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02 September 2010 @ 08:04 pm
TV Meme Day 22  
TV Meme:

Day 01 – A show that should never have been canceled. (Moonlight)
Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching. (Aguila Roja)
Day 03 – Your favorite new show (aired this TV season). (The Vampire Diaries)
Day 04 – Your favorite show ever (Angel)
Day 05 – A show you hate (American Idol)
Day 06 – Favorite episode of your favorite TV show ("Birthday" from Angel)
Day 07 – Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show  ("The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" from Angel)
Day 08 – A show everyone should watch (Supernatural)
Day 09 – Best scene ever (Epic Topher/Claire Scene in 2x01 from Dollhouse)
Day 10 – A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving (Dollhouse)
Day 11 – A show that disappointed you (Merlin)
Day 12 – An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times ("The Dragon's Call" from Merlin)
Day 13 – Favorite childhood show (Wishbone)
Day 14 – Favorite male character (Dean Winchester)
Day 15 – Favorite female character (Cordelia Chase, Morgana)
Day 16 – Your guilty pleasure show (Gossip Girl)
Day 17 – Favorite miniseries (The Mists of Avalon)
Day 18 – Favorite title sequence (The Tudors)
Day 19 – Best TV show cast (Angel and Supernatural)
Day 20 – Favorite kiss (Logan/Veronica's first kiss from Veronica Mars)
Day 21 – Favorite ship (Cordy/Angel from Angel)
Day 22 – Favorite series finale

Day 23 – Most annoying character
Day 24 – Best quote
Day 25 – A show you plan on watching (old or new)
Day 26 – OMG WTF? Season finale
Day 27 – Best pilot episode
Day 28 – First TV show obsession
Day 29 – Current TV show obsession
Day 30 – Saddest character death show cast

Day 22 – Favorite series finale:

"Sonata" (Moonlight)

To be honest I haven't seen all that many series finales, and of those I have seen there are usually some kind of flaws or problems that make it hard to say they are a favorite. I did really love the The Tudors series finale I recently saw, but I think that the Moonlight finale is still my favorite, especially considering that it was made before they even knew whether they were canceled or not--making its quality all that much more impressive! I'd say it's my favorite episode of the series, which I can't say of any other series finale I've seen yet...

It was just so well done, both in the exciting plotline that brought together all the wonderful vampire society we had met over the course of the show (I loved seeing Logan and Guillermo and Josef and the Cleaner all together at Mick's place having a meeting and planning that heist, as well as it's execution) and dealt with the whole "dangers of exposure of the vampire society" storyline I enjoyed so much, and in its lovely and sweet resolution of the Mick/Beth romantic storyline. I was SO relieved when Mick went back for her, and loved the scene when he is able to recount exactly what she was wearing that day, and when they kiss! :)  And the memorable use of the song "Love Remains the Same" too...Gah!  Such a happy ending for them, very satisfying....that was in fact the most satisfying finale of the season for me, of all my shows! I gave up Jersey Boy tickets to see this episode live, and I don't regret it for a moment...

There was the one loose end with the list of vampire names, but since I have read what was planned fro that storyline since it doesn't bother me so much (since it's not a mystery anymore), and I loved the excitement it brought. (Plus the list of names is really lulzy if you look closely at it, all the random names included of famous people, and the fact that it's a small section repeated over and over again!) :p This finale just had it all--excitement, emotions, drama, humor (especially Logan with his "Leeroy Jenkins!" and "Can my code name be "Lando Calrissian?"). Even the title was just perfect, especially for a finale (though it took me an embarrassingly long time and some YouTube surfing for clips from the Moonlight epp Sonata to 'get it,' lol)...This episode made me happy, because it was so satisfying, but it also made me sad and angrier at CBS than ever for cutting short such a wonderful show when it still had so much potential...*sigh*

Also, I know everyone else is saying it too, but please don't cross-post any content from my journal to Facebook or Twitter...hopefully LJ will get rid of this stupid and invasive feature soon, but until then...:(
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Current Music: "Love Remains the Same" by Gavin Rossdale
withviolets: tv:gg:blair:not amused.withviolets on September 3rd, 2010 12:16 am (UTC)
*Glares at cbs*
Nice new header, btw :).
sherrilina: Arthur/Morgana 3 (Merlin)sherrilina on September 3rd, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
IKR? :(

And thanks! :D I saw it and couldn't resist, figure it's in time for season 3 too! ;)
Steph: David Tennantvengefulspirit on September 3rd, 2010 01:53 am (UTC)

I loved that finale, too. I was really happy to finally see some resolution with the Mick and Beth storyline and that it was a SATISFYING ending for them. *sigh*

I'm still holding onto Alex O'Loughlin LoL I watched Three Rivers while it was on even though it was HORRIBLE, just for him. I'm planning on watching Hawaii Five-O when it starts, too, for him (and for Daniel Dae Kim from Lost). I really hope this one is the one for him, the one that doesn't get cancelled.

Btw, did you know that David Tennant dated Sophia Myles (Beth) for awhile after she appeared in Doctor Who? /random trivia I've picked up LOL I was watching some of David's video diaries from Doctor Who and she was on set with him in one of them.
sherrilina: Mick/Beth (Moonlight)sherrilina on September 3rd, 2010 04:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, much as I love Alex, I just don't care much for procedurals (Bones was my one exception, but I always watched for the character stuff rather than the mysteries anyway, and I'm bored with the show now as it is), and I still hate CBS (and have too many shows to watch anyway), so I won't be watching his new show, though I wish him the best of luck with it...and if CBS cancels AGAIN on him then I hope his contract with the evil bastards ends soon so that he can move to a different network that appreciates his talent.

