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19 May 2008 @ 08:07 pm
The Writers of Bones need to DIE plsthnx!!!!  

What the hell?! Why did you DO that?!  Why did you have to RUIN the show?!

Now I will never be able to watch Zack in the same way again!  He is just as important as every other character, he is integral to the show! and he is integral to the show and cast! He was so cute singing last week....dammit!  I have to say this is almost a "jump-the-shark"-worthy level of badness.....it is absurd to ruin a character and remove him from the show just for freaking shock value! I am UTTERLY disgusted by the Bones writers, and have lots a huge portion of my love for this show--because a big part of my love is named Zack, and without him, a big part of the show WILL die!  And I thought him going to Iraq would be bad....this is a hundred times worst! :(

I can't believe the writers were so foolish.....I am so furious with them right now! Almost as furious as I am with CBS....which is a LOT!

Plus the episode itself just SUCKED! I mean, Booth's fake death? Please! And it was so chaotic and incomprehensible.....

What a terrible way to go out for the season....>:
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Alison_artanis_ on May 20th, 2008 05:47 am (UTC)
It was bad. That was two really bad ones in a row.
sherrilinasherrilina on May 20th, 2008 06:22 am (UTC)
I don't think last week's was really bad though--I liked how that crazy lady was all attracted to Booth (awk!) and how Brennan shot the b*tch, and all the singing--including, *sniffle*, Zackarotti! :( --and I can really identify with the murderer after being unable to sleep in Sunday morning b/c of a certain person freaking SINGING really loudly next door, with her door open! *grr* ;)

This week though....ugh! Even the bath scene was major contrived awk, the kind I hate, like when they kept saying "anus" in that "Man in the Mud" epp....the only really good line was when Sweets sarcastically said "oh I forgot, I also slipped into the vault and stole the skeleton because I'm Gormagon's apprentice!" :p
sherrilinasherrilina on May 21st, 2008 05:55 am (UTC)
New theory...
I've actually heard an interesting new theory about the last episode which, as crazy as it is, actually makes more sense than Zack suddenly being Gormagon's apprentice or that episode being real--which just shows how utterly ridiculous the whole episode was, from beginning to end! *rolleyes:

"A. so many people used the word 'dreamlike', 'surreal' or equivalents to describe the season finale. I was originally totally opposed to the idea that it's all a dream but...

B. in the episode discusssion and after starting the thread on why the episode was all wrong (please note: this was not a thread on 'why I hated the episode' but one on what didn't ring plausible) I noticed that the number of plotlines, gross mis-characterisation of the team etc was ridiculously high. It's too much!

1. It would make sense that Booth and Brennan's relationship lacks depth. Now we know why: Zack isn't capable of understanding their relationship and in his dream it's a bit 'off'.

2. The bathtub scene would also make sense (thanks to whoever suggested that): this is how Zack imagines Booth (beer-guzzling, cigar-smoking, comic-book-reading macho guy), not how Booth sees himself.

3. The affection Brennan displays for Zack but not for Booth: many people thought it was odd that she displays more emotion for Zack than for Booth. But of course it would make sense if this is what Zack wishes for, to be important to her, more than Booth and/or other people.

4. Ok, this one is the most difficult to explain: why would Zack dream of himself as Gormogon's accomplice? And the answer is... because since he's made a mistake in Verdict in the Story he's terrified of making another one (the mistake was a big blow to his ego, since he likes to see himself as infallible). So he dreams (i.e. has a nightmare) about making a huge mistake on the Gormogon case...

5. The story with his being somewhat traumatised in Iraq (as it was brought out by some people on this thread) would also fit in.

6. The final scene where all pay a tribute to Zack would also make sense: it's from his perspective, how he would like to be seen by the people he works with. Also, this would explain the 'King of the lab' thing that many people noticed. We never ever see him actually win the competition with Hodgins, so I guess iit would be that he realises his wish in the dream.

7. So if he is indeed in hospital in season 4, then it's not because he's Gormogon's apprentice, but because he's had some sort of mental health problem that he needs to deal with and the character will disappear temporarily from the show."

I also heard from careful viewers that there were 5 clocks in Booth's bathroom--something weird to be sure....