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12 September 2010 @ 02:37 am
Merlin season 3 begins with a bang!  
OMG.  Guys, I think I'm actually excited about Merlin again....that premiere was just AMAZING! <3333  God is it fantastic to be into this show again....I was internally squeeing like a maniac pretty much the whole time! :D

Okay so to qualify, yes, I am still pissed that they went this route with Morgana, making her so unconditionally evil so quickly and with so little development, it does feel somewhat OOC to me still, especially her seeming disregard for Arthur and her smirking at Uther's pain and while killing that guard....cuz yeah, I don't believe the old true Morgana could ever see someone suffering like that and be so utterly unconflicted. *rolleyes*  Even in 2x12 we saw her look totally conflicted and torn as she stared at Uther with the sword in her hand.  But at this point, I guess I have given up on the writers on that point, and I'm just thrilled to see my bb getting some decent screen-time again, not to mention actually INTERACTING with people, like ARTHUR--I loved seeing Arthur actually give a damn about Morgana again, not to mention their first physical interaction ever (him pulling her onto his lap, unf!)--it's nice that the writers finally seemed to have remembered they did have a relationship (whether or not it was romantic)! :)

My shipper heart was squeeing even harder though at the INSANE amount of Uther/Morgana....Where to begin with the squee?  His grim determination to find her no matter how many men died, no matter how impossible the quest seemed?  His wanting to rush in and see her? (I'm surprised he listened to Gauis and didn't just go in to see her anyway, he's the effing king!)  His "Fuck the grain stores, MORGANA IS HERE, LEAVE US!" (lol) attitude and their heartwarming reunion complete with his tears and his fervently kissing her hand? (I don't care if she was pretending, it looked real and was certainly all real on his end!  And in vids it will look real).  His being DRUNK WITH HAPPINESS about her return (I was pretty drunk with happiness during this scene myself, lol) and this heartwarming/breaking little speech (liquid courage, lol!):

"I would have searched the entire world.  The sea, the skies, the stars...for that smile.  To have it stolen from me was like a blade to my heart.  Morgana...there are no words.  You mean more to me than you will ever know."'

Just, gah!  And then they played the music!!!  The beautiful Morgana feast theme that they need to put on the damn soundtrack, as it's legit my favorite music on the show...we haven't heard it since season 1, so I was thrilled to have it back, and it underscored the emotion in the scene perfectly...So yeah, obviously Morgana is not showing much love towards Uther, but I still couldn't help but squee like mad during this epp because of Uther and his obvious mad love for Morgana (I mean, he's said similar things before, like in 2x03 when he said that if Morgana were to die a huge part of him would die with her, and his speech to her in 1x12, but the emotion and tears and hugs in these scenes take the cake).  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: she is his sweetest downfall...he loved her first.

One MAJOR concern though that hmsharmony  brought to my mind is that his distracted little "indeed" in the scene with Gauis while discussing Gorlois might be a sign that Uther had been talking about himself with the "inherited a lot from her father", and that he is really her father...this would be quite a disturbing thought indeed, both on a "what an illogical retcon that goes so much against all of the show's canon thus far and the legend" level and more importantly on a "way to kill my favorite ship forever" level...O_o  I DO NOT WANT MY SHIP TO BE KILLED BY A STUPID RETCON DAMMIT!  >:(  I must admit, this thought has made me really nervous and not quite as excited about the rest of the season as I was initially...because god, I don't think I could forgive the Merlin writers for that one, it would be worse than what happened to Arthur/Morgana, maybe even worse than what happened to Morgana....*grabs hair*

BUT ANYWAY, back to the squee....I also just loved the plot in general of this episode, it's definitely one of the more interesting ones, much deeper and darker and more tense than the usual Merlin fare.  I LOVED seeing Uther's psychological torment (the kid was especially creepy, it felt like a DW image even), and Arthur's angst about him and possibly becoming regent (a storyline I didn't even think of).  I had no idea that this would be continuing beyond one epp, but I really love that it did, now THIS is the kind of storyline that merits a two-parter...we had just better see Gorlois as one of Uther's guilty hallucinations next epp (because I REALLY want to meet him, and this is the only way since they don't do flashbacks on the show), although now I'm nervous that if we do it will be a horrible reveal about Morgana's parentage...*sigh*

I also loved seeing Merlin squirm about Morgana telling Uther about the poisoning (AS WELL HE SHOULD DAMMIT)--it was a nice bit of that elusive "continuity" thing--and I loved that Morgana finally realized her was following her (about time!)...I also liked that those same creatures from 2x03 appeared to kill Merlin, another bit of shocking ~continuity~ from the writers....IDK what is going to happen though with Merlin able to tell Gauis about Evil!Morgana...and stupid wishywashy dragon being Merlin's ally now.

