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08 April 2011 @ 05:19 pm
This is a Book Post: Last Succubus Novel and VA Spinoff Series News + Mockingjay Thoughts  
This past week had several important and noteworthy book-related events for me, namely 1) finishing Mockingjay at last, and then 2) finally seeing some exciting news about the plots and release dates of the final book in the Georgina Kincaid series (one of my all-time faves) AND about the forthcoming VA spinoff series (which I've been dying to know about since finishing The Last Sacrifice last December)!

First, let's talk about the Richelle Mead-related stuff, beginning with the VA spinoff news...(which I took the liberty of finally getting myself an Adrian/Rose icon for, since I now have the space and a D/R icon just isn't appropriate for this post! ;)):


Rose's story might have wrapped up in the Vampire Academy series, but there's still lots more to tell about the other characters from that world. This spin-off series centers around Sydney the Alchemist, as well as Jill, Eddie, and everyone's favorite heartbroken hero from the last series. More details coming later this year!

Bloodlines is the first novel in this new series (and also the name of the series) and will be released on August 23. It is available for pre-order from most major booksellers.


Adrian! ;_; My poor bb....I must say, I'm kind of surprised and disappointed that it's going to be focused on Sydney, who is not exactly my favorite, when I was so sure it'd be about Jill--whose story I find more intriguing atm, and whose story would allow us to more easily see what's happening in the new Royal Court under Lissa, and more importantly to me rn, allow us access to Adrian and getting that story some resolution--he needs it! (In fact, I kind of wish the spin-off could have been from his perspective, I'd love to get into his head like we did Jacob's in Breaking Dawn, but oh well).

I'm kind of glad we do have this though, it made finishing The Last Sacrifice a bit less painful, knowing I'd see Adrian and the others again, that Adrian would have another series in which to find the happiness he deserves. I wonder if it will be with Jill, I kind of hope so, better her (when they have kind of a connection already, although very brotherly perhaps on his side so far), than some random Mary Sue (unless he ends up with Sydney? That would be weird and unexpected...:s). At least I can rest assure he won't "imprint" on the impossible love child of Rose and Dimitri for his happily-ever-after, unlike with *some* books/authors...;) Richelle Mead >>> Stephenie Meyer Take #357. But yeah, yay for something to be excited about this summer!

And then, after squeeing about having that summer blockbuster book to look forward to, I suddenly notice that the final Georgina Kincaid novel, apparently called Succubus Revealed, is coming out exactly one week later on August 30!!! (Or who knows, maybe it will come out earlier than that, with this series they often do show up early in bookstores). \o/ <333 I can't even...it's going to sure be a summer (or rather, month?) of Richelle Mead! :p I kind of wish that these two big summer releases were spaced out a little further apart in the summer, but on the other hand I'm going to have more free time in August than earlier to read them, so maybe it's just as well...I'll have to read the first one pretty fast to make sure I'm done in time for the GK novel! ;)

The book description for the GK book is also now on the website and quite interesting...


Georgina Kincaid has had an eternity to figure out the opposite sex, but sometimes they still surprise her. Take Seth Mortensen. The man has risked his soul to become Georgina's boyfriend. Still, with Lucifer for a boss, Georgina can't just hang up her killer heels and settle down to domestic bliss. In fact, she's being forced to transfer operations...to Las Vegas.

The City of Sin is a dream gig for a succubus, but Georgina's allies are suspicious. Why are the powers-that-be so eager to get her away from Seattle—-and from Seth? Georgina is one of Hell's most valuable assets, but if there's any way out of the succubus business she plans to take it--no matter how much roadkill she leaves behind. She just hopes the casualties won’t include the one man she’s risking everything for...

Oh man, shit is going down...although nooo I don't want her to leave Seattle and the bookstore and all her friends and Jerome and Carter! ;_; Hope they'll still show up enough. I am really excited about this one though, how it's going to be resolved, whether my theories will prove to be correct. We better get a happy ending of Human!Georgina and Seth together at last and having free sex and babies and a mortgage and all that jazz, just saying...I'm hoping that the VA series resolution on the romance front will be an indicator to how it will all end here. Except I won't be as upset about Roman as I was about Adrian...

