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09 October 2011 @ 04:34 pm
This Week in TV: Characters Making Questionable, Disappointing Decisions (SN, TVD, Merlin, GG, etc)  
Man, this seems to be "Characters Making Annoying Questionable Decision" Week on my TV Shows, it applies to all of them! :/ Though still a few good episodes besides that.

Let's start with SN, which I only watched last night, since I was busy marathoning s6 with paradisekendra on Friday, lol...(good times, and I like the DVD case art, the back of the plastic part has a promo of the OT3...;_;):

Overall I really liked the episode, I just LOVED the Sam/Amy flashbacks and backstory, Colin Ford was excellent as always (and MAN has he grown, I hardly recognized the boy! I love how he has made a career out of playing Young!Sam for like 4 years now, lol, and damn he looks like Jared, they even styled his hair like current!Sam, though I wonder why he would have then gone to the bangs after that) and it was just such a sweet, adorable, and sad story, especially given what happened in the present in the end...;_; I have to say, I totally ship Sam/Amy now (d00med!shipper haiii), nice little ~forbidden love there....and when she killed her mother to save Sam! And how well they were able to connect to one another, ~freaks in love, etc. The beginning too, where Sam is asking Dean for brotherly advice on how to talk to girls, I can't even...<333 (Also all the "lol 90s" stuff, like the giant cell phone and the magazines in the library behind Sam with Clinton on the cover, ah good times).

I just really liked this Amy Pond, both actresses playing her were excellent and looked so alike (young!Amy actually reminded me of Evanna Lynch actually), it was nice to see Jewel Staite too, though she was underused. NGL, I think I actually like THIS Amy Pond even more than her namesake to an extent, at the very least I feel like we got a firmer grasp of her character in one episode than we did of the original Amy in an entire season or more...;) She was a really interesting character, and I hate SO much that she was killed, not just because of her son and Sam and how awful that whole situation was, but because ugh once again this show kills off an interesting/good female character like clockwork, and she wasn't even really that bad of a MOTW, I'm just tired of it...:/

I knew that Dean would do it, thanks to unfortunately seeing some of the spoilery reaction-y comments about Dean in like post titles and such, so I was prepared, but still...:( I'm really pissed at Dean doing that, so awful, especially with the son right there, and lying about it to Sam and not really trusting him, ugh....though galathea_snb said this about it which kind of makes sense and makes me feel a bit better about it:

They are doing this because Dean has been in a downward spiral of darkness and violence for the past five seasons, but never actually dealt with all the crap in his life. Dean accepted that he is a monster, a killer and that he can never change that. That's why he can never believe that someone like Amy can change either. You are what you are. He is talking about himself just as much as about Amy.

Last episode Dean might have saved Sam from a breakdown, but he never actually believed that it will change anything. He believes that nothing he ever did made a damn difference to the outcome. It's not that he doesn't trust Sam, specifically, he doesn't trust anything in his life at the moment. Of course Castiel is a big part in this, who betrayed him and ended up as a mass murderer. Dean lost everything and everyone he ever had and consequentially he lost the ability to trust that anything in his life will ever be solid. He needs to relearn that, and I am convinced that that is what the writers set up here. Just like Sam needed Dean to be his touchstone for reality, Dean needs Sam as a touchstone for faith.

(And Gamble's latest interview seems to confirm this, in terms of the impact of Cas's recent story on Dean's current behavior/attitude...)

Dean was also such an ass elsewhere in the epp towards Sam though, especially with the punching and calling him a freak thing, it's strange that this is the case in an epp that Jensen himself directed! (Guess he had no outside direction on his acting here then, lol). I do think he did an excellent job though, from the little I know of directing, and it must have been much harder this time around since he himself appeared in a lot more of the epp than last time...I loved the little nods to his other acting roles though with the MBV TV ad and the guy at the store wearing the Batman: Under the Red Hood tshirt, lol, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, Jensen! :p And omg Dean following telenovelas with Bobby is the best thing EVER (reminds me of Spike watching his soaps on BTVS, lol)! :DD (Speak to me in Spanish more Jensen, unf).

Also the twist with the Leviathans tracking them so cleverly was awesome and intriguing, though I kind of wonder how they would have known all their aliases. And the very beginning was super exciting and tense! Anyway, so good epp in all, except for the end that makes me angry and disappointed...:/ Look at your life, look at your choices, Dean.

