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12 May 2008 @ 10:37 pm
CBS is the Anti-Christ....  
If they cancel Moonlight!  I can't believe the show is in that much trouble and so close to cancellation--everyone has been so optimistic and positive these last few weeks, and the ratings have remained decent, especially for Friday nights (hello, not a popular night!) among the coveted 18-49 demographic.....I've almost been lulled into a sense of security with all the positive news, and this is quite a nasty and unwelcome shock! If they don't renew Moonlight.....I don't know what I'll do!  Even 13 episodes (the only hope it seems) is too few, and midseason is so far away.....stupid producers and money issues!  >:(

I can't believe they would even think of "retooling" it either--what the hell, these last few episodes have been INCREDIBLE--some of the best yet! They're on such a roll, clearly the fill-in showrunners are more than up to the task! I don't want Moonlight to go in a new direction from the awesome one it's already on.....it also pisses me off that they're getting pilots for new, more expensive shows, and then are thinking of ditching a less expensive popular (coveted demo-winning) show over MONEY issues!  I'm just disgusted.....if they cancel Moonlight, I couldn't care less about the network--it's the only CBS show I watch....

Why, why why?! *pulls hair out and screams* This show is just too f*cking good to go, and it's not like it doesn't have a devoted fanbase!  (Do the People's Choice Awards mean NOTHING to you people?!)  This is just ridiculous....CBS sure doesn't know a good thing when it has it!

*sigh* At least I'll have Bones and Gossip Girl (confirmed today!) next year.....but I'll be devastated to not have Moonlight as well!  :(
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