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29 June 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Thoughts on the end of Bones season 5  
So I finally caught up on the last few episodes of Bones season 5. Here are my thoughts…

The class reunion epp was genuinely creepy (I kind of loved what a creeper Mr. Buxley was, and how much Brennan loved him, though I find it hard to believe he’d be employed all that time given the kinds of stuff he did!), and I LOVED the appearance of both an urban legend/ghost and MAGIC FINGERS in the motel! xD And Booth pretending NOT to be an FBI agent and asking questions under a false pretext….Dean would approve! ;) Another Supernatural Bones epp…it seems at this point the easiest way for this show to interest me is by throwing in SN references!

In the witch episode (which because of the crappy VCR in my basement, I viewed pretty much all in black and white) I LOVED all of the Angela/Hodgins stuff, it’s about damn time they got them back together, and that they married! Two long-anticipated weddings this season in all then, among my shows, when you factor in GG as well…now THEY HAD BETTER STAY TOGETHER FOREVER NOW, got it writers?! Breaking up in the beginning of season 4 over the flimsiest pretext ever was bad enough, and now it’s been two whole seasons since that time, so they better be done messing around…..at this point Angela/Hodgins is the most interesting part of the show sadly….

The Gravedigger epp was pretty intense, I was actually torn as to whether they would convict her or not, even though I figured they would want the good guys to win….I still find her as the gravedigger to be super lame though, I really wonder who the gravedigger was originally supposed to be before they decided to extend the storyline (I think it was the author myself)—supposedly they released this info in an early episode summary (which wouldn’t entirely surprise me, since the iTunes description for “Headless Witch in the Woods” totally gave away the murderer as I recall, to my annoyance), anyone here see that summary? I also liked seeing Max again.

As for the finale though, which I’ve heard so much about, I didn’t find it horrendously bad, so much as just boring. Besides the Hodgins and Mr. Adventure (lol) car-stealing parts (how random was that though?), I thought the whole thing was so dull. Maybe after 106 episodes I’m just getting tired of these cases, or maybe it’s just that this show has become so tired, that the character interaction is no longer interesting enough to spice up the case (since as a general rule I don’t like procedurals, like Dean, and only enjoy Bones for the character stuff on the side).

The Brennan going off to Indonesia thing seemed pretty reasonable and in-character, but Booth being called to serve in Afghanistan at the EXACT SAME TIME?! *rolleyes* Surreee….and then Angela and Hodgins leaving for Paris for a year too?! Like they really are all going to be able to just get their jobs back afterwards? Come on….(And poor Cam too, they just left her all alone then? I hope next season we find her going steady with that cute gynecologist!). Plus the heavy-handed right-wing politics of Fox shining through the show (as it does from time to time—one of the show’s biggest pitfalls for me) with the whole military/Afghanistan thing was also so eyeroll-worthy.

And once again, we end a finale with Booth and Brennan STILL not together. *sigh* If the writers are really not going to put them together before the end of the show, then they REALLY need to end the show soon—like next season! Because while they are afraid that putting them together will ruin the show, I feel that dragging things out so much and so artificially, as they have been doing, is having exactly the same ruinous effect. At this point, it’s now almost soap operatic and just cheesy, rather than genuine and touching as B/B moments used to be back in the glory days of the show. I mean I do still get a little thrill out of moments like when they finally opened up about their true feelings in 5x16, or when they held hands in the finale, but mostly I am just TIRED of it all. :(

So in summary, a pretty blah ending to a very meh season. I really wish this show would just END already, after next season, not only for the B/B reason listed above, but because I still feel obligated to watch out of old loyalty, but with so much great TV out there I have yet to see, I don’t really want to spend much more time on Bones. :s It’s kind of sad for me, I mean I remember when it was an “on the bubble” show, and each renewal was an exciting triumph….I never thought I’d be rooting for it to get the sack! But ironically by the time it became a safe standby for Fox, it’s no longer worth renewing…/rant

In other news, tonight I will be seeing Eclipse at midnight with beaksy13 . Hopefully it will be a good crowd that laughs and catcalls at all the right (ie wrong) moments! :p

Also woot for España's victory over Portugal and advancement to the Quarter Finals in the World Cup today! xD I hope they can make it even further....this is the first time I have ever gotten remotely invested in the World Cup, or followed games and such, I'm learning so much...

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Michelle: hmm... bonesseramercury on June 30th, 2010 10:47 am (UTC)
First, I have to say that I always think of Supernatural with this show too. That and X-Files at times. LOL!!

Think the reunion and Gravedigger episodes were my favorites of the back half of the season. You're so right about the Angela/Hodgins thing. I don't get the break up only to get back together thing at all.

As for the finale, I did enjoy it, but you're right it was a bit boring at times. Dude, I loved the stealing car part too! LMAO!!

I wish they would just put B/B together too! Come on guys! I mean I know Brennan has more emotions than a freaking toothpick!

As for Booth being called to active duty, I have to ask why. He's retired and I know when they say "jump" it's usually answered "how high", but really? Right when Brennan is leaving?

Now it makes me wonder if one of them is going to go missing or something (which is what I would do if I was writing it, LOL). :p

sherrilina: Booth/Brennan (Bones)sherrilina on July 1st, 2010 02:38 am (UTC)
Lol well with that one epp that played the X-Files music, I think it'd be impossible NOT to think of that show! :p But yeah, I do really wonder if someone on the writing staff has seen SN, because it just seems like too many references to be a coincidence--the rock salt gun, the magic fingers, the angels...

And yeah, I don't even want to think about how inconsistent and unrealistic Brennan's emotional development has been....*rolleyes*

And I guess it's because the writers will contrive to suit their purpose! As for next year though, I assume that the show will jump, and I hear that they might not be alone when they meet up...*rolleyes* Wonderful.
Alison_artanis_ on June 30th, 2010 03:03 pm (UTC)
After that ridiculous retcon, I couldn't watch this show anymore, although I saw the reunion ep with my mom (who's a big fan) and I thought it was cute.
sherrilina: Brennan (Bones)sherrilina on July 1st, 2010 02:33 am (UTC)
Yeah, I kind of want to give it up, but I have this sense of loyalty that won't let me quit easily...I just hope it gets canceled after this season though! Your mom is a big fan though? Lol, my mom doesn't like the show much (she sees it when my parents tape it for me sometimes), she says the characters are all so self-absorbed, and she especially dislikes Angela! :p

The reunion episode was cute, though the murderer/motive was pretty WTF...