Oh and I loved the "For all we know he's road-tripping with Lucifer somewhere" bit, lol, I kind of want to see this happen now! :p

And something I forgot to mention last week, did anyone else think of Katniss/Peeta from The Hunger Games and their "Real or not real?" routine during the Sam/Dean scenes where Dean helps Sam realize what is real? <333 ;)

Also a few additional thoughts and ~feelings~ on Cas and his prospects, especially after the Gamble interviews last weeks...O_o

It sucks, because I was SO sure that Cas would be back, especially with such an underwhelming ending in the lake, but now I'm not so sure, why did she have to say disintegrating and talk about Misha possibly never coming back as Cas again?! DD: Now I'm full of doubt and anxiety...Cas's arc just CANNOT end that way, I'm sorry, but his last appearance in 7x01 was not a proper exit (even Gabriel had a better sendoff, and FFS he spent most of his time tormenting the boys!)--first off, he didn't get the chance to say goodbye to and *apologize* to SAM, the one he hurt most of all, and he didn't really get the chance to make amends or sacrifice himself in a meaningful way--I think I'd be more at peace if he died in the process of returning the souls, but he didn't, he supposedly died just because an evil entity took over his body, with no agency whatsover or time to say goodbye, like with Ellen/Jo, and John, etc. ONE more appearance at the end after Leviathan is defeated would not be overkill, it would make narrative sense and give the sense of closure that nearly all other dead characters have gotten (even Ash and Pamela got to deliver that with their Heaven scenes in s5, and Mary with her ghostly appearance in s1, and John in his brief appearance at the end of s2, etc).

I am okay with Cas immediately dying for good afterwards (though I'd love to see him in giant montage flashback of all the beloved characters who touched the Winchesters' lives in the true series finale), really, but he just can't go like this, the last glimpse of his face can't be with an evil creature speaking through it (though I'd love to see Misha back as Leviathan Boss as long as we see Cas afterwards), it'd be like if Cordy never came back in s5 ATS and Jasmine!Cordy was the last of her face we saw, so wrong...>:(

I think I've realized also another reason why the idea of that really being Castiel's end upsets me so much--it is WAY too similar to the way the extremely Cas-like character (I mean in terms of role, personality, betrayal, everything) on Animorphs ends, being absorbed into/taken over by “The One” creature/entity, and it brings up all my unresolved angst/trauma-tized feelings from that series….:/ Just look at the quotes:

"Ax?" Tobias whispered.

The face that belonged to our friend Ax split wide open across the bottom and revealed a new-formed mouth full of red-rimmed teeth....

"I'm here," Jake said calmly.

"You have done well to come this far. You have come to find your friend. But the Andalite is part of me now. As you soon will be."

Jake stared back at the foul thing on the screen...in that shifting alien face was every corruption, every evil, and such power that it seemed impossible it could be present in just the narrow confines of the onrushing Blade ship.

(The Beginning, pp. 154-155)

Compared to:

Leviathans: "Too late!"
Dean: "Cas?"
Leviathans: "Cas is...hmm..he's gone! He's dead. We run the show now..."

Even the toothy mouth...:/

Back when I first read the final book I was all, “OMG NO, there has to be a way to get him back, back to his own body, to kick out The One or whatever….Axxxxx!" I managed to deal with most of the angst of that book as I grew up (Jake having to kill his brother after a whole series of trying to save him, and then dissolving into PTSD and depression, Rachel's death, my first OTP Jake/Cassie breaking up, etc--still the most depressing ending of a series ever!), even appreciate it, but I never came to terms with Ax's fate. And I don’t want to see history repeating itself in SPN now, even if it'd give me yet another strong parallel for my Supernatural-Animorphs meta I'll finish writing someday...:/

Also while listening to my iPod yesterday I heard one of the songs that I had put on my Cas s5 mix last year, and I realized it now actually really applied to Cas more than ever, minus the "live quite long" part perhaps...;_;*sob*

"Done All Wrong" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club:

I've done me wrong,
I've done all wrong.
All the wrong I've done,
I'm sure to live quite long.

We're doing wrong,
we've all done wrong,
If we do no wrong,
I'm sure we would be gone.

