  Had sex with Lorena WITHOUT her commanding him to do so, and in such a vulgar, disgusting way too!   I mean, it's not Trunk!Rape, but it's still icky.  This is definitely good for Eric/Sookie! :D I can't wait to see the fallout of it...

I have to say though, I actually enjoyed Lorena in this epp, I didn't find her annoying anymore....maybe because her eyebrows were more normal this time, lol?  I liked the flashbacks with Bill's family (I didn't realize he had visited his wife again!  He seemed to imply in earlier seasons that he was never able to see his family again...), and how they tied into the current Sookie storyline, and influenced him to forget about Sookie.  And lol at that white Samifer-style suit he was wearing when he talked to the King....I wonder how he will get out of this new oath of fealty, if at all?  In any case I would so rather work for him than for a spoiled, bratty, crazy bitch like Sophie-Anne!  The King of Mississippi continues to be made of awesome...

And OMG I *LOVE* Franklin Mott! I mean, I loved that actor as Cromwell in The Tudors, and I love him about as much as Mott here (so glad he got to keep his hot English accent too! ). He was so fun in this episode, and badass, and I love how he got that info out of Jessica, and got Tara to invite him in--although jeez Sookie, why would you let Tara stay in your house alone AGAIN after what happened last time?!  Also I hope that with the burial of Eggs, we can bury that boring, stale part of the storyline, because ugh, Eggs so isn't worth all of this angsting...: /  Can't wait to see more about Franklin though, I wonder if he's working for the Mississippi King?

Eric and Pam were also wonderful in this epp, I loved Eric helping Sookie bury the body and walking her back, and worrying about her, and his priceless conversation with Lafayette (glad to see he's being more reasonable about the blood selling thing!).  And Pam finally getting some and then discussing the "hypothetical hardware store" and the "theoretical chainsaw"! :p  She really does match the book's description of Pam's "bored" voice to a tee.

Alcide was quite hot (at last we meet!), though I was a little underwhelmed by the bar that seems to be Club Dead--I liked it better as a supernatural bar, not just a werewolf bar.  Oh well, maybe I'll like it better next epp...I also feel so bad for Terry now that it's NOT his baby Arlene is carrying, he seems so excited too! :(

So overall I didn't like this epp as much as last week's (there were some boring-ish or slow bits this time around, like with the werewolf bar or Sam's family, ugh--he is in trouble now), but still lots of good, and better than the premiere!

In other news, my mom picked up Wolf Hall from the library on a 21 day loan, and I promptly stole it from her and began to read it (since I keep hearing such great things about it!). Hopefully I'll find time to read it before it's due, it's such a thick book...
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Steph: Alexandervengefulspirit on June 28th, 2010 04:44 am (UTC)
I *just* finished watching 3x03. That ending! HOLY CRAP LoL I was like :O the whole time. I haven't read the books, so yeah, wasn't expecting that. However, like you said, this just looks even better for Eric/Sookie and I am perfectly fine with that :D

Also I hope that with the burial of Eggs, we can bury that boring, stale part of the storyline, because ugh, Eggs so isn't worth all of this angsting...: /

I TOTALLY agree. I hated that whole storyline last season and I still hate it now that he's dead. So. boring. I've hated Tara since Season 2 and tonight I finally starting liking her a little bit better now that she's got this new storyline with Franklin.
sherrilina: Eric (True Blood)sherrilina on June 29th, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
Lol well it's not like there was twisty head sex in the book either lol, that was HBO's own special ~twist~ to the Bill/Lorena sex! (Derp derp). The trunk!rape is pretty bad too, but I don't think they'll include that on the show.....though I am surprised that Ball had his precious Saint BEEL even go this far!

And lol, glad I'm not the only one who was done with the Eggs storyline when it began! ;) The Franklin storyline is almost entirely new (in the books it's like, "Sookie sees Tara at the special supe bar with a vampire named Franklin....they are going out. The end!" Or at least as far as this book is concerned...And Franklin was very different as well. So I am also intrigued as to where that story is going to go, I like what I see so far though! (I love that actor so much too from "
The Tudors," since he was killed off last season it's nice to be able to still get a fix of him! xD).