And no, I didn't know that, heh! I did hear he dated his "daughter" Georgia Moffet though, lol....and so since you watched ML first as well I assume you too were all "Zomg it's Beth?" When you watched "The Girl in the Fireplace"? :D
Steph: David & Mattvengefulspirit on September 3rd, 2010 10:45 pm (UTC)
Yep, he's still dating Georgia Moffet, I believe. It's a little weird since she played his daughter LOL

And yes, when I saw her in "The Girl in the Fireplace," I was like, "BETH!!" LOL I knew she was from over there, so it didn't surprise me too much that she had a role on there. From watching a lot of behind-the-scenes and interviews from British TV, I've noticed that a ton of the guest stars from Doctor Who are really well-known/successful over there even though I've never heard of any of them LoL
sherrilina: 9/Rose (Doctor Who)sherrilina on September 3rd, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
Lol, lucky Georgia Moffet then! :p I first saw her in a guest role on Merlin...it's also kind of weird for him to be dating her though given that she's the daughter of the fifth Doctor (truly "the Doctor's Daughter" lol), Tennant's favorite Doctor--he's like dating the daughter of one of his childhood heroes!

Nice icon! In other news, I just finished "The Waters of Mars"....and am hoping my DL of EoT part 2 (since I only have the disc for Part 1 and stupid Netflix doesn't stream it!) will finish in time, and work okay....O_o
Steph: David Tennantvengefulspirit on September 4th, 2010 12:09 am (UTC)
Yeah I heard that about Georgia. I read some interview where David was talking about having dinner with her and her dad when they first started dating and how strange it was at first LOL

What did you think of "The Waters of Mars"? It was okay for me, but not great.
sherrilina: 9/Rose (Doctor Who)sherrilina on September 4th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
Well they sure have the best story..."we met when she played my daughter on TV!" It's even stranger than Jared's "I helped kill my wife on TV!" story....actors! :p (God I can't stop looking at your icon, he's so QT! :D)

THANK YOU! I saw people saying such praise about it, but I wasn't overly impressed by it either. I think I enjoyed "Planet of the Dead" more to be honest (Easter Egg excitement/contraption, sunglasses, Michelle Ryan, fanboy...love it!). But then again "oh noes we're in the future and we're all trapped on some spaceship or spacestation with something evil pursuing us on board killing us one by one" storylines have never been my favorite--"42" was my least favorite of season 3, and I was not overly fond of "The Impossible Planet" either (or "Out of Gas" on Firefly, lol). And the ending...IDK, it was just weird.

I don't get the laws of time though, I have to say. 9 made such a BIG DEAL about how you couldn't save even just one person like Rose's dad--and the universe began to collapse when she did--but then in season 4 he's saving that family from Pompeii, and here he's saving that crew....where are the big dragony time creatures now? :s Why wasn't saving those people a problem?
Steph: David Tennant Winkvengefulspirit on September 4th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC)
(God I can't stop looking at your icon, he's so QT! :D)

I know, right?? LOL Whenever I watch an interview or something with him, I can't stop smiling LOL

I don't understand the time laws either, for the same reasons. I always thought him saving that family in Pompeii would've changed a LOT, but I guess not. But then, in "The Waters of Mars," he saved those crew people, even though the Captain killed herself, and it actually puts a lot of things in motion. On the commentary, they talked about how that was the moment when The Doctor realized he was in trouble.
Iz: ArMor 2amaranthine3 on September 3rd, 2010 10:18 am (UTC)
You know, your entry made me realise that I never really got the chance to watch this finale 0.o I wasn't home when they showed it here and then some other things needed my attention and I eventually forgot. But I was really sad when some time later I read that they dropped the series after only 1 season :/. I agree that it had so much potential, great storyline and amazing characters, I loved it. I remember when I decided to give it a go and watch the first episode and then I just knew that I'll watch next episodes too when I heard "My Immortal" at the end of it :D.
sherrilina: Mick/Beth (Moonlight)sherrilina on September 3rd, 2010 01:06 pm (UTC)
Aw really? :( You should definitely try to watch it, like on sidereel or something (choose a Megavideo link if possible), it's such a great epp, and of course the end...

I didn't realize you loved Moonlight, another interest in common! :). I didn't like the first epp all that much actually, but then it got so much better, fast. I do like Evanescence though, I saw her in concert once and it was amazing...
Iz: ArMor 2amaranthine3 on September 3rd, 2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
It's one of the best shows I've watched :D. And I really want to see this episode but I think it would be better to re-watch the whole season and then see the finale :). I think I'll do it during Christmas break ^^
And yep, another thing in common! I also love ATS but just like Moonlight I haven't watched it in years so my love for those shows (and some other too) is in a way dormant :). I liked the first episode and it made me curious but this song in particular made me watch more (I know that's a weird reason but I just love music too much xD).
And wow, you saw her live!! You're so lucky! :D
sherrilina: Cordy/Angel (Angel)sherrilina on September 3rd, 2010 05:01 pm (UTC)
Ah yes, a full rewatch beforehand would be better! :) After I got the DVD I rewatched it al the way through twice within a month with two different friends...

Ah yes, I know what you mean about ATS, I recently revived some of my interest in the show by watching reruns on TV in the mornings while eating breakfast (it's the only thing bearable about having to get up so early for work, lol). Though right now they're showing season 5 and I just have no interest in watching, it's all so boring and blah...:s