I've been really enjoying Vampire Diaries so far this season, but I see some of the same ~issues as last season are already cropping up....:/

Really writers, really? *sigh* :rolleyes: I am so tired of this song and dance with Damon, one step forward and two steps back, do they just want people to hate Damon or something? Here I thought we might finally be making progress, that his ~revelations~ at the end of s2 while dying might have been the first step, especially since his behavior had been pretty good in the first few episodes, but here we go again with him lashing out and acting ridiculous and just ugh...>:( Stop it already, writers, do you WANT people to dislike him?!

I mean ALARIC, why would he do that, Alaric is his BRO, his only friend, their unlikely bromance is one of my favorite things about this show, and there was so much in the beginning of the season, and now it comes to this?! ;_; YOU CAN'T BREAK UP THE BROTP LIKE THAT GUISE! I mean, messing up the Damon/Elena friendship as well is little in comparison...Oh well, I did like the beginning parts of Damon when he was making chili with Elena (lol he was totally right about that!) and they were at the Founder's Day shindig, I love those things...

Elena: "It`s an old family recipe, okay?"
Damon: "Yes I know. I knew your old family, they made sucky chili."

IDK, it just feels a bit contrived, in order to make Alaric join the council and have Damon leave with Katherine so that Elena will be left unprotected when Klaus and Stefan roll into town...:/ DNW manipulating characters to fit plot...

Also I am a little skeptical about Caroline being able to approach her dad like that after such a traumatizing experience, but oh well...it's a shame he still feels that way at the end! :( Poor Caroline...

I think my favorite parts of this epp were the ones with Anna, I've missed her so much, and I was really disappointed with Jeremy shutting her out in he end! :sadwalk: I mean, I guess it's healthy to live in the present and such, but I just still have never really gotten into Jeremy/Bonnie as a pairing (IDK, it hasn't sold me), whereas Jeremy and Anna have so much chemistry and are so tragic now especially...and this episode reminded me all over again why I loved J/A! I find the ghost storyline to be pretty intriguing the ~darkness and all, I wonder what that's about...I kind of like how this a bit like Vampire Academy rn, with the whole "you're brought back from the dead, you are able to see them now because of one foot in the afterlife" thing, cuz I like my crossovers like that...poor Anna though, anyway! ;_; I'd chat with you Anna, you are awesome! Where is Peal though?

The Stefan bits were good too, I like Rebecca more and more, I think she makes the Klaus/Stefan dynamic more enjoyable. It was good to see Katherine in action again outside that phonebooth as well, lol. And the Chicago skyline/scenes were great as always! ;) It should be interesting next week, was only a matter of time before Klaus figured it out!

I also broke down and watched the premiere of Merlin s4 at least....

Well, it didn't make me as violently angry as I feared, so that's progress I guess? *shrug* To be honest, I was mostly just bored the whole time, the knights do not really interest me, and those FX for the ghosts were soooo cheesy. Basically I only really liked the parts with Morgana (who was pretty badass, and I loved seeing another vision for the first time in ages, but ugh, how did you suddenly completely stop caring about people girl, that was your DEFINING CHARACTER TRAIT in season 1! :/), and with Uther, like the Uther/Arthur scene and even better the scene where we first see him just totally dead and lost-looking, and I was like, "Aww look, he's just heartbroken over Morgana!" AND THEN THE TEXT CONFIRMED IT!!

Gwen: "It's been a year since Morgana betrayed him..."
Gauis: "His heart is broken, and his spirit is gone."

Ugh IDEC, I will go down with this ship and their delicious, beautiful anggggst, HE CANNOT GET OVER MORGANA, HE CANNOT EVEN EAT GUISE.

Speaking of Gwen, on a shallow note I do not like her new dresses, or how even more un-fake!period they seem, I liked the ones the past two seasons better...and man, poor Merlin, he never gets new clothes! :/ Also where did this uncle suddenly pop up from? At least they pronounced "Samhain" right, unlike in SN, lol, and I liked seeing Merlin have a friend he could talk to who was ~in the know~ about his magic, poor Lancelot though, in that scene with Gwen, he loved her first...:(

Still not sure if I'll keep up with this though, might just catch up over hiatus...

And then there was much worse writing fail and even more annoying questionable decisions in the Doctor Who finale last weekend (Happy DW Day, btw!), but I won't even go into that here because this post is long enough as it is....

