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01 September 2008 @ 11:36 pm
New Gossip Girl!  
Well the fall TV season has officially begun tonight with a new Gossip Girl, the season 2 premiere....

GG 2.01 Spoilers:
I definitely enjoyed it--not bad for the start of the season, it wasn't the best epp ever, but definitely above average, and better than those awful Georgina episodes at the end of last season--it shows promise.  It's ncie that Dan and Serena are back together (in record time!), and I loved the Jenny and Eric part, but I'm a little depressed about the Chuck/Blair part.  I wanted to strangle Chuck when he couldn't tell Blair that he loved her--dammit, you know you do!!! >:(  Chuck messes up again.....they better get together at some point!  At least there was some hope this epp, with them both so clearly not over each other yet, though James's new revelation is worrisome.  He seems like such a nice guy (and the British accent is sexy!), but....I want her with Chuck! :p  I don't want to want her with James....ack!

So a good start to the new season overall, though the B/C irked me, Nate's affair seems a little lame, and I think the real CeeCee was abducted by aliens--the one tonight seemed pretty OOC! :p  Though that part was still cute all the same....

And where are Lily and Rufus?  Can't wait until the next one, whenever I can see it.......
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