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25 January 2011 @ 07:07 pm
Being Human Season 3 Premiere....  
God, this episode, I CAN'T EVEN....it was just SO incredible and amazing and perfect, with everything I have ever loved about this show wrapped up into one fantastic episode--it's definitely the best premiere so far, and one of the best episodes of the series to be sure! <333  This was me in gif form immediately after I finished the epp, lol! ;) I stayed up too late waiting for the dl and watching it (there are disadvantages to being an hour ahead), and only got like 3 hours of sleep that night, but it was completely worth it! :D  I'm just so happy that not only is my show back, but in such fantastic form (unlike the major disappointments at the beginning of last season)...

I've been so wrapped up in rewatching and squeeing over this epp around fandom that it's taken me a while to collect my thoughts in a somewhat coherent form, lol, not to mention collect gifs of the episode from various talented people on LJ for ~illustration purposes.  So here are my thoughts, late as they are, and feel free to skip the shippy stuff if you so desire, I do have other stuff to say about the epp further down! ;)

First and foremost....

MITCHELL/ANNIE! MITCHELL/ANNIE! MITCHELL/ANNIE!!! <3333  MY OTP!  How EPIC and beautiful and adorable were these two?!  FINALLY, MY OTP IS BECOMING CANON!!!  I've shipped these two like burning since season 1 (after their almost!kiss and after I'd thought about how perfect they are for one another), and after all the frustration and disappointment of season 2 especially, during which I almost despaired of ever seeing the writers develop a romantic relationship between these two, all this Mitchell/Annie goodness and road to canon at last is just putting me on cloud 9, I just about exploded with squee while watching the scenes, especially at the end! :D

And lol, I love how here Lia basically vocalizes everything I (and other shippers) think about the pairing (thank you writers for paying attention! ;)):

Lia: Is there anything going on between you guys?  I mean, he came to purgatory to find you, puts my ex-boyfriend's tattoo into perspective.
Annie: We're just friends.
Lia:  You'd be so adorable, you two.  I could eat you up!
Annie:  I'm dead.
Lia: So is he!  I think it's meant to happen.  I think it's...fate.

TRUFAX, Lia, so much trufax!  So yes, it's quite clear that Lia has something nasty planned ("we play the long game here," as she says), and that she was deliberately encouraging a Mitchell/Annie romance to further said evil plan (increase their suffering?); I'm beginning to suspect that the whole 'trying to get Annie' thing from the beginning might have been part of some plan to get to Mitchell, that they wanted to lure him into purgatory with her, and hence they let her go so easily once he got their and had heard Lia's spiel and prophecy.  It might also explain why he felt her passage into the afterlife like a physical pain (though I also like to think it's because they're soulmates! ;)).  I'm quite worried about Mitchell and that prophecy (DNW him getting killed by a werewolf this season, omg! :(  Unless he then gets resurrected a la Herrick at the end of season 2...but yeah it's not the show without the 3 of them, and I want M/A to eventually have a happy ending!), and that Mitchell/Annie is going to lead to some serious angst and heartbreak.  However I don't care if they're doomed rn, I'm just basking in the glow of how COUPLEY they are!  :D  I mean the LOOKS, the dancing, the hugs, EVERYTHING, just epic....<333 Finally it's our season...

I mean, first there was how he was so desperate to go get her, he couldn't even think of anything else, and how certain of it he was, and the way he reached out to her and said her name when he saw her on the TV screen...

