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04 June 2008 @ 01:43 am
Kushiel's Mercy Here At Last!!!  
 And a week early too!  Reserved it yesterday (and apparently the lady spelled my last name wrong, as often happens for some unexplicable reason, considering that I always spell it out for them immediately after I say it, putting extreme stress on the letter they usually get wrong....and they STILL spell it wrong! *eyeroll*), picked it up tonight!  Just read the cover jacket description, and it looks AWESOME! :D  Can't wait to get started....even though it's late and I've only gotten 7 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, I won't go to bed until I've read some....I wonder if I'll have any of it left by the time I have to make a long car ride next week?

It will be sad though reading the last Kushiel book with good old Phedre and Joscelin and Imriel and the rest....so it will be a bittersweet experience reading this book!  Still, I'm pysched to learn what happens with Melisande....should be angsty and interesting! :D  There's something on the cover flap that I didn't know about, and which intrigues me....especially if it means we don't have as much travelling as usual! (Carey's only weakness--sometimes those journeys just go on for a little too long for my taste, I want to get back to Terre D'Ange! :p).

She's still my favorite author right now though....:)

Anyway, off to read!
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