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04 July 2011 @ 01:17 am
It's HBO(GO)-Time: True Blood and Game of Thrones!  
Well True Blood is back, and looking up from last season so far at least! The premiere, minus the cheesy beginning, wasn't so bad, a step up from last season's premiere to be sure, and then the second epp (which I actually saw last Monday thanks to HBOGO) was much better--can't wait now for next week's epp!  And congrats HBO for FINALLY airing an episode July 4th weekend.  (Happy Fourth to everyone btw!) My brief thoughts below...

TB 4x01:

First the premiere: Most of the episode was alright once you got past the horrible, completely embarrassing Fairy World sequence. I loved Pam's Ad for Fangtasia best, followed by Eric and Bill's interspersed publicity segments. Tara wasn't whining and angsting and wallowing for once, which was nice, I wish she could just stay there. And the skipped year thing was interesting, adds a bit of mystery and fresh air to it all.  The way they are doing the witch thing is interesting, Marnie is creepy though sadly I can totally feel her mourning over her poor birdie baby like that and wanting to bring it back to life...;_;  LaFay sure has some power though!

But ugh, the end there, already villifying Eric, or should I say Billifying him with all that "I own you/you are mine" crap. And from the look of the preview for the whole season too, WTF? I mean, buying her house is such an Eric thing to do, but not like this...and WTF at Bill being king? How has he not removed Eric already from office, after his death attempt? The dynamic is all off now, and I wonder if they're going to do the book 8 story arc now...oh well, if it means no more goddamn irritating SA then that's a plus I guess!

Also so sad about the way J/H has turned out, you've ruined my adorable ship Ball! ;_; :(

TB 4x02:

MUCH better than last week, hope it's indicative of the rest of the season!  I was wondering if they were going to drag out the Eric thing, so I'm quite relieved to see it's starting already, though I was rolling my eyes at the way they made Eric so NOT the victim in terms of this spell like in the books (and making him threaten Tara, ugh), but whatever, I guess it's to be expected of Ball--but so much for all the speculations about the Slavic poll dancer being pissed at getting no share of his money, lol! :p

I think I can see Tara having that relationship after all she went through,and I sure hope it keeps up and that this woman doesn't have a secret evil agenda, because I like the return of Awesome!Tara rather than Wangsting!Pathetic!Tara we've seen for almost 2 seasons now. She and Lafay were great in this epp, and I loved her sarcastic reactions to the coven and such. Now THAT is the Tara I knew and loved back in the day!

And omg Pam is the best ever, especially when she told Jessica and Hoyt to leave and let the mob continue to exercise "their constitutional right to be f*cking idiots." :p (How I feel in a nutshell about so many people today, *cough* Tea Party! *cough*).  Or her reaction to Sookie's plea about Eric: "Did I miss something? Are we girls now? Did we join a book club and read some queer chick-lit memoir, so now we're bonded together by estrogen or sisterhood or some other feminist drivel?"  Basically she is flawless and the best part of the show, and I can't wait to see her reaction to Amnesiac!Eric, hopefully she will be in this season more than any other yet! :D

King Bill is certainly a surprise and a tad eyeroll-worthy (Eric's reactions to him were priceless though), but on the other hand if it means no more Sophie Anne (who was a million times more irritating) then I'm happy! ;) (Seriously, Pam isn't royal and yet she exudes 100% more HBIC/BAMFness and regality than SA on this show ever did!).

Oh and I love the Arlene/Terry/Baby thing, Arlene's hysterics and the scene with Sookie was priceless too and omg Terry is the most adorable thing ever...<333 And Sam is a bit less horribly OOC and boring this season than last, so progress on that front as well!  I didn't realize at first that the girl he's pursuing is named Luna, like the werebat of book 2, interesting that they're bringing her in now.

Anyway, I was super excited by the end, omg, Amnesiac!Nekkid!Eric has entered the scene, let the E/S games begin at last! :)

Speaking of HBO, as I said in my last post I watched all of season 1 of Game of Thrones via HBOGO the week I got back from Europe, and here is me finally getting around to jotting down my thoughts (spoilers for s1):

