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17 May 2008 @ 12:19 am
Moonlight Doesn't Disappoint, But Goes Out With a Bang!  


What a fantastic finale!!!  My spoilerific review....

I was so scared for a minute there, when Beth told Mick she couldn't be with him anymore and he walked away--I mean, knowing this could be the last epp, it'd be so awful for the series to end that way, if the unthinkable happened and it wasn't picked up.....thank goodness they were smart, and didn't leave M/B apart, I would have killed them if they did....which is why I'm glad it was Joel Silver and not freaking Joss Whedon at the helm there! :p  Definitely better than how VM ended!  Yeah for responsible producers!

I wanted to cry there at the end, when Beth asked him what she wore the first time they met....oh man, I think that may be my favorite scene of the series, certainly the most beautiful and emotional, SO well done! :D I still want to cry at the thought, I think I might be tearing up  now, I CAN remember her walking through the fountain....yay Mick for remembering!  And for going back dammit! xD  I just re-watched the scene from the pilot, and Mick got it right! The only question is how Beth remembers what the hell SHE was wearing...:p

And lol, I wonder if they intentionally had that Billy D commercial, given the later Lando ref? :p So funny....that and these lines:

"I just got smacked in the face by a sacred ass paddle...."
"But this is so awkward....you know I love awkward!"
"I want to be Lando Calrisean!"
"I guess it's not a fourth date then..."

GREAT mix of humor and drama and emotion (but then it usually is!).  I LOVED the Ocean's Eleven-style final caper, so great to see all the vamps working together--Logan out of his basement, Guillermo out of the morgue!  Plus the whole "secret vampire society" thing is one of my favorite aspects of the show, and the fact that this whole episode revolved around it....AWESOME!  Loved their secret meeting, and how they were talking about escaping and stuff....LOVE IT!

Man, this show BETTER get picked up, it's too damn good....and I want to know who's killing off vamps! Gah!  Great cliffhanger....IF WE HAVE ANOTHER SEASON TO EXPLORE IT IN!  Otherwise it's annoying...

Still, it was an AMAZING finale--started off a bit slow, but then....wow! I was so scared for a second there, that they'd end broken up, and my heart bleed, but then they didn't....because they're awesome like that! Thank goodness....

This is definitely one of my favorite epps, if not my favorite....certainly one of my fave endings, and the best M/B moment EVER! Yay for them having resolution!  I was so scared from the horrible promo....(talk about lame!)

So yeah FANTASTIC SEASON finale--I refuse to believe it's the series finale, I still have hope! (It can't die, it just can't!)

Definitely an improvement over last week, though even that epp wasn't too bad....and it was TOTALLY worth selling my theater tickets for tonight in order to watch live! ;) Not disappointing at all....a great finale either way! (Though please let it not be the series finale!

Also at 5 pm PST at least CW and Silver (ML Producer) were still negotiating about a possible Moonlight pickup, so focus there, though Sci-Fi and USA are still potential bets you shouldn't forget yet either! There's still hope guys, keep on fighting! 

If it doesn't though....DAMN YOU CBS!!! *shakes fist* It's too good to go....

And with the end of Moonlight there, this was the last time I will be watching CBS--here are my parting words, ironically the lyrics of the song used in the final ML promos, but which are extremely appropriate:

"No, we're not gonna waste another moment in this [network]....
And we won't come back...
We'll leave the past in the past,
Gonna find the future.
If misery loves [your] company well,
So long, you'll miss me when I'm gone."

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