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29 July 2010 @ 09:21 pm
True Blood 3x06  
Well after a long delay thanks to arriving late home Sunday night from a trip and then having the power knocked out until Tuesday thanks to a stupid storm, and being busy Tuesday night, I only got a chance to watch the most recent TB episode last night, and had some thoughts about it....

I didn't like this episode as much as last week, although I did like the slow-mo opener, and there were many exciting moments to be sure....

First off, Franklin! :( I mean, I know what he did to Tara was awful, but I just loved his adorable crazyness...."You didn't notice I shaved!" and his skily white PJs....I was all, "Noooooo!" when she bashed his head in (plus GROSS and also there's an axe right there, WTF?!). I hope he can heal from that sufficiently, because if he's back I want his regular face, not a gruesome mess!

Speaking of gruesome, was anyone else really, really squicked by the shot of Tara pulling/ripping Franklin's skin away from his neck?! It still makes me feel queasy just thinking about it, EW EW EW! :s I found that worse than the Lorena-Exorcist head!twist! And why was Tara drinking his blood, to get all hopped up and stronger a la Sam Winchester?

Tara was more badass in this epp, definitely (I did enjoy the almonds bitch-out, which really did remind me of her in season 1), but I guess I was too squicked out by most of her scenes this epp to enjoy her much! Too much blood in this epp, on all counts...

Was anyone else actualy bored by the Jesus/Lafay storyline? I mean, I'm all for LaFay getting some action, and it was very sweet last epp, but this time around I just found it awkward and slow and I didn't think they had much chemistry..

For once the Queen's appearance in an episode didn't bother me so much--I actually enjoyed her character for once in the scene with the scratch card, and then we got to see her smacked around and getting told! :p I really loved Eric pouncing on that bitch (seriously, she sets him and Pam up, wow, she sure is a great ruler and leader! *rolleyes* Ugh), and getting back at her for what she had done to him and Pam....I wish he had twisted her head off! And while Russell is now on my shit list for what he did to Eric's dad, I did LOVE him giving her that verbal smackdown--he is SO right, as I've always said, and as I say again after this epp, she is no true queen by any means!

I was also glad to finally get some answers about Sam's family--I can't believe they send their own kid to fight as a PITBULL! I mean, why can't they get a real dog to do it?! And why would the mother go along with it herself so many years, why would she want to be with someone who uses her like that? He's never abandoned you because you're his meal ticket!

Finally, I sure hope Eric's behavior towards Sookie in this epp was all an act. I was very annoyed to see that on the Eric/Sookie front, we seem to have gone 2 steps forward and 4 steps back! :rollyes: Here I finally thought we were making progress both on the E/S positive end, and on the B/S negative end, but now she's still waxing poetic about her luurve for Bill more than ever, and is hating on Eric! *rolleyes* I am wondering if anything short of (book 3 spoilers, highlight the blank section to read) the trunk!rape (assuming they do it, which I doubted, but then again they did mention getting a car just now, and Debbie is around...) is going to get her to stop caring about Bill so much, or if the truth will do it....she did seem rather alarmed when she saw all the stuff BEEL had on her...*sigh* Stupid Ball....

I did think it was interesting to show Lorena so unwilling to hurt Bill, so hung up on him and torturing herself in torturing him.....it does make her a more fully rounded character, and is one good change from the book (I never fully understood her motivations there). It also makes sense now why she is torturing him for the King, since they've eliminated the book reasons for doing so...

Next week looks intense though! What did you all think then?

In any case, I have been much more satisfied with this season thus far than I was with last season, since there's no annoying and overwhelming Maryann plotline...On a more random note, I also have been liking the end credit music better this season than any other!
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Steph: George Mitchellvengefulspirit on July 30th, 2010 01:36 am (UTC)
(plus GROSS and also there's an axe right there, WTF?!)

RIGHT?? LOL That's exactly what I said! I would've went for the ax and just cut his head off LOL I'm going to miss Franklin's crazy though :(

I actually liked Tara in this episode because of the fact that she was being a BAMF for once. I usually don't like her.

I was just as happy to see something happen with the Sam/Family storyline because it was starting to get old, but now that they're finally getting into it, I'm liking it better.

I was sooo upset about how Eric was acting toward Sookie. I really hope it was an act because they were headed toward where I wanted them to go, and like you said, they just took 2 steps back.

The Lorena thing was really good for me because I've always HATED her character but seeing her genuinely upset for having to hurt Bill, it made me sympathize with her a little for once.

I, too, like this season a lot better than the last. I despised the Maryann storyline and couldn't wait for it to be over.
sherrilina: Eric (True Blood)sherrilina on July 30th, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
Oh, I don't think we've seen the end of Franklin...I feel there may be a reason the writers had her only bash his head in (which he *might* still be able to recover from?) rather than fatally behead him....or I hope so, because I will miss Franklin's crazy as well!

And I used to like Tara in season 1, then disliked her/found her so irritating in season 2, and in the beginning of season 3, but now she is growing on me...I loved her "I can't eat flowers!" scene last week, and she was badass and seemed to have more of her old spark in her in the recent epp. But ew, the blood the blood...I think it made me enjoy her parts less! :( (It's really trying, to find blood squicky when all your favorite TV shows are horror! :p)

And yeah, I was already ready for Maryann to be done in season 1! :(
quamquam20: alcide & sookiequamquam20 on July 30th, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
Tara biting Franklin was revolting and made me want to wear a turtleneck for a month so nobody could get to my neck. And the head bashing was... conflicting. I wanted to cheer her on for being a badass, but I was also kind of sad :( I really like Franklin as a character, as messed up as he is.

I think the strange E/S and B/S dynamic might have been because Alan Ball wrote the episode. He tends to write E/S really weird, imo. Although I don't know if Eric was acting as much as he was trying to convince himself.

And I've got my hopes up for that scene from the book involving the car. That needs to happen, as awful as it is.

I'm really enjoying this season so far, and it gets better every week.
sherrilina: Eric (True Blood)sherrilina on July 30th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC)
Yeah, for whatever reason I've always been particularly sensitive about necks and squicked out by injuries to them (well besides just normal vampire biting)--like I had trouble handling "Sweeney Todd"....just, ew! :s I know what you mean about Franklin, he's a sick bastard but I still love him and his adorably craziness...:(

And yeah, when I heard that Ball had written the episode I wondered if that might indeed explain the "three steps back" for E/S and "two steps forward" for B/S, not to mention Bill's uber-heroics, given Ball's inexplicable (to me at least, after reading the books) BEEL bias...a bias that makes me fear that car scene won't happen....*sigh* Though it does need to, at this point, especially thanks to how Ball has portrayed him...
Stephvengefulspirit on July 30th, 2010 06:08 am (UTC)
I didn't think vampires could be killed that way...I thought they had to be staked, set on fire or have their head cut off, so you may be right. It wouldn't surprise me.