And omg whoever comes up with the cheesy and totally ridic and irrelevant taglines for these book covers ought to be shot, they're even worse than the Animorphs ones were back in the day, lol...I'm glad that they've never had a repeat of the embarrassment that was #2's cover, which basically couldn't be shown in public decently...:p

Also I must as always take a moment to pimp both of these series, but especially the Georgina Kincaid series, starting with Succubus Blues, (since fewer people I know read it, lol), to anyone who loves supernatural/urban paranormal stuff...they are SO entertaining and funny/witty (the best of Secret Diary of a Call Girl or Buffy, what have you in terms of biting wit), but also have a fascinating supernatural verse and memorable cast of characters (which for instance an OCD Martha Stewart-wannabe vampire and an Archdemon boss who is a secret John Cusack fan and drinking buddies with the area's Archangel that he used to know before he fell from grace and became a demon and all--such a cute bromance, lol), and some really compelling drama and well-written romance all at the same time. I don't know if I've ever enjoyed a book series as much as I've enjoyed reading many of the books in this one.

And then there's Mockingjay...O_o  Big Spoilers Ahoy!

Wow...certainly a pretty depressing ending in bits, but at the same time a happy/hopeful one!  I think on the whole I liked it and found it to be satisfying (the ending more so than the rest of the book, which was kind of slow and boring at parts, hence me taking so much longer to read this one than the previous two). It's always been a story of violence and cruelty and horror and war, and thus this ending was only fitting, appropriate, true to the series as a whole.  I'm really sorry Prim had to die (and Finnick), especially when the whole series basically begins with her trying to protect her sister (and then she and Gale in the end fail at this...;_;), but it was necessary for the thing with Coin to happen, and definitely served a purpose.  I'm also a little sorry that Gale turned out the way he did, since I did love his friendship/close bond with Katniss (and liked him well enough earlier--I was never a hater, as I now realize many in the fandom are), but for once I wasn't overly fussed/invested in the love triangle and was leaning towards Peeta anyway (when normally I'd probably be stanning Gale, the dark broody loser in love, lol).  It makes me sad that Katniss will probably never see Gale again, that their bond is now broken, but I'm glad that it didn't end with Katniss breaking Gale's heart or anything though (he broke his own heart).  Likewise I'm SO glad that Peeta survived (I mean it seemed logical, but you never know with this series so I had been worried!) and that he and Katniss were able to end up together and find some peace and contentment.  I also loved that they were able to move back to District 12 and were gradually rebuilding it, it seemed fitting and right.

In any case though, I definitely didn't see the Coin thing and such coming, so it was nice getting a surprise twist at the end as well! But yeah, overall while I actually think on the whole that this book wasn't as good as the other two (I certainly didn't find myself as gripped as I did with the last two, I found it even boring in places, too much fighting and prep and such), the end was pretty fantastic and right and a satisfying conclusion to the series. I also applaud the way Collins makes an effort to realistically depict PTSD/trauma from war with Katniss...

Also, having now dipped into the fandom a bit since finishing MJ, I have to disagree with those saying that she didn't choose either way--while obviously circumstances intervened to a degree (making Gale no longer an option, but through his own folly), she says herself in the end that "I know this would have happened anyway.  That what I need to survive is not Gale's fire, kindled with rage and hatred.  I have plenty of fire myself.  What I need is the dandelion in spring.  The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction.  The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses.  That it can be good again.  And only Peeta can give me that." (453)

The above passage and others really brought to my attention that these books are not only really just gripping well-plotted bestsellers, they are really beautifully written at times as well, and filled with some nice metaphors and symbols.  Two other quotes that I found particularly beautiful/loved/jumped out at me were:

I'm searching for something to hang on to, some sign of the girl and boy who met by chance in the woods five years ago and became inseparable. I'm wondering what would have happened to them if the Hunger Games had not reaped the girl. If she would have fallen in love with the boy, married him even. And sometime in the future, when the brothers and sisters had been raised up, escaped with him into the woods and left 12 behind forever. Would they have been happy, out in the wild, or would the dark, twisted sadness between them have grown up even without the Capitol's help? (427)

^ I love the bittersweet tone of it, the way it laments what could have been...again, I did like Katniss/Gale to a degree early on, even if I preferred K/P, and I think this passage highlights that lost potential, the other road that could have been taken.

And of course, this was my favorite line in the book:

- "You love me. Real or not real?"
I tell him, "Real."