Oh and with GG this week Dan/Blair were of course flawless as always, and really the only thing of interest left on this show, they just need to get together already, and I wish Chuck would crawl off and die in a hole with nobody caring about him. *sigh*

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fauxkarenfauxkaren on October 9th, 2011 09:24 pm (UTC)
I think the stuff with Damon and Alaric didn't bother me because Damon wasn't doing it because he disliked Ric or anything. Ric was just standing in his way, so Damon removed him from the equation. At least that's how Damon saw it. He clearly didn't think Alaric would be all that upset because he made drinks for them to enjoy together when Ric woke up. LOL. OH DAMON. YOU CAN'T JUST SNAP PEOPLE'S NECK ONE DAY AND EXPECT THEM TO BE DRINKING BUDDIES AGAIN THE NEXT.

But for me my favorite thing about the episode was definitely Anna. I've missed her so much and the tension between her and Jeremy was OMG. GUH. THEY HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY.
sherrilina: Doomsday Ten/Rosesherrilina on October 10th, 2011 04:27 am (UTC)
Ric was just standing in his way, so Damon removed him from the equation. At least that's how Damon saw it.

IDK, was Alaric that big of a threat? To me it seemed more like he was just lashing out in a temper, just like he did with Jeremy although to a lesser, more controlled sense...and I'm like, "Really Damon, didn't you outgrow that?". If he did just want to put Alaric out of commission so he wouldn't interfere he could have simply knocked him unconscious, not SNAPPED HIS NECK! :/ Oh Damon...ngl it broke my heart a little seeing him fix that drink for his friend, he is so clueless...

But for me my favorite thing about the episode was definitely Anna. I've missed her so much and the tension between her and Jeremy was OMG. GUH. THEY HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY.

galathea_snbgalathea_snb on October 9th, 2011 09:42 pm (UTC)
ROFL hey, that was just a very rough assessment of Dean's frame of mind - not at all properly formulated. I'll write in length about it in my review. ;)

Try to be optimistic about Cas. :) How do you think the leviathans knew what kind of aliases the brothers use? That information has to come from someone with intimate knowledge of Sam and Dean's MO. I think this is further proof that the boss leviathan is still in Castiel's body, using his memories about the Winchesters. I will be convinced of this until I am told otherwise on screen. ;)
sherrilina: Dean Smilie (Supernatural)sherrilina on October 9th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
Lol, well it still seemed pretty well-formulated to me and made sense/comforted me, so I wanted to share that bit for now! ;)

That information has to come from someone with intimate knowledge of Sam and Dean's MO. I think this is further proof that the boss leviathan is still in Castiel's body, using his memories about the Winchesters. I will be convinced of this until I am told otherwise on screen. ;)

OMG, you're right, that does sound like a probable explanation for how the Leviathans know all that!!! (I had been wondering, I assumed we were just supposed to think they were really ~high tech or something, extrapolating from police records, though I'm sure they've changed aliases since s2, etc). Wow, thanks for once again reassuring me, lol, love this theory! :D *hug* Though poor Cas if he's conscious through all this, and knowing the Leviathans are sing him against the boys...
Nina: <borgias> In Lovehoneymink on October 9th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)
I thought the first two VD episodes this year were very weak, I almost didn't want to watch anymore. The last two I liked better - there seemed to be more happening. I like the backstory with Klaus and Rebekka, also liked the bit where Gloria was all "Liked you better than your brother." to Damon - it kind of implied that he is actually the one who has more of a conscience. Loved Katherine and was so disappointed that Stefan wouldn't work with her. The whole Alaric thing sucked, I agree. As for Caroline forgiving her dad... I think she is a truthfully cheerful person who wants to love everyone desperately, so I didn't see that out of character. I admit that I hope that Elijah comes back... more originals family dynamics would be cool in my book.

Oh man, I haven't watched Merlin since season 1 because of the lack of ArMor. That piece of dialogue you posted made me weep. I loved them so much together.

As for Chuck Bass? Yeah, gosh... should catch the French Disease and die already, k?! And that would have been really rad had that happened about four seasons ago, imho.
sherrilina: Uther/Morgana (Merlin)sherrilina on October 10th, 2011 04:11 am (UTC)
Aw really? Personally I liked the first two epps a bit more I think (or than 3x04 at least), but I agree the plot is picking up more now, glad you're enjoying it better again! I do love the Original Family dynamic and still want to learn more about them, Elijah just needs to come back period though regardless of family because he is awesome and has great hair, as Alaric noted! ;) And Katherine is always flawless...

