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19 October 2010 @ 05:00 pm
TV Show Master List  
francy_m79  mentioned doing this today on BF, and decided it might be something fun to think about and quickly post here...

In this list I'm going to leave out some old children's shows I think, or it'd be too hard, though I do want to send some shout-outs to "Arthur" (which pwns Merlin any day in terms of character development and continuity!), "Sabrina," "Clarissa Explains it All," and "So Weird"!  I'm also leaving out shows I've only seen like an episode or 2 of randomly on TV...

Shows I currently watch (whether or not I'm caught up or they're airing right now):

Águila Roja
Being Human
Doctor Who
Gossip Girl
True Blood
The Vampire Diaries

Shows I have watched all of that are over:

Blood Ties
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(okay not sure if I have watched EVERY episode but a lot of them! ;))
The Tudors
Veronica Mars

Shows I have watched some of, but have yet to finish:

How I Met Your Mother
Life on Mars
Smallville (lol not sure I will ever finish this one)
Tru Calling

Shows I have yet to watch at all:

Battlestar Galactica
Gilmore Girls
Legend of the Seeker
Mad Men
Sons of Anarchy
Twin Peaks

Let me know if there's anything big I forgot that you know I watch, and feel free to pimp shows you think I should add to my last list here...;)

And on a random note, I have the strangest urge to watch an episode of GG right now, lol....maybe I will, one less episode to catch up on at Christmas!
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Steph: David Cameravengefulspirit on October 19th, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)
I miss Veronica Mars :( It ended way before it's time *sigh*

I don't know if you're talking about the Sherlock that aired on BBC or not, but if so, I'm going to start that one this weekend LoL
sherrilina: 10/Rose (Doctor Who)sherrilina on October 19th, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC)
IDK, I disliked season 3 and hated the plans for season 4 so much that I wanted it to be put out of its misery before it could get any worse....:( I do miss the show's first two seasons though...Wallace! <3 Leo! <3 Logan! <3 Backup! <3, etc...

And lol, of course that's the one I mean! ;). Hee, I guess I'm not surprised you BBC h00r! :p (God I am so much one myself these days! I know I'll eventually succumb to Sherlock too like the rest of them). When you're done with SH, I'd recommend Life on Mars if you haven't seen it (the BBC one of course), I've only watched 5/16 epps, but quite good so far, and it has JOHN SIMM! :D
Steph: Ten Rose TEOTvengefulspirit on October 20th, 2010 02:52 am (UTC)
I'm most definitely a BBC whore LOL First it was Being Human, which is what started my love for it and made me want more BBC. Then I watched Doctor Who and you know how that one turned out LoL BBC America just started airing this series called "Luther" and I watched it the other night, it was pretty good. Oh and of course David's "Single Father" BBC mini-series <3 I'm sure I'll love Sherlock, too. A ton of my friends love it already, I feel out of the loop LoL

Love your Ten/Rose icon, btw :)
sherrilina: 10/Rose (Doctor Who)sherrilina on October 20th, 2010 06:30 pm (UTC)
Lol, with me it was Merlin as my "gateway drug" so to speak...but yeah, they're so addicting, you can't just watch one, you end up watching another one, and then another one...;)

It's one reason why I joined the bbcland challenge comm...and as it turned out I basically watched two more shows (Torchwood and Life on Mars) within weeks of joining there! :p (Which of course I still need to finish). And everyone keeps telling me to watch Sherlock and raving about it, and I also kind of want to watch Robin Hood too someday, some of it at least...and I still have the BBC Hamlet to see, and the old "Brideshead Revisited" miniseries (I picked it up at a $40 discount before I left at BN!). Is "Luther" about the actual Luther, lol, or someone else? Oh and of course there are also at least two other BBC productions with DT, the Casanova thing and a miniseries/short show I think (whose name escapes me at the moment!).

And thanks! :D I loved that scene so much, and I don't see that particular shot in icons as often as some others...I think it epitomizes their adorable vibe! ;) Took me long enough to get one...
Mel: Fringe - Peter/Olivia (b&w merge)accordingtomel on October 20th, 2010 01:25 am (UTC)
Dude. Arthur. I KNOW THE ENTIRE THEME SONG TO THIS SHOW! I am FAAAAAAR too old to have ever had a good excuse to watch that show, but OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH! ♥

Also, Fringe is the best written show in, like, the history of ever. Seriously. Gah! I can't even... Okay, so basically everything you and I hate about Merlin? It's the OPPOSITE on Fringe.