It's just so succinct and perfect, I can't even...during all the "real or not real" stuff earlier I had no idea it'd be used in the end for her long-delayed love confession, but it works so well, I can't imagine a better way for it to have happened! <3333  This could have been a great place to end the book, although I loved the epilogue as well.  So yeah, while this is definitely my least favorite of the trilogy overall (I think The Hunger Games is still my favorite), I did love the ending at least...and several places in the ending (especially the encounter with Buttercup or when she's gradually healing at the end doing the book and such) I actually cried, which is always a good sign for me!  (Since I don't do it all the time, though I find I do cry more often at books than TV shows, for whatever reason).

I remember reading a F!S a while back (when I still read them, lol) that claimed THG was just like Animorphs--which is a ridiculous claim, but I admit that with this comparison on the mind as I finished this book, I did see several parallels between both series in terms of events, themes, moral quandaries, gritty realism, etc--all of which just show why both series are memorable and a cut above the average YA series:

First of all, both series show children at war (in Animorphs the main characters are only 13 or so when it all begins, and end the series at about 16), placed in traumatic and violent situations that force them to grow up too fast, and which leave them scarred, especially the reluctant leader figures of Jake and Katniss respectively.  Neither Jake nor Katniss asked for the responsibility, neither really wanted to lead or inspire others, but others forced it on them, seeing qualities within them that they do not see in themselves.  And both are utterly destroyed by their respective wars/the events of their series, left as shells of their former selves--in both cases the authors had the balls to realistically depict trauma/PTSD/depression.  Both Suzanne Collins and K.A. Applegate also both had the guts to depict real moral dilemmas and shades of gray in the actions of the protagonists, and to raise interesting philosophical issues about war, such as what kind of violence or killing is or is not justified in the course of winning.  When I was reading the debates about whether or not they would give the people in the military mountain fortress a chance to escape, I actually recalled the similar debate among the Animorphs when they were considering blowing up the Yeerk Pool near the end--and like the rebels, they decided to at least give the enemy a chance to escape by giving them a 5 minute warning before the bomb exploded.  Likewise one could compare Gale's bomb and the unnecessary deaths that it entailed with Jake giving the order to empty the Yeerk Pool on the enemy command ship and instantly kill millions of defenseless Yeerks merely to cause a distraction--it contributed to winning the war, but at what cost?  One could also compare this rather morally gray action with Katniss' disturbing vote in favor of hosting a new Hunger Games with the government leaders' children...

Furthermore, in both series the protagonist (Jake and Katniss) is really drawn into the fight/storyline by the need to help/save their beloved sibling (in the case of Jake when he realizes that his elder brother is infested by a Yeerk, which gives him the impetus to fight the Invasion in order to save him someday).  And both Jake and Katniss tragically fail in this important objective in the very end, to their and the readers' anguish (especially in the case of Jake since he is the one who makes the decision to actually kill his brother in order to protect the world from the ambitious Yeerk possessing him). Both authors had the guts to kill off MAJOR characters in a way that highlights the senselessness of war and made the respective wars more realistic; in the Animorphs finale Rachel dies on a suicide mission that mostly fails anyway, while in the THG finale you have Finnick and Prim's deaths to no real purpose, and Cinna's horrible death previously.  In short, both series feature mature and interesting reflections on the nature of war and humanity, which make them great YA reading.  Also, I think that that the controversial Animorphs series ending probably prepared me to deal with and accept the THG ending better, especially since the Animorphs' ending is actually still more tragic and utterly depressing than the THG one, lol...;)

Speaking of The Hunger Games, while I was going to reserve judgment on the movie even with the questionable actors cast in the male roles (I only know JH from playing the evil douchey Steve in the Cirque du Freak movie, hard to imagine Peeta from that role, lol), the new spoilers about the script and what has been changed are making me begin to actually think this movie will be terrible, the script sounds in parts like a badly written fanfic...:/  Anyone else see them?

And lol, since beginning this post I now see that the next Sookie Stackhouse novel is also coming out soon at the beginning of May and has a description out?  O_o  Just book news galore this week...