"I'm coming to get you!" (Hmm, I've heard and seen that before! ;)  Hello BBC OTP crossover, lol....only these two men make that line not sound creepy, as someone pointed out! :p)

And of course he then GOES TO PURGATORY TO SAVE HER (which is pretty romantic and awesome in of itself), and I had to squee at the fact that on Being Human purgatory is a creepy empty corridor full of doors, much like the purgatory that Suze rescues her ghostly love from at one point in The Mediator series! :)  Look at the picture:

I loved how he was willing to give himself up in her place, saying "I just want her back"--because he loves her Lia, duh! :p  And then, when he does finally find her....*dies*  *cue epic music*

It wasn't just the running and her jumping into his arms for a lovely and adorable twirly hug (which was visually perfection in of itself), it was also the MUSIC, the epic, epic music that I NEED to have on my iPod now, if only they'd tell us what it's called and release some music dammit! :(  (I'm a huge sucker for music as you all probably know by now, and this bit of score is my favorite so far!)  I love the fact that if you study his face at the beginning of it, you can actually see a change in expression even before Annie calls out his name, as if he can sense her behind him, but is still daring not to believe it!  (Again, soulmates! ;)).  This is perhaps my favorite scene of the whole entire series, I've rewatched it about a bazillion times already, lol, I can't stop! :p  Just EPIC, in a word....and followed by all this touching too, like they can hardly believe the other is real:

Really, this whole reunion was better than anything I could have ever dreamed of! :D

Especially when it was followed by THIS gorgeous scene that included an almost!kiss and MOAR hugging! ;)

And as someone noted, Mitchell basically hugged her out of purgatory, it must have been an epic hug! :p  Also I really noticed in this scene how SIMILAR their hair is, which the shallow part of me also appreciates and sees as part of how it's ~meant to be...;)  Like ~SASSY~, the hair is half the pair!

But yeah, they just can't seem to keep their hands off each other, between the above scenes, and him leading her around the house covering her eyes (SO much like a couple!), and then dancing nerdily in front of her, and then THEM DANCING TOGETHER AND DOING MORE SPINS AND TWIRLS!

(Spinning seems to be Mitchell/Annie's new favorite activity, y/y?)

Nor can they keep their eyes off each other....;)

Just perfection, in short, I am one extremely satisfied and ecstatic shipper, and I can't wait to see it go even further! :D  I still need to see a lot more icons and vids and picspams from fandom in the weeks to come from all of this, lol, I only just finally found a new icon to switch out for my M/A one today!


While my thoughts on this episode/reaction to it were dominated by my excitement/satisfaction about my ship, I did enjoy the other stuff too! ;)  This episode was epic even from the season 2 recap at the very beginning, which also had an amazing piece of music playing that really set the mood (this one I did manage to identify as "A Wonderful Thing," also known informally as "Nina's Goodbye" since that's when it memorably played first in season 2 I think)--again, they NEED to get this shit released, fast!

Then the opening scene of them looking at the bed and breakfast was awesome, I loved the bored, sardonic saleslady (especially her line about "thank goodness for Terry Prachett" lol), and George and Nina's bad/unconvincing acting (the "our friend is on Midsome Murders" was the best bad cover story! :p) and Mitchell being so preoccupied with Annie.  I love the cheesy Hawaiian decor (especially the adorable luao it inspired later!)...:p  I actually found that I didn't even really miss the old pink flat in Bristol too much, as I thought I would, I liked the new place and them settling in, and all the obligatory self-deprecating "because we film in Wales" humor that I've come to know and love on DW and TW, lol! ;)

While on the topic of humor, I also will forever laugh at Rhys showing up as a sexual pervert, lol--SO glad I caught up on TW in time to see this, so I could appreciate it all the more! ;)  I wonder where Gwen was, maybe she was running late finding a babysitter, but no doubt soon got Rhys out with her TW connections! :p  Also, the British Actor Incest/Bingo continues....but yeah, I like how that scene managed to simultaneusly bring on the laughs (Kai Owen nailed it!) and advance the 'other werewolf' plot AND create some drama and tension (with George trapped in jail needing Nina to bail him out and then them having to transform in the same place and try it out), all at the same time!  That is this show at its best, when it balances the humor and the drama beautifully, and this episode did that in spades.  Another example was the scene when Mitchell is going to cross over with the guy into the afterlife, I mean how freaking hilarious was Mitchell doing the crossword there with George, and the prayer thing immediately before, and then next thing you know it's all emotional and dramatic with the touching goodbye to a worried George.  I also loved when the guy asked if Mitchell was Death, and Mitchell's reaction to this, he was probably thinking about how he had been Death to so many people, like on that train...

