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21 May 2008 @ 10:09 pm
My First Fanart!  

So instead of doing laundry, I've been playing around with GIMP and making my first forays into fanart....today I did the cover for a fanmix I'm working on (I'll post it when I've figured out the zip music file part), and *squee* my first banner set! :D  It's for the upcoming fantasy novel Kushiel's Mercy (coming June 12!) by my favorite author at the moment, Jacqueline Carey (who is now actually on Facebook, where I friended her!  Very cool!), part of the second "Kushiel's Legacy" trilogy, which focuses on Imriel (a character introduced in the last book of the first trilogy, Kushiel's Avatar, though he was technically born in the second book), though that's his true love Sidonie in the banner set. ;)  I'm pretty pleased with how the banner (below) and avatar (above) turned out!  Now I just have to figure out fonts and blending and all that.....:P

In other news, I'm pissed at both the writers of Gossip Girl (review of the finale to follow later) AND Bones (only the Moonlight writers are still in my good graces!), though I'm MUCH angrier at the stupid Bones writers--who have done much more permanent damage in the finale than the GG writers did.....>:(

I think I'm just going to pretend that
it's all Zack's dream (there are certainly enough plot holes, OOC moments, and inconsistencies for this to make more sense than it being real!), that's the only way for me to be able to watch old episodes and still enjoy Zack in them, and to not utterly hate the show right now! :(  Fanwanking is freedom....:p

However a recent interview with idiot extraordinaire and sometime Bones show creator Hart Hanson dims my hopes.....this is what I had to say to two of his most moronic and grating quotes however (warning, rant ahead!):

"[Laughs] The first thing you do, of course, is be delighted they are tossing any words around. They're responding, which is what you want. The really bad response would have been silence."

So people now disliking a show they once loved and thinking that it's jumped the shark (as many seriously do) is a GOOD thing that you wanted?! *rolleyes*

Well congrats Hart! You have ruined "Bones" once and for all (even past epps are ruined now) and clearly have lazy, sloppy writers! For the first time ever I'm NOT really looking forward to the next season, or seeing any more of your show, even with the London thing! Happy?! Got any more crack ideas to turn away viewers?

"you want an audience to know that you're not "in a box," that anything can happen."

Well gee, maybe in season 4 Jesus could descend from the sky in a fiery chariot, Brennan could get a sparkly live unicorn named Franky for a pet, and Cam can turn into a fish--since ANYTHING can happen, right?!  *rolleyes*

The finale was so riddled with plot holes, inconsistencies, unrealistic OOC details, and utterly sloppy writing that you might as well introduce such elements. Booth already has super-healing powers to be running around with a mere bandaid 2 weeks after getting shot in the chest, and Zack must have some kind of shape-shifting power since the guy who killed the lobbyist earlier in the season does NOT look like Zack! Then there are things like Sweets giving a TELEVISED press conference about Gormagon (hello, when on earth do they do that during an investigation or show bodies on the news?!), Booth having a record player in his bathroom (as well as FIVE clocks, a beer hat, and a cigar--both of which are quite OOC)....

Honestly, the theory that this is all Zack's dream makes more sense (and explains all these plot holes and OOC moments, like Zack having been made permanent KOTL when we NEVER see that happen!) than this actually happening--and when that's the case you KNOW you have some truly god-awful writing there!
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