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Forgotten memories: THG • Katniss • Arrowsblue_emotion on April 8th, 2011 11:08 pm (UTC)
The leaked script stuff was horrifying me a bit I must say! Added Gale subplot? DNW! Not through Gale hate, I just didn't like it and didn't want it taking up time and meaning something that is actually in the book being cut. HOWEVER, from what I saw this morning Lionsgate have said it is not the script but a fake and made the blog thsat published it retract their comments. However fandom was still speculating if the person making this statement actually worked for Lionsgate...so who really knows what's going on. It wouldn't suprise me if it was an early draft, but fingers crossed it won't be what we see on screen. IDK, Collins' is so involved in the making of this movie I can't see her letting them destroy the script, seeing as she's on the writing team. I hope anyway lol!
sherrilina: Arthur/Chicken (Merlin)sherrilina on April 8th, 2011 11:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah the Gale thing was DNW for me too not through hate but because it sounded like an absurd, badly written fanfiction, and SO unnecessary! :/

WAIT, so Lionsgate said it wasn't the real script?! THANK GOD...that makes me feel a little better. But if it was an early draft of the script, then shit...O_o And yeah, I would think if she were involved she wouldn't allow all that (ESPECIALLY the bread scene thing, HOW CAN YOU FUCKING EFF UP THE BREAD SCENE?! SACRILEGE! >:(), but I wonder how much control she actually has...*sigh*
Dori: Animorphs - the things I knowcleo_eurydike on April 9th, 2011 02:05 am (UTC)
saw your post on animorphs
I very much agree with your assertion that the books are similar in how they present mature themes to children, especially war, and how that affects children. And honestly that's why I loved both.
sherrilina: Jake/Cassie (Animorphs)sherrilina on April 9th, 2011 01:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading/commenting, glad you agree...I wish more people we're aware of the maturity of the themes in the Animorphs series, since so many dismiss them as just some silly kids books...*sigh*

BTW I *love* your icon, what a great, classic Marco quote, lol (I love the way so much of the humor is still very funny even rereading them now years later...it just goes to show that they are enjoyable to adults as well as kids! I hope this series regains popularity with the relaunch...
1111_am1111_am on April 9th, 2011 04:48 am (UTC)
'Kay so I wandered over from the Ani LJ comm too. After reading this I really liked the comparisons you made with Jake and Katniss. Honestly they never really crossed my mind. Seriously, I was so tense reading those books that my brain couldn't even comprehend any similarities to Animorphs (besides the whole war/kids/effects, etc). It was that bad lol.

I'm also a little sorry that Gale turned out the way he did, since I did love his friendship/close bond with Katniss (and liked him well enough earlier--I was never a hater, as I now realize many in the fandom are)
After lurking around several HG fansites and stuff, I'm a little perplexed at why people seem to hate Gale so much, especially in MJ. I mean I know he's selfish sometimes, but there were moments in that book that made me like him even more than in previous books. Like when he is the first to volunteer to save Peeta, when he tells Katniss not to be so hard on herself and that Peeta wasn't himself or whatever, and how he grabbed stuff before the bombing in District 13 and ran back with Prim. Idk maybe I'm missing something? IDK I really should just jump into a HG comm and ask for an explanation but I fear I'll get the scientology treatment :/ For the record though, I am glad that Peeta and Katniss ended up together. Starting out when I was reading the first book (I hadn't really looked up spoilers and stuff about the whole love triangle or anything) I was kind of pulling for K/G to end up together, but right away in reading CF I was just like "um, please no" IDK.

Also, I agree with what you mentioned about the movies. I'm iffy about those actors they chose and am having a hard time picturing JH as Peeta. Oh well, I'm actually more interested in who'll they'll cast for some of the secondary characters :3 I saw a little bit of that script before it was taken down or whatever, but yeah, I heard it was fake? I dunno, I just hope they don't dwell on the love-triangle more than they need to for the films...

lol sorry if this comment just turns out to be a hot mess. My thoughts are all over the place right now.
sherrilina: Jake/Cassie (Animorphs)sherrilina on April 9th, 2011 02:05 pm (UTC)
Lol, thanks, glad you enjoyed the meta/comparisons! :). Jake is my bb and I've spent a fair amount of time thinking about his depression/PTSD storyarc in the end, so when I read about Katniss' depression that made me think of Jake...;). She certainly isn't like Rachel besides being a tough female who can fight, that's for sure...

Re: Gale--yeah, I mean his whole gungo-ho, don't care who dies attitude at the end was a bit annoying I suppose, but I can see where it came from and why, it made sense within his arc based on where he started out, IMO. Lol, I totally thought at first that he was going to be the ~Big Love Interest, that he'd be picked in the Hunger Games, though once I saw Peeta picked I knew he'd be the one--although I stiL liked K/G as well and was okay with either one being the endgame, though I began to prefer K/P more and more, and especially at the end.

YES apparently Lionsgate is claiming that script is a fake, I sure effing hope so, it sounds awful...O_o. We'll see though, we'll see...

