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23 August 2008 @ 10:19 pm
Finished with The Tudors season 2!  
Well yesterday I finally finished season 2 of The Tudors, and what a ride that was!  As I said before, it's definitely better than last season, though it still missed out on a lot of excellent, HISTORICALLY angsty and dramatic potential, and I have a few pet peeves about how they did certain things.  But in general the plot was a lot more exciting and tighter, with fewer random and boring subplots unrelated to the main events, less gratuitous and random sex, and better performances from all--a lot of the actors grew on me and gave truly knockout performances, especially Natalie Dormer (whom I once thought was creepy, but loved by the end), Jeremy Northam, and James Frain (which given that he plays Cromwell, a guy I don't like historically, just shows how good he was!).  Even JRM seemed a little better to me.....the only actor on the show that I really disliked was Hans Matheson playing stupid Cramner.

Starting with the second episode, I began to write running commentaries of the episodes as I watched of my thoughts and reactions to each scene/moment, rather than formal reviews.  Without further ado, here are my running commentaries for episode 2, with a few comments on episode 1.  Spoilers obviously!

Well I just wanted to say that in the first episode I love the scene near the end of Catherine leaving the palace, and seeing all her supporters such as More, and now Brandon! (The first indication of Brandon joining Team Catherine!).  Poor Catherine....so true that wherever she is, she'll still be his wife!

Okay, now for episode 2:

ROFL, I love it when Thomas More gives Henry and Anne that enormous crucifix for Christmas—sic burn Anne! :p

I’m so glad this version of More has lost some of his OOC naïveté, it was pretty annoying….poor More!  Seeing his death is one of the parts I most look forward to though, ironically enough…..it makes such a compelling story!

I also can’t wait to see Catherine again, and above all my girl Mary—I’m so excited that they actually remembered to include her (it’s quite rare, sadly), and want to see the grown up version of her (as cute as the little girl was, she was too young for too long).  She has such an angst-ridden story I don’t get why she’s usually ignored in these films….

(Though apparently ONE person decided to make a movie on her story: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0qxZgqmpqnA —only for it to be a totally crappy low budget film! :( Oh well, at least it’s an important first step that anyone is making a movie focused exclusively on Mary at all……)

Oooh, sic!burn Cromwell!  I can’t wait to see him get the chop in the next season….:p

Heh, sic burn Anne and Henry this time!  Jezebeeeeel! :p

Aww, poor More—so sad, knowing that even though he’ll keep his word, Henry won’t….:

And here comes the random!gratuitous!sex added in….b/c goodness knows we haven’t had enough of that yet! *rolleyes

Seriously though, up against a tree? In BROAD daylight?  On her way to mass? Yeah, sure….:p

Still, so far The Tudors is doing better on the gratuitous!sex count….

I think it’s a little early to be talking about martyrdom Thomas—you still believed the law would protect you at this point!  From too naïve to too savvy….

Overall, 4/5 I think....
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