George and Nina also had some sweet and funny moments, with my favorite humor moments being when her hair got caught badly on the corner of his glasses (since this happens to me ALL the freaking time, albeit it's my hair catching on my own glasses, lol) and when she got him out of jail and was trying to hide her own transformational body stress.  I was annoyed at her ragging on Mitchell and at first annoyed at how happy-go-lucky George seemed when Annie was missing and all, but I think the scene at the end when tears just started to stream down his face when he thought Mitchell had failed perfectly disabused us of this notion.  In all a good episode for George, who has annoyed me in the past, but he didn't really annoy me that much in tonight's epp!  Again, awesomeness all around...

Besides the Mitchel/Annie bits though the best part was definitely Mitchell and Lia on the train, seeing Mitchell's past and such.  I loved getting more insight into Mitchell's character and history, and I *loved* the twist with Lia, which I did not actually see coming (I thought she kept saying "age 12" not "H12", lol, so I thought he did something to her as a child or something!).  I adore Mitchell, he's my favorite, but he really did need to hear Lia's berating speech, so I loved that scene and was cheering her on, though my heart did break for Mitchell as well when he said he was a plague and that he was willing to stay there to atone.  And Lia was just fabulous, great job by Lacey Turner there, especially once she stopped being flirty and shallow and showed her true colors!  Also after seeing the US remake, I found it a little funny/ironic that one of Mitchell's victims was named Sally...;)  It was amazing though that he could remember all of their names, for the most part, I mean wow...O_o  

So good drama, humor, emotional moments, character introspection, this episode had it all!  The only part of this episode I didn't like was the stranger!werewolf storyline (outside of where it coincided with the George and Rhys encounter, lol) and the cage match thing, those bits were okay, but a tad boring (especially when I was dying to see what was going on with Mitchell and Annie in purgatory!), and I skipped them during the rewatches.  Hopefully that story will pick up though, I can't wait to see George or Nina encounter them again, especially if they find out the two of them live with a ~vampire, le gasp!  Perhaps one of them, the boy, will fulfill the prophecy though? ;_;  IDK, we shall see!

So a promising start to the season to be sure, I absolutely can't wait for next week to see what happens next! :)  Oh show, I am so happy with you right now....<3333  I might give this epp another rewatch to cheer up if this week's SN depresses me too much! ;)

The excellent quality of this episode after watching the lame premiere of the US remake made the latter seem even weaker and sillier in comparison (like, why would you waste your time on this, when this EPICNESS is going on over here in the original?!).  Since then I've seen the second episode of the remake, which was a lot better than the first (though it was also more of a scene-by-scene replica of the original, lifting entire dialogue and even exact camera angles from BH 1x01), but still, it just doesn't compare!

Oh and for those who saw this episode, please tell me if you think that the Epic Music of Epicness in *that* scene near the end has strains of "The Ballad of Ianto Jones" in it, if you listen starting @ 2:37 or so...when I was listening to the latter earlier today I suddenly went, "Wait a minute..." and then re-watched (for the millionth and first time, lol) That Scene from 3x01 to double-check the music there...at least blue_emotion agrees with me, and I'd like to hear other opinions on this matter! :p (I'm a soundtrack nerd, what can I say?)

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ericadawn16: Weirdericadawn16 on January 26th, 2011 12:17 am (UTC)
Okay, I'm trying to skim and not spoil myself too much. I like waiting for BBCA to show it but everyone is talking it up so much I may cheat...