I liked it, especially the end once things picked up at and shit began truly going down, but I have to say, it did not quite blow me away the way I was expecting it to from all the rave reviews and squeeing over it I witnessed across the internets...:/  It felt pretty slow a lot of the time, though maybe next season will grip me more since it feels like this season was a set-up for the most part.  The world is interesting, as is the struggle for the throne and the threat/fear of the creepy Winter and Zombie things, but I can't say that I really love a lot of the characters (also such a high percentage of asshats in this show)--in part perhaps because they had no time to really be developed, like Robb Stark.  Jon Snow I find to be pretty boring, I have to say, I usually like the brooding angsty ones, but he isn't doing anything for me, maybe because we haven't gotten into his character enough yet.  I often found myself being all "no wait, go back to the interesting storyline!" when they'd cut away...when I felt compelled to watch the next epp, it had more to do with the cliffhanger at the end of each epp (which annoyingly didn't even get addressed usually until 20 min into the next epp, than with me being "I NEED MORE OF THIS SHOW IN MY LIFE" and loving every minute of it.  It was also super confusing with all the characters and names I had no idea how to spell, I wished everyone would wear nametags, lol.  And the usual HBO overemphasis on sex and blood (especially how they seemed to contrive it so that 90% of the sex on the show was anal, making me wonder if this was the custom of the kingdom as stated in the books, lol) made me eyeroll a lot.  In short, I think that I do love "The Borgias" more on the whole, despite the fail of the Ursula storyline there.  (And despite the incestuous pairing being actually incestuous in GoT, Cesare/Lucrezia trump them any day!).

BUT whatever, enough about that, let's talk about the positives.  I think the theme is my favorite part of the show, it's just gorgeous and epic and makes me more excited for the show than the show itself, lol.  I will be trying to get a copy of that ASAP.  The whole opening credits, once I started to actually pay attention to them, are really neat, I love having the visual of the map like that to orient myself by.  Then character-wise Daenerys, Arya, and Tyrion are basically flawless and the best, along with the direwolves...I liked Daenerys' storyline best (if it's true that they originally cast Tazmin Merchant, aka Catherine Howard of The Tudors in the role then WISE RECASTING DECISION HBO), she definitely grew the most over the course of this season, and though I feel a bit weird about it because of the rapey beginnings, I do ship Dany/Drago by the end (because they were so sweet and tender and cute together), and felt really sad at Drago's passing.  I can't wait to see what's next in store for her, now that she has those adorable dragons to back her up!  Arya is just a badass (although ironically I found her storyline to generally be the most boring, since one training scene was like them all to me).  And Tyrion is intriguing and hilarious and it's nice to have someone who's smart around...it's great that they were able to find a dwarf who was so excellent in the part!  I also enjoyed Bronn (I didn't even know his name until I just looked it up), the man who fights for Tyrion to free him from Cate's cray cray sister and banters with him so well, and Shae (again had to look this up), Tyrion's current concubine, intrigues me as well.  So yeah, I am looking forward to next season, though ESPECIALLY just because of this HBIC being cast in it:

It's funny, I was never the biggest Anne fan on the show (both because of my stance historically and because she was just creepy in season 1), and I have no idea who Margery Tyrell even is, but I just know ND will be totally BAMF in this role, and I am excite to see her on the show! :D

Also, I took this quiz, and apparently I'm a Lannister:

In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
Your Result: You belong in HOUSE LANNISTER - Hear Me Roar

resultHome to the wealthiest of the great houses, the keep at Casterly Rock sits literally on top of a gold mine, built into the very rock. From that lofty yet uncomfortable position, House Lannister rules over the Westerlands (and influences all of Westeros, by virtue of the kingdom’s purse strings). With the ascension of Lord Tywin to the house seat, the Lords of the Rock developed a reputation for ruthlessness as well as riches. This was due in part to Tywin’s remorseless efforts to keep his bannerhouses in line, but also because Aerys II was murdered by one of his own Kingsguard: Ser Jaime Lannister. Their unofficial motto states, "A Lannister always pays his debts."

You belong in HOUSE ARRYN - As High as Honor
You belong in HOUSE TARGARYEN - Fire and Blood
You belong in HOUSE BARATHEON - Ours is the Fury
You belong in HOUSE STARK - Winter is Coming
In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Oh well, whatever, Tyrion is one and he is flawless, so I'm just at that end of the spectrum I'd say...:p

And while speaking of GoT, I saw this cool t-shirt in the window of this nerdy comic book shop-type place in Sevilla, and appreciate it even more now! ;)

('Se acerca el invierno' obviously means "Winter is Coming")

Since watching GoT, I've also rekindled my love for the Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey, which GoT reminded me a lot of actually--for all those who love GoT, I HIGHLY recommend reading these books!  Deadly palace court intrigue (including a "game of thrones"--this phrase is even used at least once or twice in the first book as I noticed while re-reading), mysteries about the past to be slowly uncovered/revealed, action and adventure, an epic, well-told love story, a complex and grey villain, an unforgettable cast of characters that you will love (I basically wanted to cry in the last book when I had to say goodbye to these characters forever, I loved and enjoyed them so much), this series has it all, and many elements that are found in GoT as well (including some explicit eroticism, but nothing really gratuitous since the protagonist is a courtesan).  I've basically spent the last few days re-reading the first book, Kushiel's Dart, and being gripped and unable to put it down despite knowing exactly what is going to happen b/c I've read it at least 3 other times...;) /obligatory favorite series pimp