And lol don't worry, your comment was great! :D. I'm also, as a recent reader, still excited and in the mood to discuss the books...;)
1111_am1111_am on April 10th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC)
Yeah as I said in my comment in the Ani comm, I think attitude and personality wise Gale reminds me the most of Rachel. But yeah, I'm totally going to think more about the Jake/Katniss comparisons some more since it just fits and is all in my head now.

Wait you mean you thought Gale was going to be chosen as the boy tribute? I remember while reading CF I kept thinking if he loved Katniss so much why he didn't volunteer and replace Peeta and go to the Games to try to protect her. I'm glad that was touched upon a little in MJ and I liked Peeta's answer because it made sense and I think it was something that Gale just had to hear y'know. *Nods* I'm glad it ended up how it did, P/K were just so MFEO. Honestly, I kind of wish that Johanna and Gale ended up together somehow. They're both so fierce. Although it might have just ended up with trouble because Johanna, like Katniss, are both full of fire/anger/hate or whatever. Or maybe that's just why it didn't work for Katniss, but it could work for Gale and Johanna. I'm getting too into this :3
sherrilina: Jake/Cassie (Animorphs)sherrilina on April 10th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
YES that is a good point, I think I was wondering that a bit as well, so it was good they cleared that up once and for all in MJ! And heh, I think Gale and Johanna would have been a good match for one another, I don't think Johanna had the same issues with fire as Katniss did/she didn't seem to mind...;)
1111_am1111_am on April 11th, 2011 01:21 am (UTC)
Well they never said who ended up with who so we could make our own conclusions about the two of them! ;) Also, sorry idk why that one comment got posted twice, w/e I deleted the one. :/
memonamour23 on April 9th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
woooooooo totally pumped for the final succubus book! although ill be sad to see it finished. as you said, theyre so funny and witty and sexy and theres nothing else out there quite like it; although i do like to think its a supernatural version of stephanie plum! so glad ive found someone else who loves this series!
sherrilina: Brennan (Bones)sherrilina on April 9th, 2011 12:18 pm (UTC)
So glad I've found someone else who loves this series!

MTE! Lol I actually cheered when I saw your comment, that someone else knew and loved those books! :D. And yes, it is bittersweet for me as well, since I want to see how it all ends, but at the same time I don't want the enjoyment to end, or to say goodbye to all these wonderful, hilarious, lovable characters! ;_;

Ooh who's Stephanie Plum?
memonamour23 on April 10th, 2011 12:49 am (UTC)
Hahaha Stephanie Plum! Where do I start?! One of my most favourite series by Janet Evanovich, it follows the misadventures of Stephanie Plum who is jobless but blackmails her cousin into giving her a bounty hunter job that she's certainly not qualified for. She get's into all sorts of trouble. There's two men Morelli and Ranger who add to this trouble throughout the series in the form of a love triangle... and then there's Lula and her Grandma Mazur.

Honestly, it's the funniest series I've ever read. I literally lol whilst reading them. Plus! There's 16 out so far.

sherrilina: Arthur/Chicken (Merlin)sherrilina on April 10th, 2011 07:29 pm (UTC)
Hmm sounds interesting, they are very funny as well then? I have heard of her I think, actually, with that author, but never had given them much thought before, good to know!

And wow, 16, nice! :D
memonamour23 on April 11th, 2011 12:28 am (UTC)
yep! totally hilarious. that's what makes me keep reading them. if i ever need a pick me up, this is the series i turn to!
morganalefay354morganalefay354 on April 10th, 2011 12:55 pm (UTC)
Just had to comment about Mockingjay. I agree with everything you wrote!! I love, love, love, this series. I feel exactly as you do about the ending, I love that everything wasn't wrapped up in a pretty bow as if there were no long term effects to what had happened in the series. Like you said, it was real and true to the books as whole.

I also agree that it was pretty boring in places. Definitely not at the caliber of the first two, but still pretty darn good compared to most YA out there.
sherrilina: Dean Smilie (Supernatural)sherrilina on April 10th, 2011 10:05 pm (UTC)
Heh, thanks, glad others feel the same! :) Especially about it being boring in parts, though still a good conclusion at the end...someone had told me they liked THG and MJ best, so I was preparing for the second book to be the one that was less than amazing, not the last one...O_o

yaqerule on April 14th, 2011 11:55 am (UTC)
Great site, very impressive.