Finally, LOVED Morgause and Cenred, they had lots of chemistry (seriously, their interaction was more sizzling than any we've seen yet, even AMor), and Cenred is much younger hotter than I ever expected when we first heard about him in season 2...so all those parts were also wonderful.

In short, a VERY exciting, intense, and epic episode with lots of action and good character moments and interactions, even though there were some serious flaws as well.  But on the balance I very much enjoyed it (and have already rewatched certain scenes several times), it is already a favorite episode of mine I think, and I'd say that with the exception of "Sins of the Father" perhaps it was certainly better than all of season 2 put together.  So it's an improvement on season 2 at least, and it's rekindled a lot of my interest in the show, so yay for that...

So between this and the badass VD premiere, this TV season is off to a promising start so far...:)  2 for 2!
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Agent 1.3: BH-Mitchellllywela13 on September 12th, 2010 07:20 am (UTC)
They certainly started the new season at a gallop!
sherrilina: Mitch/Annie (Being Human)sherrilina on September 13th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Indeed! And hello Aidan Turner...is that icon of him in BH or Desperate Romantics?
Agent 1.3: BH-Mitchellllywela13 on September 13th, 2010 05:04 am (UTC)
This would be BH - turns out I don't have any Merlin icons currently!

Really must invest some time in a big icon reshuffle. One day...
sherrilina: Arthur/Chicken (Merlin)sherrilina on September 13th, 2010 05:09 am (UTC)
Lol, yeah, I have too many Merlin icons...I need to do a reshuffle myself soon so I can add an extra DW icon!

Satavaisa: callensunsatavaisa on September 12th, 2010 10:13 am (UTC)
I'm so glad that you're excited about Merlin again :)
I was completely histerical after watching the episode ^^
I never expected so much intensity & action in the first episodes, but i'm totally LOVING IT!! XDDDDD
sherrilina: Dean Smilie (Supernatural)sherrilina on September 13th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
I know, it was definitely the most action-packed and dramatic/emotionally intense season premiere thus far! :D I think it helped that it was a two-parter, that they could focus on making the storyline epic and fleshing it out and have it be something big to build up to, rather than something small enough to wrap up within one episode...
Forgotten memories: Merlin • Morgana • Two sidesblue_emotion on September 12th, 2010 10:26 am (UTC)
he "inherited a lot from her father", and that he is really her father...this would be quite a disturbing thought indeed, both on a "what an illogical retcon that goes so much against all of the show's canon thus far and the legend" level and more importantly on a "way to kill my favorite ship forever" level...O_o I DO NOT WANT MY SHIP TO BE KILLED BY A STUPID RETCON DAMMIT! >:( I must admit, this thought has made me really nervous and not quite as excited about the rest of the season as I was initially...because god, I don't think I could forgive the Merlin writers for that one, it would be worse than what happened to Arthur/Morgana, maybe even worse than what happened to Morgana....*grabs hair*

I'd never even considered that! I was thinking it'd be a plot device involving the fact that maybe Uther knew about Gorlois magic and, when it is put to hum Morgana might have magic he'd be forced to believe it or something. And I still have a crack theory that Uther hand a hand in Gorlois' death haha, so I thought it might having been an opening for that storyline. It's been a year, has Morgause told Morgana Uther played a hand in their father's death to completely turn her? Is that why she's SO commited to her path now?. Yeah, I'll put my conspiracy theory away now lol!
sherrilina: Uther/Morgana (Merlin)sherrilina on September 13th, 2010 05:41 am (UTC)
Well I sure prefer that theory, obviously! ;) IT DOES MAKE SENSE....I mean, I remember back in 2x08 when we learned that Morgause was her sister by Gorlois and obviously had magic too, I thought, "Okay so it has to be from the father, unless Gorlois only liked to sleep with magical women...how did Uther not know about this?!" I had wondered if he had suspected/known Morgana must have magic too if her half-sister (and prob. Gorlois) did...though I figured he could always rationalize it away as only Morgause's mother had it. In any case though, MAYBE THAT IS THE SECRET!

IDK though if Uther had more of a hand in G's death than what we know already (not providing the backup), they seem to be portrayed as being blood brothers/BFFs in this version, IDK if I can see him killing him...he sure seemed torn up about Gorlois! Morgause could have been telling her though about how Uther possibly wanted her dead as a baby...we still need to learn that whole backstory.

Oh and I love the new icon hun! :) Did you make that before or after the Good/Bad banner?
ladysophiekitty: Morgana hoodladysophiekitty on September 12th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
Hey, don't worry about it!

