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24 August 2008 @ 10:07 pm
The Tudors Season 2, Episode 3: The Plot Thickens.....  
Even more drama and intrigue in this next episode of the Tudors, which is one of my favorites, especially since in it we get to see my girl MARY at last! :D

Even if Anne's coronation procession is a big disappointment to me.....

Here's my running commentary for episode 3--spoilers obviously:

Yay for hot!Brandon joining Team Catherine—though I wonder how they’ll work in the part when he demands the christening gown from her at Elizabeth’s birth….

For a sec her laugh there sounded like she was trying to imitate Dorothy Tutin’s god-awful AB laugh….

I love Peter O’Toole….

No Peter O’Toole, don’t do it!  Don’t approve Cramner….(he's so annoying!)

Um, if it’s still a “secret” marriage, why is Henry telling Catherine about it already! *rolleyes

And that, my lady Elizabeth, is why you don’t sleep with a poet like that!

Wait a sec….when they say Brereton, surely they don’t mean the guy later accused of adultery with Anne, right?!

“I want the people to love their new queen, as I love her.”
Sorry Henry, but that ain’t gonna happen!  Lol, I can’t wait to see the scene of her coronation when everyone mocks her and calls her whore! :p Should be interesting….

Why shouldn’t the people love her if you love her? Um, because she’s replaced their beloved queen, and their faith?

“Well then keep your head—it’s a pretty head in any case, and I don’t want to lose it either!”
Trufax—neither do we! *drool*

Oh boy, it’s so like the Tudors to add an assassination to Anne’s coronation! :p (Especially by a weapon I don’t think was invented yet)

I love the remixed version of the opening theme playing during her coronation (though please, where are the jeers?!  That drama and scandal is too good to pass up guys!)

Oh brother, so you pass up the real drama that happened (people yelling and jeering at her, calling her the King’s whore, etc) for a stupid assassination attempt?  Give me a break! You could have had both….>: (

I can’t believe they’re moving so fast with the coronation and stuff in episode 3 already!

Honorable conduct huh?  Unlike yourself as a lady in waiting of course! :p

Wait a sec, Ludlow….OMG, do we get so see Mary at last?! *dances for joy*

“I know of no queen of England except my mother.  And I will accept no other queen of England…”
You go girl! :D  Hmm, I guess since Norfolk doesn’t seem to be a main character this season, they had Boleyn go tell Mary this instead of Norfolk….

Aww, poor Mary, not being able to even write to her mother, let alone see her….:(

Come on More, you had more political sense than that!

Dude, if Anne was that pregnant already she wouldn’t still be sharing a bed with Henry!

Oh man, there goes Henry cheating already before Elizabeth is even born! (I wonder when Jane will show up?)

Oh brother, are they going to go the Phillippa Gregory route with George Boleyn? (And sorry, but Jim Sturgess > this George by sooo much!  This George isn’t beautiful at all!)

Oh my god the baby is being born already?!  What on earth are they going to fill up the remaining 7 epps with—there’s only a three year period now! :s

(And who wants to bet the epp ends on them finding out it’s a girl?)

Yep, so it would seem….(love the music here!  Trevor Morris rocks…)

“You and are I both young, and by God’s grace, boys will follow”
Yeah Henry, that’s what you said LAST time with Mary—and look how that turned out! :p

Up, time for more gratuitous sex scenes….heh, “play chess!” I guess it’s not quite ending on Henry reacting to Eliz after all….

And aww, poor Anne looks so cute with her braid playing with the baby!  I really like her this season, she doesn’t creep me out so much anymore!

That’s a wrap! (Nice music!)

*rewatches Mary scene*

Verdict: I think this may be my fave epp so far—though that Mary scene plays a large part! :) 5/5

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