The best bloody character/relationship development I have possibly ever seen in my life. Every interaction is woven into the story each week, so you're never hit over the head with: "OMG PAY ATTENTION TO THESE TWO PEOPLE, WE'RE GOING TO DEVELOP THEIR RELATIONSHIP NOW IN A REALLY OBVIOUS WAY." It's subtle and all-encompassing and just happens so believably that you barely even know what's going on until it's already happened. The storylines are incredible and I don't even get bogged down by shipping at ALL, because the actual story arc/mythology is so damn amazing. The characters are endearing and complex and silly and perfectly flawed but lovely all the same. In the 2 and a bit seasons thus far, I can't think of a single "bad" episode. There are basically "good" episodes, "great" episodes, and "AMAZING" episodes. And the great/amazing episodes outweigh the good ones any day.

WATCH! Seriously. WATCH! :D


/service announcement, LMAO ;)
sherrilina: Dean Smilie (Supernatural)sherrilina on October 23rd, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
Dude. Arthur. I KNOW THE ENTIRE THEME SONG TO THIS SHOW! I am FAAAAAAR too old to have ever had a good excuse to watch that show, but OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH! ♥

"Listen to the rhythm, listen to the beat..." ;) Lol, EXACTLY, same here, but it's such a great show and so funny even for adults...there are a LOT of jokes aimed beyond the targeted age group, and actually according to the internets it is something of a cult show, and Neil Gaiman supposedly did an episode! (Though I haven't watched any of the recent seasons). But yay for another fan! :D

And lol, okay then, thanks for the rec! :) I have heard from other friends how amazing Fringe is, and I do plan to watch it someday for sure, but good to hear all this too!
francy_m79francy_m79 on October 20th, 2010 08:42 am (UTC)
You stole my post-idea!!!! :p Haha

You watch way too little tv (good for you!). Wait for me to post my list! LOL
sherrilina: Dean Smilie (Supernatural)sherrilina on October 20th, 2010 11:05 pm (UTC)
Lol, yes, I'm such a dirty thief! :p I edited it just now though to credit you...;)

And indeed, compared to you lot it isn't that much TV, but I'd say by normal standards it is!
revelation means nothing herei_rise_inside on October 20th, 2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
I want to watch Sherlock and LoTS too. And Fringe. And Merlin.

I'll recommend White Collar very strongly, amazing show. Ive started watching Lie to me recently, and its pretty darn good.

Also, you dont watch Glee?
sherrilina: Arthur/Morgana 3 (Merlin)sherrilina on October 20th, 2010 05:32 pm (UTC)
Lol, well then we have similar "To Watch" lists, lol, aside from Merlin (which I'm seriously considering dropping from my "currently watching" list since these days it makes me want to shoot myself in the face or pull out my hair....*sigh* I'd beware that show, or only watch the first season....).

And nope, still don't watch Glee, I've seen part of one episode on the airplane over here ("Hairiography" I believe, the Finn/Puck babysitting epp), lol. I might watch someday, but yeah, too much going on right now.

And thanks for the recommendations, I do hear good things about WC...
revelation means nothing herei_rise_inside on October 21st, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
Very similar lol! Yeah ive seen you ranting over Merlin. I'll try watch the first season then, i hope i dont get sucked into wanting to continue though lol.

Yeah, that was a funny episode. Glee got bad around or after that episode, the first half of S1 is brilliant! S2 has been better I hear.

Its amazing. Plus... hello, Bomer! <3
sherrilina: Arthur/Chicken (Merlin)sherrilina on October 22nd, 2010 04:55 pm (UTC)
Heh, well you might be better off than me anyway, depending on what your preferences are (since I'm guessing you'll be rather Arthur/Merlin fixated, lol), though even with those two there has been some serious writing fail...so if you continue, you might want to just make up your own canon as you go along! :p

Yeah, I admit, I'm not really seeing the attraction of Bomer yet...:s Or at least, I didn't think he was anything special on Tru Calling...but maybe on WC I'd get it, with that particular character!
Iz: Other 5amaranthine3 on October 20th, 2010 05:35 pm (UTC)
Great list!! And wow, you watch some many shows atm :D. I remember times when I watched so many, but now I don't have that much time anymore *sigh*
And actually when you wrote about "Clarissa Explains It All" I goggled it because it sounded familiar and then I finally remember what from did I knew Melissa Joan Hart before I watched Sabrina! :D