Oh man, I haven't watched Merlin since season 1 because of the lack of ArMor. That piece of dialogue you posted made me weep. I loved them so much together.

Ugh yeah you probably made the right call if those were your preferences, because the show really does suck on that front after s1, or just Morgana in general! :/ In s2 they just forget that Arthur and Morgana ever had a relationship period, fraternal or otherwise, and in s3 they did show more of that again, but it was tainted b/c Morgana had had her ridiculous personality transplant by then, by which she no longer cared about Arthur and actively tried to kill him, so all their moments rang false...*sigh* The quote I said is actually about UTHER, Uther/Morgana became my new OTP for the show in s2 since unlike with ArMor, they never dropped that relationship, Uther always still cared for her, and I realized all of ArMor's angsty potential was being realized with U/M instead...

As for Chuck Bass? Yeah, gosh... should catch the French Disease and die already, k?! And that would have been really rad had that happened about four seasons ago, imho.

Lolll yes the ~French disease, that would be fitting for him! :p. TBH I mostly liked him ok by the end of s1 (minus the very end) and in s2, but yeah, they just made his character so irredeemibly horrible then that I just can't with him anymore, go away already, this season I can't stand his angsting too...
Nina: <borgias> In Lovehoneymink on October 10th, 2011 04:37 pm (UTC)
I found the whole werewolves being bitten thing so tedious and random. So I was glad when they involved Rebekka. Yes to everything you said about Katherine and Elijah. I'm on board.

Oh, it's about Uther then. Hm. I can't do that. It's a personal thing from bad personal real life experience and has nothing to do with the show, I guess, but it still clouds my judgement insofar as I really cannot watch couples with a big age difference or anything that is teacher/pupil, father/daughter, uncle/niece... and she is his ward. I mean okay, Morgana is not exactly helpless and perhaps it would be hard to victimize her in that context but I would still feel that way. I loved ArMor so much in season 1, I really didn't want to get my heart broken.

Re: Chuck - I hated him from episode one. No matter if there ultimately was no intercourse but he's a rapist forcing himself on Jenny and Serena, I was just appalled. Also by how they tried to redeem himself. (Attempted) Rape is just something I cannot stomach. Plus I liked Blair/Nate especially in season 2 and was disappointed when the writers broke them up again with a super lame excuse in my eyes. So that's how I saw it. Not that everyone has to. ;)
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Jessica Van Der Boomswagneto on October 10th, 2011 12:11 pm (UTC)
idk man I fucking love Damon like this. I think I'm fairly alone in this, but i prefer it when he's all "I am not Stefan" and not trying to fit into Stefan's mould. I like my Damon fucked up. I first loved him in S1 and while I still loved him in S2, I was really starting to miss some of his S1 personality so I'm glad to see it coming back. He's not the hero and he's never going to be, and I'm glad the show is addressing that and that Elena is starting to realise that he's not her Stefan substitute.

I just really love asshole Damon.
sherrilina: Damon/Teddy (Vampire Diaries)sherrilina on October 10th, 2011 01:26 pm (UTC)
Hmm, well I like Damon being snarky and badass and all, but not so destructive necessarily....I loved his arc in s1 best, where he ended up there, esp in second half of the season. There is the fact that he was a lot more moralistic and sweeter when he was human/early in his vampire days, apparently, which I've always found to be really interesting, so I think it would make for a good arc for Damon to end up more there in the end (and I thought all his ~epiphanies while dying last season set up for that). I mean, he could still be snarky and a bit crazy and badass, but not you know, KILLING his friends or pulling some of the s2 shit again....but different strokes!
(no subject) - swagneto on October 10th, 2011 01:28 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - sherrilina on October 10th, 2011 01:35 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Jennifer: Merlin - the girlshmsharmony on October 10th, 2011 02:00 pm (UTC)
I really didn't like the dress Gwen wore in the first ep, either, but the other dresses she wore (which you really get to see in ep 2) are much better. The one she were in 4x01 was just awkward. O_O I don't really give much credence to "period appropriateness" anymore (I feel like Morgana threw that out the window with the halter dress she wore in the first ep, and then there were Elena's pumps and 18th century dress =P) -- I just care if the outfits look good. =P (Which this one did not).