Anyway, is Kai Owen in it? I heard he is and if so, I want a Torchwood/Being Human crossover right about now.
sherrilina: Owen (Torchwood)sherrilina on January 26th, 2011 01:21 am (UTC)
Lol, wow, you sure have restraint! I could never go back to watching it on BBCA anyway, even if I did have access to it atm, after season s1 that way and going crazy with the commercial breaks every 5 minutes (or so it felt like) and the annoying spoilery excerpts of scenes that would follow the commercial break...immediately before the commercial break! :/ Like, gee, thanks BBC, glad to get spoiled about what happens next, and be confused too about when the commercial break begins! *rolleyes* Though maybe they've gotten better about it since then, IDK...

And yes, Kai Owen is in it (a substantial enough role, lots of speaking lines, lol), and is HILARIOUS, he's like a sex pervert! :p Maybe Gwen isn't the only one with a big libido...;)

Love the icon btw, LMAO forever! :D
ericadawn16: Optimismericadawn16 on January 26th, 2011 01:56 am (UTC)
Well, part of it has to do with Closed Captioning. I've watched everything with captions since I was a kid. Everyone else hates it but I hate not being able to tell what they said because they said the line too low or mumbled or it's something I'm not familiar with. I haven't been able to get captions to work online. I know Hulu claimed they have them but when I tried for Dr Horrible, I lost the picture entirely. I ended up buying the dvd at Hot Topic.

Anyway, Rhys+sex pervert=WIN! I can't wait to see that and again, it makes me wonder...where are the crossover fics? Maybe he was undercover?
sherrilina: 9/Rose (Doctor Who)sherrilina on January 26th, 2011 02:43 am (UTC)
That is true, there are times when I can't understand a line or two on this show, lol (and it happened several times on DW as well!), but I usually just press on with it...(and IDEK how to work close captioning on my TV at home anyway!).

I think Gwen was running late b/c she was looking for a babysitter or tied up at work, but soon bailed Rhys out by mentioning TW..;)
(Deleted comment)
sherrilina: Mitch/Annie (Being Human)sherrilina on January 26th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
I know, it was nice how they got to reunite on their own, away from the rest, and how HE was the one who saved her, who went through purgatory to get her--just, gah! <333 And yeah, I can deal with the angst later, if we just get a kiss and some couple-time with these two! I've also been shipping them since season 1, since the almost!kiss in the second episode (I looked this up earlier today, lol). I am going to die when a real kiss happens, so much squee!
Agent 1.3: BH-Mitchellllywela13 on January 26th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
Nice overview of the episode! I think the only thing you haven't touched on was the subplot with Robson Green's character (McNair?) - which caught my interest because...Robson Green! But I daresay wouldn't have that effect on you. *G* Interesting to see Lacey Turner in this role, too.

I also got very distracted and squeeful over little location details, like the vampires overwhelming McNair in Barry Island funpark, where I have taken so many kids over the years and have been on that very ride. *G* And Mitchell and Annie resurfacing from purgatory in the old shelter above the beach, another place I have spent a hell of a lot of time over the years!

Much fun to have the show back!
sherrilina: Mitch/Annie (Being Human)sherrilina on January 26th, 2011 08:43 am (UTC)
Lol, thanks! And yeah, I have to say that plot didn't overly appeal to/interest me as much as the rest of the episode did (besides the first and last father-son scene--loved the Wolfman convo lol), so I didn't feel like covering it! ;). Where is Green from? I did like him well enough, but not the cage fight stuff and Billy Idol wannabe vampire (so glad he's dead already, lol!).

So I take it the Barry Island Funpark isn't *actually* closed then? :p. And man, you're so lucky to have so much filmed around your home so that you can always do this! The best I have are the transition shots of "Bones" which are filmed in DC, but the show itself is filmed in LA...
Agent 1.3: Toesllywela13 on January 26th, 2011 08:56 am (UTC)
Oh, Robson Green has been in loads of things, from Soldier Soldier to Wire in the Blood - he's ever so well known on this side of the Pond. He and Lacey Turner were both pretty big castings for the show, Green because he's such a respected actor and Turner because there's a lot of buzz around her at the moment thanks to her role in Eastenders.