I always ship Arthur/Morgana, whether they're related or not. Foster siblings, half siblings, aunt and nephew, I don't care. (they're also the only ship I can say that for)

I was mostly mocking all the "OMG SHE'S EVIL!" things they did. Evil smirk every 5 seconds, shifty eyes, LET'S PULL UP MY HOOD AND BE ALL SWISHY, ~dramatic music

But I missed my girl. ALSO! NEW DRESSES! <3 Last season she seemed to wear the same 2 dresses all the time! The green one and the silvery one. Both are pretty, but it's nice to have something new.
sherrilina: Arthur and Morgaine (Mists of Avalon)sherrilina on September 13th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
Lol, I am not too worried about whether they are half-siblings either, it hasn't stopped me from shipping them before (like in MoA), but siblings are one thing, father/daughter is another...:s So if they were siblings I'd sure hope Ygraine was the shared parent...

I heard that Katie didn't think it was necessary to do the smirk that often but the writers were all "WE NEED TO HAMMER IN THAT SHE'S EVIL NOW". I did miss her too though, it was SO good to see her so much on screen, and I did love the new dresses, which are more vibrant than last season--love the purple cloak with the trailing sleeves, and LOVE the bright red dress! :) *is not shallow at all*
Jenniferhmsharmony on September 13th, 2010 05:31 pm (UTC)
I am so, so thrilled that you enjoyed this episode. Seriously, just THRILLED. I think it was much more important for this episode to please you than for it to please me. I mean I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but I think you enjoyed it more. And yay! After suffering through S2 you deserve it. I, on the other hand, have been happy for a while, so I can take a so-so ep. =P

LOVED Morgause and Cenred

GYAH. THIS. A bit freaked out that it's Martha's fiancé playing Cenred, but holy hell, THE CHEMISTRY. asdfghjkl;
sherrilina: 9/Rose (Doctor Who)sherrilina on September 13th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you bb! :)

And wait, CENRED WAS MARTHA'S DOCTOR FIANCEE?! :o OMG, I had no idea...I didn't recognize him at all! Heh...he had more chemistry with Morgause than he ever did with Martha I wonder what ever happened to him anyway...I suppose he might have died in the whole "Stolen Earth" thing, that Martha didn't necessarily dump him for Mickey...

I am please though at yet another act of Merlin-DW actor incest! :p
Jenniferhmsharmony on September 14th, 2010 12:03 am (UTC)
Yep, yep -- that's him! AND IDEK. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM? It's never addressed, is it? SADNESS. He was cute. I mean I like Mickey, too, and I can see how it would've happened what with them both wanting to save the world (and hey, they both were a victim of the epic love between the Doctor and Rose -- BONDING MATERIAL), but it was a BIT too convenient (guess they didn't have enough time to have Mickey on his own? Though I don't see why they couldn't be working together and NOT romantically involved...).
sherrilina: 9/Rose (Doctor Who)sherrilina on September 14th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Lol, I actually really like Mickey/Martha, because I have SO much fun imagining the conversations they would have about the Doctor and Rose! :p Seriously, M/M just totally intrigues me and sparks my imagination in a way no other pairing with a stranger or practical stranger (in the case of her doctor finacee) could...like, when I watch or think about early Doctor/Rose/Mickey, I imagine what Martha would think of him and the three of them back then, and vice versa for early Martha/Doctor scenes. As you say, they've both been victims of the epic love that is D/R, both were the ones who were left behind, so to speak, and I think they could definitely find common ground to bond on. And you also have Mickey once again with a girl who loves the Doctor, and Martha with another guy who loved Rose...I think they would be able to understand each other better than other people. They know all about the Doctor, can relate, but also do their own thing...
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [gwtw] the birththedoingofit on September 14th, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
I agree: I'm a little sad that Morgana is so irredeemably evil (it feels a little like Stockholm Syndrome, actually...) and that some of her character has been sacrificed in the writers' attempts to make her Definitely Bad.

And YES YES YES to Morgana and Arthur's interaction. LOVED it. I want to see more of Morgana and Gwen, though: I wonder if she's going to end up alienating her entirely?

that he is really her father
O.o CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?? I sort of feel like it's the kind of bomb that the writers would drop, too... Bah.

Cenred is much younger hotter
BAHAHAHAAA! I KNOW, RIGHT?? I definitely want to see more Morgause and Cenred too... :o)

I'd like to see Morgana and Morgause interacting more as equals - I almost can't decide if Morgause feels like she's dispensable or not! Thoughts?
sherrilina: Morgana (Merlin)sherrilina on September 14th, 2010 07:18 pm (UTC)
I'd like to see Morgana and Morgause interacting more as equals - I almost can't decide if Morgause feels like she's dispensable or not! Thoughts?

I don't think Morgause thinks she's dispensible, otherwise she wouldn't have called off her attack on Camelot in 2x12 in order to save her from the poison...and I heard from someone who attended a screening of the first two epps (they were shown together apparently, it's a two-parter) that you can really tell in the second epp that Morgana and Morgause are crazy about each other, or something like that...still though, she does seem rather like Morgause's errand girl at the moment, and I'd like to see her using magic on her own--I hope Morgause taught her...