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13 September 2010 @ 01:13 am
True Blood Season 3 Finale...  
Well it was certainly better than last season's uber fail of a finale, but I still wasn't overly impressed...

I did LOVE LOVE LOVE that scene at the end when Eric (still looking ridiculously hot while covered in concrete, lol) FINALLY reveals the truth about BEEL Lying Liar that Lies Compton to Sookie (BOTH parts!), and then when Sookie uninvites Bill and we get to see him blowing around like a windsock from her door! :p ABOUT DAMN TIME! I'm finally convinced that Bill/Sookie is over with, and I'm so relieved about it...the nerve of Bill too, backstabbing Eric into the concrete trying to take him out, then trying to have Pam murdered?! Eric is one thing, but PAM? THAT IS NEVER OKAY BEEL! >:( And his ridiculous justifications to Sookie too for it...just ugh! (Eric was about to sacrifice his own life to take out the Russell threat, you really think he's going to go after Sookie?). Eric appearing right then out of nowhere saying, "Did you know..." was just GENIUS! :D

I love that Eric was SO done with Bill and his games and was just putting it all out there....I also love that he obviously didn't tell Sookie earlier because he didn't want to hurt her, but after Bill's stupid attempt to silence him, he had no choice. You could tell that he did regret hurting Sookie with the information, which I appreciated...Sookie may be mad at him as the messenger right now, but I think that she will get over it soon enough. She certainly seemed to care for Eric when she learned he was going to kill himself out in the sun (loved Pam's teary watching in that scene too), and when she heard what Bill had done. I'm also glad he didn't push it with her, but the way he came forward up close right before he left...unf! I love Eric's intensity...:) In short, the E/S-shipper in me (and B/S and BEEL hater) was VERY pleased and satisfied with this part of the epp, though I still can't believe what Bill did to Eric and Pam...FUUU BEEL!

The rest was so WTF though...From the super cheesy Jesus!Glowy!Godric (who didn't serve much of a purpose besides looking ridiculous) to Calvin getting shot (I guess they already made him so different from the books anyway, it doesn't matter if he dies now) and Jason inheriting 20 meth-heads to take care of, to Sam shooting his brother (god have they just totally ruined his character, FUUU writers! >:( ), to Tara overreacting ridiculously to Sam's revelation and then giving herself the worst haircut ever, to Lettie Mae's affair, to Sookie seeing the chandelier UFO and getting abducted by fairies at the end, to Bill vs. Sophie-Anne's battle royale (as much as I hate Bill, I think I hate Sophie-Anne more--I hate what they've done with her on the show--so I'd be thrilled if she died at the beginning of next season, or even better if they just killed each other! :p  Though I know that's not going to happen). And as much as I want to like Alcide/Sookie, since I like the actor here and A/S in the books, I just don't think they work well on the show here. Their one little scene was just awkward, and not in a good way...

On another more positive note Jessica/Hoyt were adorable as always (he proposed to her! <333 He wants to live with her! He stood up against his mother and everyone for her! <333), though I'm seriously worried about them now, between Maxine getting that gun and one of Summer's creepy dolls lying around J/H's new flat...O_o And I want to hug Terry forever, loved hearing about the armadillo again...:) The intervention scene with Hoyt was also pretty funny.

But in short, a pretty meh and lackluster finale aside from a few moments, without much major closure or many serious cliffhangers, though at least there were some pretty satisfying moments, and it was better than last season's finale...I'm not sure what to think of season 3 overall, I think on the whole I liked it better than season 2 (no horribly annoying Maryann storyline that bored me half the time), but IDK...I don't like the direction Sam is going in, for instance, among other things. Hopefully season 4 will be better.

It's good TB has now ended for the season, considering all my shows that are now starting up for the fall season!  Also, against my better judgment, I just joined audiopineapple's latest land comm, bbcland, since I've managed to already get myself hooked on 3 BBC shows with more to come.  We'll have to see how it goes...:p
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Steph: J2vengefulspirit on September 13th, 2010 07:16 am (UTC)
First of all, I love that you used Terry's armadillo quote for your cut LOL

BEEL Lying Liar that Lies Compton

That's totally his name from now on, forever LOL I actually DON'T think Bill/Sookie is over with, though. Alan Ball loves them WAY too much to end them for good. I just don't see it ever happening :/ I'm still really angry at Bill for even thinking about taking Eric AND PAM out like that. Effing bastard. I lost any trace of respect for him that I had left. IDGAF about any of his "justifiable reasons" for doing it. That isn't just the E/S shipper in me talking, thats just me talking because I didn't think Bill would go that low. I'm glad Eric told Sookie the truth about him, even if she is mad at him for it. I'm just glad she knows the truth.

super cheesy Jesus!Glowy!Godric

LOL It WAS cheesy, but I *love* Godric, so I didn't care. I wasn't very happy about him trying to talk Eric out of killing Russell though.

I actually loved what they did with Jason tonight LOL They HAD been ruining his character, but I feel like letting him take care of those people will help him and give him something that he's wanted, which is a purpose. Just my opinion LOL

Tara's reaction to Sam being a shapeshifter...ugh. Being a shapeshifter is not that big of a deal compared to the vampires and werewolfs. It's not like Sam uses it to hurt people whatsoever. Blah. I'm over Tara's character. She can stay gone.

And as much as I want to like Alcide/Sookie, since I like the actor here and A/S in the books, I just don't think they work well on the show here.

I'm kind of the opposite on this one, which seems to be happening a lot in this comment, but it's okay LOL During that one scene on Sookie's porch that they had a few episodes back, when Alcide was leaving, I felt more chemistry between those two than I'd felt between she and Bill in a LONG time (which is funny since Anna and Stephen are married LOL), and I loved their scene tonight, too. IDK LOL

I'm very worried about Jessica and Hoyt. I don't think anything good will happen with them in Season 4, it's too good right now, and Maxine has that gun, so who knows -_- Why can't the writers just leave those two alone?

Season 3 was so...meh, to me. Parts of it were really great, but the majority of it, I could've done without it.
sherrilina: Eric (True Blood)sherrilina on September 14th, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)
Lol what can I say, Terry/Armadillo 4 eva! :p Especially since Arlene doesn't really deserve him anyway...

I'm kind of the opposite on this one, which seems to be happening a lot in this comment, but it's okay LOL

Lol I didn't think you were disagreeing that much here! ;) And yeah, well I guess it's just one of those things, sometimes perception of chemistry is subjective...I want to see chemistry there though! Maybe it'll get better next season...I love the guy they cast as Alcide, he's perfect as far as what I picture from the books!

And yeah, I guess maybe I'm being overly optimistic about B/S being over, but at least this was a major blow and it should be over for the time being...I don't think she and him will be having sex in the next epp a la their first "break up" this season...(though NGL for a horrified second I thought she was running to his house at the end and I was going to rage so hard until it was clear this wasn't the case!).

And yeah, Jessica/Hoyt are the best, I wish they'd let them just be happy for a little bit at least! :( I want to watch them be cute together some more in peace...

IDEK with this season, because I disliked so much of season 2 as well...and the beginning of season 1. *sigh* For much of the season I was thinking it was better than the last season, but then...I'd have to rewatch I think. Which would require me to find my goddamn season 2 DVD...*facepalm* (It's missing along with my external HDs and other stuff, and I'm leaving the country in a week...O_o)
Stephvengefulspirit on September 14th, 2010 04:31 am (UTC)
(though NGL for a horrified second I thought she was running to his house at the end and I was going to rage so hard until it was clear this wasn't the case!).

I thought that, too! LOL I was like, "Oh, you are KIDDING me." LOL