And no, the funpark isn't actually closed, although it's had quite a turbulent time of it over the last few years - has been closed and re-opened numerous times. Tough economic times!
sherrilina: Arthur/Chicken (Merlin)sherrilina on January 26th, 2011 04:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah, loads of things on your side of the pond it seems, from imdb...ah well! I had seen talk of Turner being in EastEnders though...(lol just looked her up on imdb, and wow she's actually the age her character mentions on BH!).
gemmacranmers on January 26th, 2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
Ah its Aidan Turner...
Haven't seen the show but he's a great actor.

Glad you are feeling all ecstatic about it! I'm pretty whingey about all my shows atm!
sherrilina: Mitch/Annie (Being Human)sherrilina on January 26th, 2011 11:12 pm (UTC)
Lol your icon, I love those macros! :p

And dude, you bet it's Aidan Turner! <333 I adore him, and he is brilliant and extremely hawt and sexy on this show, you MUST WATCH IT, some brilliant stuff, seriously! Especially if you are felling whigey (which I assume is a bad thing?) about your shows lately!
mscam: Being Human//Mitchell<3Anniemscam on January 27th, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)
IAWTP SFM! You expressed almost everything I felt/thought so much more eloquently than I ever could. (:

YEEEESSSS! Poor broody brood Mitchell at the start, and almost a polar oppsite by the end.

There was so much bleakness and humour throughout, this show always amazes me by how well they combine both.

Oh em gee at the doggers! LOLOL Poor inept George, he always ends up in the shit. (How cute was he trailing his little chicken through the woods!) I agree he was much less annoying this ep.

On first watch I was a little peeved at how quickly the whole purgatory thing was finished with; I thought they would play it out over a few episodes. But, now its looks to be the lynchpin of the entire season albeit in a much different way.

I have to say Robson Green and Lacey Turner were amazing. I'm looking forward (a little anxiously) to see how the werewolf vs vampire storyline plays out! :O

I thought it was interesting when the werewolf son (whose name escapes me atm) took the vampires fangs. I wonder if they do that with every kill, and if there's more of a reason for it than just trophies? So many different vampire lores.

I'm really anxious for Mitchell/Annie I want a happy ever after damnit! (May be watching the wrong show for that though.)

Love all the gifs, beautiful visual aids. The scene for the last one was awesome, Annie gives Mitchell this little assesing side look, as though she senses something just a little off with him. But, then it's gone almost as soon as it started. I think this shows how attuned they are to each other.

Three days till the next fix! \o/

sherrilina: Mitch/Annie (Being Human)sherrilina on January 27th, 2011 10:10 am (UTC)
First of all, love the icon! ;)

And thanks! Lol, I tried, and took me long enough to write up this post...

I didn't think purgatory was too quickly resolved, IDK I always assumed she'd be back by the end of the first epp. And the way it was done, you can teL we haven't seen the end of it, that though they let them go for now there's a "kong game" at play here...nicely done! And Lacey Turner was excellent (no wonder she's won so many NTAs!), I wish she'd come back, but looking at imdb it doesn't seem that way...:s

Wow, I didn't even notice the son pulling out the vampire fangs (or if I did I forgot), so thanks for pointing that out! I wasn't paying as close attn to that storyline as the rest, and didn't watch those parts when I rewatched. I wonder why as well now, maybe it was a desecration thing, to avenge his dad, or if maybe it's security, that the vamp can't be resurrected like Herrick was if the fangs are removed. :s. We shall see...I also want to know why a father-son team are both werewolves, if one can be born that way.

And hmm, interesting interpretation of that last A/M scene. I saw it more as her just considering him romantically, thinking on what Lia had said...I mean Nina and George kiss right in from of them, and I felt like she was looking at Mitchell and thinking, "Maybe we should do that too"--or maybe that's just the shipper in me talking,lol...