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Always distant. Always silent.: GoT - Sansa: Little birdthemirrorofsin on July 4th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)
It's always interesting to see what new fans think of the show...
Lolz Jon Snow is the biggest emo!kid ever XD and yay House Lannister - I'm a proud Lion <3

ND IS NOT MARGAERY TYRELL! I'm fuming over this casting choice. Grr. But okay...

The Borgias certainly got you - I'm excited to see the Canal version.
sherrilina: Mary Tudor (The Tudors)sherrilina on July 4th, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
Haha, I'd only seen people saying positive things about Snow before watching, so I was expecting to like him--glad to see I'm not alone in my mehness towards him! :p. And okay cool, Lannister fistbump then! ;)

Oh really? I think you're the first I've heard who is upset with that casting decision...may I ask why? I have no idea b/c I don't know who she is, but I'm curious...

Yeah, stupid Canal version that apparently can't be bothered to have a clear release date out there like a normal TV show! /grumble grumble

Oh and how did you take Camelot's cancellation? :/
Always distant. Always silent.: Camelot - Arthur/Morganthemirrorofsin on July 4th, 2011 03:56 pm (UTC)
Argh Jon irks me so much - I've always been like that XD

Because MT is supposed to be a) 16 and b) sweet looking. ND is none of these and plus I have a huge dislike for her as an actress.

Argh it's so annoying! I hope at least a bit of it comes out before I go on holiday!

Eh... Idk I kind of thought it would but I was bummed because they set themselves up for really good potenial storylines. I mean, having a proper Mordred story and Lancelot - would have been good to have seen more.
sherrilina: Sidonie on Kushiel's Mercy coversherrilina on July 4th, 2011 05:04 pm (UTC)
Heh, he is so annoying/boring! Boo hoo, I'm a bastard...

And okay then, that does make sense, she is indeed anything but sweet-looking, creepy is more like it! The age thing isn't as important I think b/c they ALL are aged up (Dany is no 13-year-old), they didn't try to pretend they were younger with older actresses like on The Borgias. I had just heard that MT was a BAMF, which made ND seem like a good fit. *shrug* And oh so you don't liike ND even in the end of The Tudors? I disliked her in season 1, when I just thought she was creepy, but she grew on me by the end when we got more into her head...I'm beginning to think she would actually make an excellent Melisande Shahrizai if Kushiel's Legacy were ever made into a movie/TV show, since Melisande is supposed to be beautiful but deadly, aloof, unsettling, extremely cunning, though sometimes later in the series showing a softer side as well where her son is concerned, and looks-wise the character has black hair and deep blue eyes.
Always distant. Always silent.: Gladiator - Lucilla: I am fragile toothemirrorofsin on July 4th, 2011 05:11 pm (UTC)
loll true, but Catelyn is a bitch to him...

Really creepy. I know, but there are a few other actress that can pull off looking younger. She is 29 O_o that's just weiiird. At least the other actors look like they could be in their late teens.

Nope, only until the very end of s2 did I feel anything for her. I just thought she was a constant bitch and just grated on my nerves. Hated ND in Silk, Rebus and Miss Marple too XD
MT isn't a favourite character of mine... Idk... *sigh*

I need to actually buy those books. I've read the first one but then I don't think the library had the others...

Edited at 2011-07-04 05:11 pm (UTC)
sherrilina: Mary Tudor (The Tudors)sherrilina on July 4th, 2011 05:30 pm (UTC)
Yes, she was, though I can't say I wouldn't have acted the same in her situation, with that living constant reminder of the man I loved betraying me.

Oh well yeah obviously I was on Team Katherine/Mary the whole time so I was mostly rooting against her, but still when she was seeing Henry turn from her and was condemned to die at the end and saw her brother killed and had those epic flashbacks (I'm such a sucker for flashbacks, you have no idea) I did finally feel for her. I didn't realize you'd also seen her in other stuff you were judging the actress on, I've only seen her in The Tudors.