And at the beginning I thought it would be great to do this meme but then I realised that some time ago I did this list and if I had to stay true to it and list all shows I've seen it would be way too long, lol xDD.
sherrilina: Cordy/Angel (Angel)sherrilina on October 20th, 2010 07:42 pm (UTC)
Lol, with me I watched stuff like Seinfeld and Sabrina, etc, but after a certain point I just didn't have time to watch TV, I was too busy....but then I started watching BTVS on DVD, and then Angel, and I started to watch "Alias," and then thought, "Oh wait, I should try watching a show that's still airing!" And so I began Bones, and VM...and the rest is history! :p This one forum I frequent/hang out on, Buffyforums, is a very bad influence on me when it comes to watching new shows! :p

And lol yes, so you watched "Clarissa Explains it All" too? :D And wow, looking at that list you have watched a lot! Did you ever try Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl?
Iz: Piper & Leoamaranthine3 on October 22nd, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
It happened to me in the last years - when I was in my early teens I've had a lot of time to watch TV (and honestly there seemes to be more TV shows airing then in our public TV) and now I don't watch as much as I'd like to.

I did, I just realised that when I saw you writing about it and saw some photos :D. I plan to watch Vampire Diaries one day because I've read the books, which wasn't that bad and everyone keeps telling that the show is a lot better ^^ I've never watched GG but maybe one day I'll manage to do that too - it's also on my list :).
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [who] river of yellowthedoingofit on October 20th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
I've been loving Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire is also on my list (I've heard good things about it, but can't personally recommend it yet)... What about Mad Men?
sherrilina: 11 Bow Tie Obsession (Doctor Who)sherrilina on October 20th, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, lol, when I was in London last month I saw all these signs for it and thought it looked interesting (and McGonagall!)...so it's good then? :) And yeah, I did think BE looked a bit intriguing from seeing a gazillion promos for it before TB aired each night (since I had HBO for once).

And oh yeah, forgot about Mad Men, that should be on my list as well...:s Though I admit it's not a high priority for me, I mean I know everyone says it's ~amazing~, but still, I'm more interested in sci-fi/fantasy/genre as a general rule...

But lol you should be watching DW before new shows! :p ;) Your icon is River, no?
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [brightstar] keep on the road you're onthedoingofit on October 22nd, 2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
It's SO good and really beautiful, too... Definitely at least check out the first episode. :o)

Mad Men should definitely be on your list, and Deadwood should be, too: it's another HBO gem. But I shouldn't be talking: I'm so behind on things I should be watching! ;oP I'm hoping to catch up on so much tv over Christmas break, ha ha!

Here's what I've got coming down the pipe:
Casualty 1906, etc
Boardwalk Empire
Mad Men
, Season 4
True Blood
Doctor Who

Suggestions? :o)
sherrilina: Dean Smilie (Supernatural)sherrilina on October 22nd, 2010 04:12 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, Deadwood, that has Jim Beaver in it! (Supernatural)

Okay I added MM to my list, but you should add "Supernatural" and "Vampire Diaries" to yours, and move DW further up it! ;) That would be my suggestions, lol...
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [potc] sailing the wine-dark seathedoingofit on October 25th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
I tried Vampire Diaries - okay, well, thirty minutes of the first episode! - and wasn't really impressed... True Blood > than all other vampire things ever. Should I give it another shot? How long did it take you to get into it?
sherrilina: Damon/Teddy (Vampire Diaries)sherrilina on October 25th, 2010 10:44 pm (UTC)
Lol, YES YOU SHOULD GIVE IT ANOTHER SHOT! :p How many shows have AMAZING season premieres? Usually it takes at least a few episodes for them to find their feet/set up, and VD is one such show. For instance, the cheesy fog and crow in the pilot? Disappear forever after episode 2 or 3 I think, as the show figured out that it was not the tone they were going for. The first 3 episodes or so are a little slow as they establish the characters and the Elena/Stefan relationship, but starting with episode 4 things begin to pick up, and by episode 6 the roller coaster ride really begins and never ends! Trust me, the first episode is not THAT impressive, you're right, but neither is it the whole show...I mean, I stopped watching TB because the second episode was TERRIBLE and the first one hadn't been super amazing, but it got so much better after that! (And then got less impressive, but that's another story, lol).

So yes, PLEASE give it another go, watch at least until episode 6/7, okay? :) Or at least until episode 4? 6/7 really show you what the show can do though...

