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24 May 2008 @ 09:18 pm
Finally Finished The Host!!!!  
And man was it incredible!  I honestly could not put it down Thursday night, and read it for almost 9 hours straight....and then spent today finishing it off! ;)  It's slow to get into in the beginning, but once you get in a certain way it really grips you and is hard to stop reading!  I definitely like it better than the Twilight series, though there are some stylistic similarities IMO, especially in how she writes the romances.....

In any case, it's highly recommended, especially if you love sci-fi!  Even with its similarities to Animorphs and the Yeerks, it was an original enough future world that Meyer created, and I found the situations created in it to be very interesting and exciting, not to mention compelling.  I also loooove some of the characters, relationships in this one! :D

Here's a "The Host" related friending meme I answered that shows some of my thoughts about the Host, plus other commentaries....

Name/NickName: Sherrilina (my name online at least)

The Host or Twilight? (Why?): DEFINITELY "The Host"--I think it's much more mature and interesting and well-written, though I do think there are still some problems and striking similarities of style with the Twilight series, particularly in the way the romances were written....

Ships you support: Wanda/Ian ftw! Seriously, I am so in love with this ship, it really made the book for me, even though I was accidentally spoiled about it from the beginning!

Ships you dislike: Freaking Wanda/Jared--ugh! I never found it to be convincing, and it's so shallow and annoying, especially when the worthier Ian was there, loving her! I just wanted to scream at her "WAKE UP AND SMELL THE IAN!"

Favorite Character(s): Ian, Ian, and Ian! Just kidding, though he's my fave by far, I also love Jaime and Jeb, and Wanderer and Melanie, though Wanderer bugged me sometimes (no pun intended!)

Least Favorite Character(s): Jared was very annoying at times, and Sharon/Maggie were always annoying (get over yourselves! I really wanted to see Mel slap them!), and Kyle and the Seeker....

Favorite Scenes/Chapters/Quotes: Any time Ian speaks, after he sees the error of his ways! :p I love all of his scenes with Wanda, especially the ones where you can first tell he's falling for her, and Wanda realizes it--like in the dialogue below:

I think Ian likes you too much. -p. 361

"Who's got the crush on a worm, bro?" -p.376

"If you could hold me in your hand, me, you would be disgusted. You would throw me to the ground and grind me under your foot."
His pale forehead creased as his black brows pulled together. "I...not if I knew it was you." -p.389

And of course he was right, as seen in this beautiful line later: "I held you in my hand, Wanderer. And you were so beautiful."

And my all-time favorite quote I think:

"It's not the face, but the expressions on it. It's not the voice, but what you say. It's not how you look in that body, but the things you do with it. You are beautiful." -p.390

I also love it when she lies about her age to Ian! :P

Why do you like The Host series? Because I love the idea of an invasion by parasitic aliens and rebels fighting them--there's a reason why I loved the "Animorphs" series when I was younger, lol! ;) Even with the comparisons I couldn't help drawing to Ani though, it was still an original world she came up with, and the situation in the rebel cell with Wanda and the rest, and the love quadrangle with Jared and Ian.....and Ian in himself is pure win! :D

Further comments: My main problems are the logistical one of where the hell the humans go when the souls take over (it just doesn't make sense to me, maybe I'm just too used to the yeerk's "Human-controllers" from "Animorphs" but.....I just don't get how the souls think of their hosts as part of them, and not two entities, and how humans disappear, even if they weren't prepared like Melanie...

And as I say above, I never found Wanda's feelings for Jared to be very convincing (very weak romance development there), and it annoyed me when her feelings persisted, and the way she reacted to his kisses....IMO Mel/Jared/Wanda is a LOT like Edward/Bella, in the way the kisses are described, and how she can't see past him at times, the rushed development, the descriptions of him by the girls, the fact that Melanie's life revolves almost entirely around Jared (with the exception of Jaime of course) so that she only talks/comes to life when Jared is around--give me a break!--etc.  And Jared reminds me a lot of Edward as well.....

On the flip side, Ian reminds me a lot of Jacob, especially in the beginning, when all Wanda can see is Jared, even as Ian is falling for her, and how he says he'll give her time to think about it, and how he knows her better than anyone, and how her mind works/what she will think....and how he kisses her a few times without warning her her necessarily wanting him to at first! ;)  How she finally realizes she loves him too in the end....and Ian has as much sensitive concern and humor as Jacob too IMO....

It should be noted as I talk about the two ships and the comparisons to Twilight ships that I went into this book knowing about both Mel/Jared/Wanda and Wanda/Ian (the latter b/c of a stupid spoilery USA Today review), and thought that Wanda/Ian sounded like an annoying distraction from what sounded like the more promising/intriguing Mel/Jared/Wanderer triangle--I was disappointed to hear about Ian!  So I really did go into this in as unbiased a manner as possible--I was biased the other way even!--so that it goes to show how much better written Wanda/Ian was written, and how poorly written Wanda/Jared was--Mel/Jared was okay, especially in the flashbacks, but I got kind of annoyed with them after a while, especially when he was all Mel seemed to be interested in pretty much....but yeah, Ian and Ian/Wanda really surprised me with their pure win! :D In any case, my comparisons to J/B and E/B are based on the developments of the two ships, not b/c I like one more just as I like J/B more, etc.  I'm glad that J/B got to happen in this series at least, if not in Twilight....;)

In closing, though I like how the ending is happy and things are all wrapped up to everyone's satisfaction more or less (unlike in Breaking Dawn I fear, especially if Bella becomes a vampire....*shudders*), I still would love to see more about this world, especially with the end showing all those other rebel groups still out there.....I'd like to see more human resistance! :D
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