I thought you'd be happy over Uther if you ever saw the ep! He's pretty devastated, isn't he? Glad you got some shippy moments. <3

poor Lancelot though, in that scene with Gwen, he loved her first...:(

Ugh, yeah, I feel terrible for him (I feel terrible for all of them whenever triangle shenanigans come up, tbh), but then I always think, "Well, this is why you do not abandon people in a forest." XD I don't mean it COMPLETELY, but that's my go-to thought. =P And hey, at least now he has Merlin (they are ridiculously adorable together).

Dan/Blair are always flawless. Always. I hope the writers recognize how popular these two have become and that they've pretty much replaced Chuck/Blair as the pairing everyone's rooting for. *fingers crossed*
sherrilina: Dan/Blair (Gossip Girl)sherrilina on October 10th, 2011 02:55 pm (UTC)
Lol, I'm glad even you as an uber-Gwen fan didn't like Gwen's dress, wasn't it awful? It looked like something a tween would wear or something...I mean, as I said, it's all fake!period anyway b/c there is no true period--the castle is 16th cent, tomatoes are post-discovery of New World, homework is modern, etc--but still, I feel Gwen's dress doesn't look old-fashioned at ALL as the other stuff sort of does (even Morgana's s1 dress looked like it could be Dark Ages-y a bit, IMO).

I thought you'd be happy over Uther if you ever saw the ep! He's pretty devastated, isn't he? Glad you got some shippy moments. <3

Lol, you know me so well! ;) Thanks...

Re: Dan/Blair: Yeah, I hope so, though there are actually still C/B shippers (like you see still questions sent to EW.com asking for C/B scoops, etc, ugh, prob teeny boppers), so who knows if they realize this...:/ In any case, I finally took the time to get myself a D/B icon since we last spoke! ;)
Jennifer: Merlin - the girlshmsharmony on October 10th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
LOL, I am so proud of you! I remain lazy and have yet to get one.

And yeah, even in my 4x01 reaction post I touched on that. That outfit was all sorts of awkward.
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I forgot my name, and drowned.: [tudors] anne runsthedoingofit on October 16th, 2011 06:37 pm (UTC)
I also broke down and watched the premiere of Merlin s4 at least....
Wah! Still haven't done this yet... I hear that it's good, but I don't really have the time right now and I don't want to break my heart over this show again... :o/

Are you waiting on Downton for now?
sherrilina: Arthur/Morgana 3 (Merlin)sherrilina on October 20th, 2011 02:18 am (UTC)
Heh, "good"...well, that depends on your interests/standards of quality! ;) I did not think it was very good, frankly, I thought last season's premiere was much more exciting (even if it all went downhill from there, lol). I was bored through most of it. Haven't caught up on the last 2 epps yet but I've been spoiled and bleeechhh. :/ I think with this show you just have to prepare yourself for disappointment and heartbreak, and then hope for them to miraculously exceed your expectations! :(

And yeah, I think I probably am waiting on DA, I watched the first 1.5 episodes, but out of order--the sidereel link was to 2x02, but listed under 2x01, and I wasn't paying attention on the site, so after 30 min or so of being seriously confused/feeling like I was missing something, I finally figured it out, and then watched the first epp, but it was already super late at night, and I've not gotten back yet...I might try to finish/watch (probably rewatching the first half now having seen the first epp, lol) 2x02, but might leave the rest for hiatus, I just don't have the time rn I think, and it's easier to just watch a show on the TV as it airs then find a link, and deal with all the streaming issues (it's nice being back in the states in terms of TV, that's for sure! :p). *sigh*

I certainly won't wait until it airs on PBS in January though, lol, that's too long! I finish December 9, and intend to watch a LOT of TV then...;)
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [downton] women with red hairthedoingofit on October 23rd, 2011 07:57 am (UTC)
I'm enjoying it, but I think that this is because I've learned to lower my expectations enough to be able to... ;oP I've only seen the first two episodes, and there are things that I am definitely enjoying: Morgana finally has control over her power and is using it in a deliberate way. Her character development has sort of gone out the window, but what can you do... ;oP

I finish December 9, and intend to watch a LOT of TV then...;)
This sounds like an excellent plan. :o) I'm sorry that there was some confusion with the correct episode of Downton, though: lame! I hope that you weren't too terribly spoiled! :o/
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