Because yeah, I do think that VD>>>TB any day, especially with as weak as TB is now. I would say a lot of vampire shows are better than TB is, tbh...Angel is one of them! ;)
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [kt] kate the greatthedoingofit on November 2nd, 2010 07:24 pm (UTC)
Yeaaah... I was sort of concerned about the cheesy fog and the crow... ;oP

I'll stick it back on my list, for once I get back to Cairo. I can't download anything for the next month WHICH IS FREAKING KILLING ME. Crappy hotel wireless. DDD: So yeah. No Merlin, no nothing. Tragic, right.

But then! True Blood and Mad Men and everything else! :o)
sherrilina: Damon/Teddy (Vampire Diaries)sherrilina on November 7th, 2010 11:27 pm (UTC)
Eh, maybe not being able to watch Merlin right now isn't so tragic, given how bad it is? ;)

And lol, for VD I'm going to leave you the case of an f-lister who had the same reaction you did, but within 3 days had totally caught up and been converted! :p

She posts about it here: http://francy-m79.livejournal.com/23698.html

And here are some excerpts of of her more detailed comments as she began to watch VD, in which you can make out a definite progression! ;)

I'm sorry, but I don't think I can go on watching VD...it includes all the things I can't stand in a show anymore! I'm irritated half of the time, and bored the other half. I guess I will watch some more episodes, though, just to have a more rounded opinion!

Just too old for more teenage drama..can't stomach it anymore (and I don't even like the style of the show..too many pop songs all the time). Not my thing. And I don't find Damon hot, just annoying so far!

[I'm on] Episode 3. Yes, I'm aware that it will pick up later, but I just don't want to be watching it! *shrugs* I tried, I can't be faulted!

No, it's the age of the characters! (nothing against teenagrers in rl, I just don't want to watch shows about them) And the CW feel the show has... it's not the kind of show I enjoy, but I tried it cos people made me promise!

I don't know, so far it's not a particularly pleasant experience for me to watch it, I don't get anything from it... it doesn't connect to me in any way. So far I have downloaded 6 episodes... I'll watch those, and see if when I'm done I want to watch more!


I kind of have a crush on Stefan!

Well, I'm used to having unpopular opinions...I really dislike Damon! LOL But if I am to continue watching this show, I don't want to get into shipping wars or such things. I've had enough!

Damon's evilness is just repulsive to me, because on that show vampires CAN be good, if they want/try. The mythology is different, and puts me off Damon. So far, at least. I know he will change, or there would be no show..but I don't know if anything will make me like him. I disliked Sawyer for a long time, afterall!

I have this compulsion to go on watching VD

Yes, it's definetely more gripping now. Not that I think it's a masterpiece, but I don't think it aims to be. I am enjoying it.

And then...

Some of the episodes towards the end of season 1 of VD are really brilliant!

Yeah, it improved. I wish they stopped with the social get-togethers, though... there's one every episode! LOL The vampire stuff is the best thing!

I'll tell you... the way they have set things up, it's humanly impossible NOT to ship Damon/Elena. LOL Now I want her to be with both of them... a good old threesome!

I still struggle with Damon at times, but I kinda grew to adore him! (KINDA!! Don't get too excited! LOL )

What day of the week does VD air?

I'm glad I stuck with it! Can't wait for the next episode! (it sucks that I have no new episodes to marathon...I went through them too fast! )

And here's a comment from today, lol: I feel like encouraging everyone who is not watching The Vampire Diaries to watch it! I was the poster child of reluctance, and now I want to have its babies!

So as you can see, it DOES get much better! ;) And you know hmsharmony, right? Well she also recently watched it all, and was squeeing about it, but when I asked her about the first three epps she agreed with my friend quoted above that "the first three episodes are bleh". SO PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON YOUR LIST THANKS! ;)
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [deadwood] trixie the whorethedoingofit on November 16th, 2010 05:54 pm (UTC)
It's back on my list, but it's been bumped down from the top... ;oP

Is there a certain episode that I should at least watch through?
sherrilina: Damon/Teddy (Vampire Diaries)sherrilina on November 17th, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
Yes, as I said, at least through episode 5/6--if you still don't find it remotely interesting or decent then, you probably never will! (It's when the shit seriously begins going down--and note, it never stops doing so from then onwards! ;))
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [twilight] color:#dazzlethedoingofit on November 21st, 2010 09:13 am (UTC)
Awesome. I'll let you know how it goes... ;o)