And oh wow, I didn't realize you'd read KD, what did you think?! :D. You definitely need to read the rest, the series gets even more epic, and I LOVE the sequel series (that focuses on a character introduced in the third book that gives a new interesting POV on the characters from the previous books) as well.
Always distant. Always silent.: Tudors - Katherine: Queen of Heartsthemirrorofsin on July 4th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
I would have raged at my husband not the kid (not that I like Cat either... hate her)

Defo that team! And yeah it was until she was sent to the Tower that I was like "awh, okay, see now I feel for you - finally".
Yeah seen her in a few things and just, not my cup of tea. At all.

Ooh there's a sequal series? I remember liking it but it was a loong time back so I'm a bit vague of what happened. I did like it... but of course need to read the rest!
sherrilina: Sidonie on Kushiel's Mercy coversherrilina on July 4th, 2011 07:35 pm (UTC)
Ooh you don't like Cat? I'd be curious to hear more (lol I'm always curious when entering a new fandom about what others think). I certainly didn't love her, she was really annoying to me where Tyrion was concerned. But also mean to Jon....you're right, it's not fair to take it out on the kid, but then humans aren't perfect, and I can see why she'd do it.

It was an epic team, esp once Brandon and his wife joined it, I loved what a badass pair they made, so sad what happened to them in s3...:(

Yep, a great sequel series, I even think I'm more into the main romantic pairing that series than Phedre/Joscelin in the first one--maybe because I spotted it earlier that time around. If you plan to continue the series you should def reread the first one if you can't remember it, b/c it's all very complex and interrelated...
Always distant. Always silent.: 300 - Gorgo/Leonidasthemirrorofsin on July 4th, 2011 07:51 pm (UTC)
I just find her incredibly frustrating and I can understand some stuff but her taking Tyrion was SUCH a stupid move and argh everything she does... I just hate her.

I loved it when they came over - it was :(

Oh yes I plan to re-read... hmm Amazon. Good to read over my holiday
sherrilina: Arthur/Chicken (Merlin)sherrilina on July 4th, 2011 10:25 pm (UTC)
Oh dear, you mean there's more annoying stuff by her to look forward to in the coming seasons like what she does with Tyrion? :/

Sure well if you do get around to reading them, let me know what you think! :)
Always distant. Always silent.: Clash of the Titans - Cassiopeiathemirrorofsin on July 4th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
Mmm they have actually made her less annoying in the series but it all depends on what they put in. Hopefully they won't show too much.

:) will do!
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [ib] from piz paluthedoingofit on July 9th, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
Bah! I'm still behind on True Blood! I haven't even seen season three yet! :o((( Any recommendations for good places to snag it, especially for someone with third world internet?

Okay, after reading your thoughts on GOT, I would HIGHLY recommend reading the books! I loved the television series, but I think that that is because I read the books first: I appreciated the characters in a different way, the pacing was a little better, and I was actually able to keep track of all of the characters (there was a handy dandy list in the back of the book which was a huge help at the beginning!), which is huge, I think. :o) Margery Tyrell is, for the record, one of my favorite characters (and she becomes exponentially more awesome as the series progresses!), so get excited. :o)
sherrilina: Eric (True Blood)sherrilina on July 10th, 2011 02:46 am (UTC)
Oh man, REALLY?!?! D: How awful! IDK, these last two seasons so far I've had HBO luckily, but before I always went on sidereel (which I use for all illegal streaming after the fact, using Megavideo links). You seriously need to catch up though guuurl, this is your summer HW assignment from me! :p

You're probably right, it's no doubt a similar situation to Atonement (though unlike with GoT I didn't like that one at ALL as a non-book reader). I might read the books, but rn they're too big and i have too much else on my list. :/ The character lists can definitely be helpful, the Kushiel series I mention above (which you should read someday if you can! ;)) always had a "Cast List" at the beginning, along with a map...
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [got] the eggthedoingofit on July 10th, 2011 06:13 pm (UTC)
this is your summer HW assignment from me!
;oP *clicks heels and salutes* Yes, ma'am! As soon as I've taken the GRE, it's going to be all True Blood all the time! ;oP

I might read the books, but rn they're too big and i have too much else on my list.
Totally understand this feeling! I think that they're something that you'd really like, though, if suddenly you plow through everything on your reading list... :o)
Iz: The Borgias 2amaranthine3 on July 18th, 2011 12:00 am (UTC)
I've read your review of GoT only partially, because I stopped at the point when you got more into details, but it still encouraged me to give it a try. I've already watched the opening credits some time ago, and I really loved them, but I've been thinking about watching it with subtitles (either English or maybe Polish), my rl friend who watched it as well just like you thought that all the names are a bit confusing. So I'm rather excited to finally watch it and see whether I'm gonna like it or now, it definitely seems promising :).